10 Shocking Facts About The Mysterious Olsen Twins

America's favorite twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen took the country by storm with straight-to-video movies, retail merchandise, and of course, Full House. By age 12 they averaged one billion dollars a year in retail sales alone, and at 21 were ranked by Forbes Magazine as the 11th Richest Women in 2007.

With such fame and fortune, though, they all but disappeared from the media as their teen-aged years came to an end, and now are deemed creepy by some, fashion goddesses by others, and to most, are simply a mystery. But despite the Mary-Kate and Ashley void America has felt, especially with Netflix's recent release of the Full House reboot, Fuller House (sans either twin), there is still plenty of juicy info to keep our hunger for more Olsen info satiated


11 Their Store Has a Swimming Pool for Customers


10 They're Not Identical!

9 Mary-Kate is a Stepmother


8 They Do Not Get Along with Their Full House Family


7 PETA Hates Them


6 Humanitarian Twins, or Selfish Starlets?


5 Ashley Had Lyme Disease

4 Mary-Kate Was an Important Element in Heath Ledger's 2008 Death

3 Sued by 40 Interns

2 Ashley Had a Facelift That Led to Necrosis

1 Mary-Kate is a Nudist

Mary-Kate likes to run to keep in shape... in the buff! She openly admits that she loves to run around her house in nothing but her birthday suit and heels, "all the time". That, or, as she told Harper's Bazaar in 2007,  in "kimonos and jewelry, or naked with  jewelry." All of her friends know this, and Mary-Kate thinks it is "so funny". Well, it kind of is, when you picture it!


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10 Shocking Facts About The Mysterious Olsen Twins