10 Things You Didn't Know About Kim and Kanye's Relationship

Love them or hate them, one thing for sure is that the world has their eyes on this Hollywood couple who run this town. Over the years, we have seen the whirlwind romance this duo made sure the public saw. Unexpected and unique proposal? Check. Over the top European wedding? Check. Two adorable little kids the world anticipated to see? Double check. There is something about these two together that somehow draws the public in and keeps us following the next big thing they will do.

Before they got together, both Kim and Kanye were famous on their own. Whether it was from a booming music career or *ahem* a sex tape, there is no denying that these two have gained fame and fortune on their own. Being together, the couple created a media frenzy and no doubt increased their fame. They've been dubbed Kimye and have collaborated with each other in all aspects of their lives ranging from personal endeavors as well as career moves. Kim has appeared in Kanye's music videos in the riskiest of ways that left the world talking. They have also marked their place in the fashion world in support of other designers and Kanye's Yeezy line.

As easy as it is to hate on them, they are doing something right to stay relevant. Kimye's relationship is "bound 2" have us keeping up with them. Here are 10 things you didn't know about Kim K and Kanye's relationship.

10 It Wasn't Love At First Sight


For all we know, these attention seeking celebs got together as a business deal. They have known each other for a very long time and claim that they were always with different people or at different places in their lives to commit to each other earlier on in their friendship. In early 2012, the friends finally decided to take the plunge after years of being secretly attracted to each other. The friendship began in 2004 when they first met, Kim was married to Damon Thomas. Kanye reportedly saw pictures of Kim prior to meeting and claims his heart began to pitter patter.

9 Appearances Are Everything, Including Plastic Surgery


It is no surprise that Kim is completely obsessed with how she looks. She has already undergone plastic surgery and is constantly having her hair and makeup done. Kanye is just as equally obsessed with their appearance and is not afraid to add his two cents when he feels it's needed. Kanye reportedly thinks Kim is a work of art and just as much as he likes to redo her wardrobe, he makes sure that she always has to look flawless. Kim never objects to anything that Kanye says when it comes to fashion or appearances. The couple apparently does weekly body inspections of Kim and if Kanye sees something that could be fixed, Kim books it to the plastic surgeon as fast as she can.

8 They Are Cheaters


"1 good girl is worth 1,000 b*tches", a famous line from Kanye's "Bound 2" lyrics. We aren't sure just how good this Kardashian is. She reportedly made Kanye take 30 showers after breaking up with Amber Rose to clean himself off. It is clear to say that Amber is not a die-hard fan of theirs. Rose has openly admitted that Kim was a major reason as to why her relationship ended with the singer. "Kim is one of the reasons why me and Kanye are not together. She's a homewrecker. They were both cheating on me and Reggie Bush with each other."

7 Kanye's Proposal Was Nothing Ordinary


When it comes to Kanye, everything he does is intense and over the top. Kanye followed suit with his usual excessive behavior with his proposal to Kardashian. He rented out AT&T ball park at an estimated price tag of $200,000. Not stopping there, Kanye also hired a 50-person orchestra and flew all of her friends and family to the park in order to get down on one knee. Kris Jenner was apparently the only other person to know what was to come aside from Kanye. She did her best to orchestrate the entire event to go off without any problems and still keep a secret. On October 21st, the deal was sealed and Kim agreed to marry her man. Kanye slipped a $1.25-million engagement ring on her finger that would become one of the most impressive rings Lorraine Schwartz has ever created.

6 Fashion Overhaul


If you look at the before and after pictures of most celebrities before they had stylists, their fashion sense is completely different. Lucky for Kim, she married someone who has definitely stamped his foot into the fashion world as a designer. Kanye took it upon himself to make Kim his own real life barbie doll to dress up. Kanye had his stylists come in to Kim's closet and pile up any of her clothes and shoes that he no longer approved of. She claims she began to cry when she walked in the room seeing a sky high pile of some of her favorite pieces. She also claims she kept the clothes in another room refusing to get rid of them, but trusting Kanye's mission at the same time.

5 Kanye Taught Her About Privacy


4 Strange and Over The Top Wedding


Like any wedding, there will always be little glitches or strange things that occur. I don't think I have ever been to a wedding that has gone entirely smooth from beginning to end, and the Wests are no exception. Firstly, the wedding looked absolutely beautiful and definitely costly. Kim had more than one dress, the most beautiful flowers and a lavish reception. That all sounds great right? The strangeness kicked in at the reception starting off with Jaden Smith dressing like batman. Nobody is really too sure as to why that was happening. In usual Kanye behavior, he went on one of his rants speeches. His 20 minute groom's speech included mentions of Kim as the "ideal celebrity" and the Kardashians being "an industry".

3 They Genuinely Built Their Relationship


It is no secret that the couple is obsessed with each other. It is rare that you see one of them without the other. The couple met at different times throughout their lives but always made sure to stay in touch. They communicated regularly and built up their relationship over the years despite not being romantically committed. Kim prides herself on this creating a strong foundation for the couple. She says, "We know our goals are to make each other's lives really happy, and I think we know how to do that."

2 Their House Is Insane


It is no surprise that the West's would live in nothing less of spectacular for their home. The couple is still building their dream home from scratch with the price- ag of $20 million. While waiting for their dream home to be completely move-in ready, the couple has been staying with Kris Jenner at her mansion. The lavish home was purchased in August 2014 and has been under construction since and should soon be all set for the family of four. Six months after purchasing the home, they purchased the ranch next door at $2.9 million creating even more space for the property.

1 Kim's Demanding Change


Despite Kim accepting her husband's opinions on her looks and style, it seems as though even she has her limits. Kanye has become a ticking time bomb and has increasingly had more and more public outbursts that are just not acceptable for the stars. Kanye's career has began to take a hit due to his attitude and ghostwriter Rhymefest even chose to stop working with the artist due to his behavior. Kanye has also released misogynistic lyrics aimed at his wife, Amber Rose and even Taylor Swift. He has expressed being $53 million in debt, later claiming he misspoke. He constantly is going on twitter rants and attacking other celebrities via the site.

All of this drama and bad behavior have fueled reports that divorce is on the way for the once happy couple. Kardashian reportedly wants Kanye to take anger management courses in order to get back on track with his behavior and their marriage. All we can say is best of luck to the Wests.


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10 Things You Didn't Know About Kim and Kanye's Relationship