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10 Shocking Facts About The Mysterious Olsen Twins

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10 Shocking Facts About The Mysterious Olsen Twins

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America’s favorite twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen took the country by storm with straight-to-video movies, retail merchandise, and of course, Full House. By age 12 they averaged one billion dollars a year in retail sales alone, and at 21 were ranked by Forbes Magazine as the 11th Richest Women in 2007.

With such fame and fortune, though, they all but disappeared from the media as their teen-aged years came to an end, and now are deemed creepy by some, fashion goddesses by others, and to most, are simply a mystery. But despite the Mary-Kate and Ashley void America has felt, especially with Netflix’s recent release of the Full House reboot, Fuller House (sans either twin), there is still plenty of juicy info to keep our hunger for more Olsen info satiated


11. Their Store Has a Swimming Pool for Customers


In 2014 the twins opened their first flagship store, just eight years in the making, on Melrose Place in Los Angeles. It was their first retail store, featuring their brand The Row, which they say they originally began selling out of apartments in Paris. The sleek, white-walled store features a pool in the glass courtyard, complete with white towels and all, for customers to take a dip, should the urge arise. The Row is often referred to as a “hidden gem”, as little of the store can be seen from the street. Many have likened the store to more of a minimalistic house than a shop, and the twins have decorated it with pieces of art they have collected over the years.  They call the store their “baby”, and sell jewelry and clothing pieces ranging in price from $250.00-$48,000.00. That is quite the range!

10. They’re Not Identical!


The famous twins who have built their own fashion empire are not, in fact, identical twins. The sisters, who for most of their lives have been difficult if not impossible to tell apart, are actually fraternal twins. The two have long claimed that a doctor told them they are “sororal” twins, or the female version of fraternal twins. That would mean that genetically, they are no more similar than any other pair of siblings, so it’s astonishing how alike they do look. But it is true that they are different heights (Ashley is an inch shorter), and have differing predominant hands. Identical twins are genetic clones, so obviously, in addition to their own admission of it, these identical frauds are actually fraternal… er, sororal.

9. Mary-Kate is a Stepmother



It is well known that Mary-Kate married French banker Olivier Sarkozy, 46, last year in New York, but a lesser-known fact is that when she did, she also became a stepmother! It is admittedly difficult to picture the young, Starbucks-loving, cigarette-wielding former child star as a stepmother, but along with “wife”, that is another new title for her. Mr. Sarkozy, who divorced his first wife Charlotte Bernard in 2010, is father to Julien, 13, and Margot, 11. Upon marrying the Frenchman, who is 17 years her senior (and who proposed to her with an $81,000 vintage Cartier ring), Mary-Kate also became the sister-in-law to former French president Nicolas Sarkozy, who is Olivier’s half-brother.

8. They Do Not Get Along with Their Full House Family

twinsfull house


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are the only stars from the beloved Full House sitcom that do not regularly talk to their costars, who consider themselves a family, even 15 years after its last episode aired. Though Full House is arguably the reason for the twins’ unbridled success and wealth as it is where they got their start in the industry at only six months old, the Olsens chose not to be a part of Fuller House. The reason is unclear, though they have given many, including that they did not know about the new show, they were not comfortable acting after so long, and they wanted to see how the first season would do before agreeing to be a part of it. Their former castmates have made bold statements about the twins’ egos, that they cannot tolerate them, and do not want them to return to Fuller House. There also seemed to be some feelings on the part of Candace Cameron Bure, at least, that she felt snubbed for not having been invited to Mary-Kate’s wedding. No one from the “Tanner Family” was invited.

7. PETA Hates Them



In fact, on their blog,, they have berated the “no-talent fur-hags” several times, insulting their looks, and their style that includes “draping their malformed bodies in the skins of tortured animals”. They deem them pesky, terrible, and nauseating, among other choice adjectives. It cannot be denied that the twin fashionistas have a love of fur, but then, so do millions.

6. Humanitarian Twins, or Selfish Starlets?



The twins are (kind of) humanitarians. In 2011 they teamed up with TOMS Footwear to design shoes for children without any footwear in 20 different countries around the world, even traveling to Honduras to hand-deliver some of the shoes themselves. And in 2004, they signed a pledge to give every female worker who sews for their clothing line in Bangladesh the right to a full maternity leave. This is all well and good, but the twins mainly support organizations like the Screen Actors Guild Foundation and Free Arts New York. One would think with hundreds of millions of dollars, they would donate to a wider variety of foundations, but no matter how much Googling you do, you will never find more than the aforementioned footwear and maternity leave. However, the sisters “support causes” like AIDS/HIV, Addiction, Cancer, Children, Literacy, and Homelessness, among others.

5. Ashley Had Lyme Disease


It is not often you hear about someone actually getting full-blown Lyme Disease, which is widely feared, and avoided by meticulously searching one’s body for ticks, but somehow the starlet managed to miss the multiple minuscule pests that bit her. And not only did she get the disease, but by the time it was discovered, it was considered late-stage, and therefore typical treatments could not be utilized to cure it, in her case. She became very sick, and fought for her health for an extended period of time. She joins stars such as Ben Stiller, Alec Baldwin, Avril Lavigne, and even former president George W. Bush who have also struggled with the disease.

4. Mary-Kate Was an Important Element in Heath Ledger’s 2008 Death


Besides the fact that the two had been friends, party-pals, and even thought to be casually dating for three months before his untimely overdose, Mary-Kate was the first person called by Ledger‘s masseuse upon finding his body. She spent nine minutes calling Mary-Kate three separate times before Mary-Kate called someone from her own personal security team rather than 911 (though the masseuse then did). When the Feds were attempting to find out how Ledger had obtained the illegal drugs in his system, Mary-Kate refused to talk to them, and her lawyer advised her not to without a promise of immunity from the police. Eventually things died down, but not before the DEA issued a subpoena for her to testify before the Grand Jury. Luckily for her, it never came to that as they apparently decided she had nothing to do with Ledger’s death (she was in California at the time anyway, and he in New York).

3. Sued by 40 Interns


One of the twins’ multiple companies, The Row, whose parent company is Dualstar owned by the twins since they were six, was sued by 40 interns for not paying them or giving them academic credit for their work. The lead plaintiff, Shahista Lalani, claims the company took advantage of them all, and that she even had to be hospitalized for exhaustion. It is illegal to not compensate interns for their work, whether monetarily or academically, but Mary-Kate and Ashley seem certain their company did nothing wrong and want the lawsuit thrown out. They also want the plaintiffs to pay their legal fees.

2. Ashley Had a Facelift That Led to Necrosis


Ashley went through a nightmare facelift to keep her looking younger. But after a few days, her face began to swell and blacken, and after a visit to doctors, it was revealed to her that she had a condition known as necrosis, which can cause tissue to die due to lack of blood flow to the area. Ashley had to spend several sessions inside a hyperbaric chamber for oxygen therapy. Meanwhile, her twin sister has been widely speculated for having plastic surgery of a greater interest to many: most think she has had a nose job (at the very least) and that the purpose was to look more different than her twin.

1. Mary-Kate is a Nudist


Mary-Kate likes to run to keep in shape… in the buff! She openly admits that she loves to run around her house in nothing but her birthday suit and heels, “all the time”. That, or, as she told Harper’s Bazaar in 2007,  in “kimonos and jewelry, or naked with  jewelry.” All of her friends know this, and Mary-Kate thinks it is “so funny”. Well, it kind of is, when you picture it!

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