10Grandmother Lifts Chevy Impala Off Teenage Grandson


Disaster struck Lawrenceville, Georgia on a casual Friday in 1982. Angela Cavallo told the local paper that prayer gave her that special touch. Her grandson Tony Cavallo, a high school junior, was working beneath his 1964 Chevy Impala. The bumper jack propping the car up slipped and it fell on

the teen's head, knocking him unconscious. His grandma witnessed the accident and leaped to the rescue, lifting the 1.75-ton vehicle four inches high.

“I was kicking him, saying 'Get out, get out,'” she said. Amid the commotion, an 11-year-old neighbor summoned the help of two other neighbors who reinserted the jack, allowing them to pull Tony out. As luck would have it, Tony suffered no brain damage and he was out of the hospital within two days.

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