10 Reasons Beyoncé And Jay Z Are #RelationshipGoals

Everyone who has Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or just any kind of social media has seen the #RelatioshipGoals trend. With hundreds of accounts, pictures and tweets being posted with the hashtag every minute, people just can’t get enough of it.

But what really is "relationship goals"?  It means something different to all of us. To some, it’s that picture of the couple lifting weights together; to others, it’s the couple backpacking around the world. Maybe it’s the thought of your boyfriend bringing you home some fries and a bucket of ice cream.

When it comes to relationship goals, everyone has their own thing in mind, but when it comes to the wonderful world of celebs, we’re all united on one front: everyone finds themselves a little mesmerized by Queen B and Jay Z. Whether you’re glancing at them enviously through the pages of a magazine or stalking them shamelessly through your Instagram feed, we just cannot get enough of this couple. But what is it that makes them so eye catching? Why can’t we stop pining over pictures of this couple and their adorable baby? What is it that really makes Beyoncé and Jay Z the ultimate #RelationshipGoals?

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10 Above the Rumors

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How many times have you heard the rumors of Jay Z and Beyoncé breaking up? We've expected Queen B to go into full diva mode like any other celebrity we know and conduct angry interviews about how people need to stay out of their lives and how it's ridiculous and so on and so forth. Well, not this couple.

Instead, these two superstars just sit in their million dollar mansion with their perfect child, reading about their so-called breakup in the newspaper and laughing about it, most likely whilst drinking champagne and saying, "Oh, isn't it funny what people will believe? Love you, bae."

Or something like that.

9 Balance

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This couple has got it down pat. Who else can balance being parents, international superstars, style icons, actors, business people, live entertainers and still manage to look flawless the whole time?

Jay Z and his muse of a wife have really learned the importance of having their own couple time without ever falling off the radar. This brilliant skill leaves every celebrity just as in awe of them as we are.

8 $$$

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Now, these two are fabulous in so many ways but let's not forget how loaded they are! Being two of the best selling artists on the planet, their household brings in millions every year from worldwide tours and album releases.

Although the couple has been knocked off the #1 Forbes Top Earning Couples spot this year - a title they held in 2013 and 2014 - by Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, the two are still on top in our hearts.

The couple is also very generous about their wealth; Queen B is known to support 31 different charities, and Jay Z is a supporter of 10. This power duo doesn’t just have money, they also know what to do with it! Can we just be them already?!

7 Best Friends

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Despite the 12 year age gap between these two, they became really close friends and eventually lovers, proving that in good relationships, be them romantic or otherwise, age is just a number. All great relationships are based upon friendship and this wonderful couple proclaim they are still best friends! Who doesn’t want that?

After their 13 year relationship - marriage and child included - they seem to be stronger than ever! Jay Z was quoted saying they dance around the house to Beyoncé’s unreleased tracks in their socks.

As if they weren’t cute enough already.

6 Respected Apart, Respected Together

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Not only are the pair the best team in Hollywood, but they are both amazing on their own, too. Jay Z has had more number one records than the King, Elvis Presley. He was also the President of Def Jam Recordings until 2007 and founded entertainment company Roc Nation in 2008. He's an accomplished entrepreneur with many successful projects.

As for his better half? She's definitely not just a trophy wife, that’s for sure. In addition to being one of the most successful and empowering female figures of the 21st century speaking out for women’s rights all over the nation, Beyoncé has released 5 solo albums, starred in multiple films and supports 31 different charities. No, we're not done: she co-owns a fashion label with her mother, has a label deal with Topshop ready to launch and still manages to be a mother and the world's sexiest woman… how?

We are in total awe of this couple.

5 Nicknames

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Why don’t Beyoncé and Jay-Z have a cool nick name like other couples? Beyon-Z? Jayoncé? Sorry Brangalina, this couple just doesn’t need one! In Beyoncé’s HBO documentary, Life Is But A Dream, she confessed that Jay Z and her family called her B and it was a total secret until Jay Z was outed in the lyrics of his "Crazy In Love" intro!

Well, now the world knows their nicknames and instead of Beyoncé and Shawn, everyone just calls them B and Jay and we all get to feel like we’re part of their amazing relationship. Yay us!

4 Baby Blue

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Have you seen how adorable their child is? Not that anyone expected any less from a child with 50% of Beyoncé’s genes, but the parent's relationship with their daughter seems so perfect.

From Beyoncé’s song "Blue" from her 2013 album, Beyoncé, and the adorable mother-daughter video that was released with it, to all the pictures of Jay-Z and his gorgeous daughter hugging, smiling and dancing, we can’t get enough of this little family.

Beyoncé started singing at a young age and was already a star in her teens. Jay Z, too, was recording in his early 20s. Well, Blue already beat them both when she was featured on Beyoncé but we’re expecting a solo release within the next few years.

3 Shared Passion

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Not only is the couple famously passionate about one another, but their passion for their art has us all dreaming of being them. Imagine finding a partner who was as passionate about your favourite thing as you are? Well, this royal couple has just that!

Their latest tour, On The Run, which took place in 2014, saw the two share the stage and perform both of their greatest hits with their favorite person. If that was a dream come true for their fans, imagine what it must have been like for them!

The couple of the decade so far has 13 songs in which they're both featured on. We can’t wait to hear more in the future! It’s been rumored throughout the years that Jay Z and Beyoncé help manage each other. No one knows for sure, but whatever the situation, they certainly seem to make it work.

2 Under the Radar

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We love that these two don’t feel the need to flaunt their relationship all over the media. Except for Kanye at the Brits and that time Solange attacked Jay Z in an elevator, the couple really seem to have stayed completely out of the usual celebrity drama.

Whenever these two appear in the headlines, you know it’s good news and not some boring couple problems blown way out of proportion for the purpose of media coverage. Beyoncé said in an interview with MTV: "What Jay and I have is real. It's not about interviews or getting the right photo op."  

We all can hope that one day our famous boyfriend or girlfriend will say that about us.Bottom line, don’t expect to see a TV show called "Keeping up with the Carters" anytime soon! Besides, who wants their private lives outed on the front page of a tabloid magazine? B and J have got the right idea.

1 Power Couple

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People say there is strength in numbers, but the Carters have found strength in two - rr three if you count Baby Blue in the mix. Isn’t it just perfect that our favorite Queen B married the King of Rap?

No one screams "Girl Power!" like Beyoncé does, and no one screams "success" like Jay Z. Except maybe, you know, Beyoncé. This relationship could have gone horribly wrong: they could have had a power struggle, constantly fighting for the number 1 spot in their relationship (and in the charts!) but instead, they’ve worked so well together.

They back each other up, support each other and motivate each other through everything. No one knows how they do it, but we wish they’d share their secrets!

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