10 Things You Won’t Believe Abu Dhabi is Doing

Considered to be one of the most expensive cities in the entire world to live in, Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates, in addition to being the capital of the largest emirate in the country (there are a total of seven emirates). It is also the second most populated city in the country behind Dubai, with a total population of over 920,000 individuals. Abu Dhabi is located on an island that is T-shaped and stretches into the Persian Gulf, out of the western coast of the United Arab Emirates.

As the capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi holds multiple offices and buildings that belong to government officials, including the President of the United Arab Emirates.  As the political, cultural, financial and industrial center of the country, Abu Dhabi is without a doubt, the most developed and richest city in the entire world. It also produces much of the world’s oil and has served as a safe haven for investors and tourists from across the globe alike.

Abu Dhabi is markedly notable for its beautiful silver skyscrapers, vast parks and high end shops, that attract millions each year. But despite the increasing influx of tourists that visit this striking metropolis, Abu Dhabi has easily succeeded in keeping its Arab culture intact.  In addition, the landscape around Abu Dhabi is arresting with a golden coastline, sand dunes, lush oases, green palm trees and attractive gardens.

All in all, Abu Dhabi is a truly beautiful city, but the looks of its man-made structures and scenery aren't the only things that make this city so striking. We’ll take a look at the top ten things that you won’t believe Abu Dhabi is doing recently. You may think some of these things are good and that others are bad, but that’s totally up to you.

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10 Tourist Programs

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Millions of people visit Abu Dhabi each year and tourism greatly adds to the city’s economy. The city has decided to expand on their existing tourist program in order to attract even more people, by setting up a three week tourist program in the summer to educate visitors about Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates. The program also includes multiple workshops, as well as field trips to various parts of the city that include sports, culture, education, heritage, health care and even hospitality. As it currently stands, there’s probably very few other cities in the world that dedicate as much time and money to this structured of a tourist program.

9 Career Salaries

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In order to further boost its economy, Abu Dhabi has done much to attract more young men and graduates, and has leapt far and beyond the competition of the other Emirates in the country. For example, a job that would pay twenty thousand dirhams a month in the other Emirates, could pay up to nearly fifty in Abu Dhabi. As a result, young men seeking careers are drawn to Abu Dhabi for the money. But besides the better pay, Abu Dhabi also treats its employees much better than the other Emirates and offers them better hours, benefits and attention to special needs.

8 Environmental Achievements


Abu Dhabi has long been concerned for any environmental risks that may result from the city. The city has dedicated much of its funds and resources to protecting the quality of the air, water and reserving plenty of habitats for the flora and fauna of the region. You may not think that an Arabian country or city would dedicate part of its land as a game reserve, but Abu Dhabi does. In addition, they have added hundreds of man-made water wells in order to monitor very closely the quality of the water, to ensure that what the people drink everyday is as clean as possible.

7 Laborer Accommodations  

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While Abu Dhabi pays special attention to protect its surrounding environment, they don’t seem to pay as much special attention to some of the accommodations of their laborers.  Laborers who live in labor camps are forced to eat outside in the intense heat, as no outside food is allowed to be brought in to the labor camps. That may seem pretty odd and not very considerate, but it’s the truth. Also, odd is that there is food prepared for the laborers in the mess hall, but many laborers prefer to bring their own food from home since they have been many reports of the labor camp food being of low quality.

6 Cancer Units

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Even if Abu Dhabi doesn't pay considerate attention to its laborers, they sure are to their cancer sufferers. The city plans on opening two more cancer care units within a few years, in addition to the ones they already have. Each care unit receives over one thousand patients every year, requiring a minimum of fifty doctors alone. These doctors mostly specialize in treating breast cancer, brain, gastrointestinal and urinary cancer.

5 Managing a Low Inflation Rate despite Prices

Abu Dhabi has managed to keep a very low inflation rate, currently falling by over three percent, despite the increase price in everyday foods. In addition, other necessities like housing, maintenance and utilities have also risen. Despite this, inflation has continued to fall. Economists may want to pay a closer look at Abu Dhabi to see what the deal is.

4 Unusual Scientific Achievements

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Abu Dhabi has recently been able to claim a few unusual scientific achievements. For example, scientists in the city have made big innovations and discoveries in regard to microscopic lenses. Abu Dhabi scientists have been hoping to do away with lenses when it comes to microscopes, and be able to detect incredibly small particles like electrons and X-rays etc. But instead, using microscopes to look at how something seen through the microscope diffracts light onto a recording plane, instead of using the lens to focus the light.  All in all, this could be one of the most innovative steps forward in regards to microscope technology, since the 1980s.

3 Eliminating Waste to Improve the Economy

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As a major global city, Abu Dhabi produces much waste every year, and obviously, if it isn't taken care of, it’s only going to get worse. Waste can contaminate the groundwater and lead to greenhouse gas emissions. The leaders at Abu Dhabi have decided to eliminate all waste in and around the city by 2018, by turning the waste into biochemicals and biofuels, which would actually contribute to boosting the economy.

2 Global Energy Production

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All across the world, Abu Dhabi is a leader when it comes to global energy productions.  With an overwhelming majority of global energy consumption growth, coming from energy markets, and many of these markets and companies are looking to Abu Dhabi for guidance since they have already been so successful in regards to enhancing refining energy industries.

1 Standing Up to Reduced Amounts of Food


There have been many reports of stores and shops in Abu Dhabi, that are reducing the weight of the bread they sell but either keeping it at the same price or increasing the price, as a means to increase their bread prices incrementally (and while selling less of it for more profit). This has been happening to many types of bread as well. As a result, the Ministry of Economy in Abu Dhabi has decided that bakeries and any stores who sell bread may no longer increase their prices, and that they may no longer decrease the weight of the bread they sell. This may be considered a good thing or a bad thing by different people; is it right for the government at Abu Dhabi to intervene in a private business’s matters? Or is what they are doing a good thing for the people?

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