10 People Who Are Changing The World Right Now

Albert Einstein once said, “imagination is more important than knowledge.” This list comes filled with those who dared to imagine; the dreamers of the world. Just as yesterday, the leaders of tomorrow will be the dreamers and the visionaries. You see... the world was once a really simple place. All we did was eat, sleep, make babies, make houses, and make graves. But we had so much imagination… So we made farms. And then we made machines. And then the machines started taking over the world. And now we’ve made everything too complicated and nothing makes sense.

We don’t even know if we’ll have a world to live in 100 years from now. Or if we’ll all get swallowed up by a giant ecological retaliation from Gaia, mother nature herself- the mother goddess, creator of the Earth, and giver of birth. She's the one from whom all the great titans and heavenly gods were born. Maybe we'll get swallowed up by Earth itself for our false sense of superiority, our love of vanity and comfort, our unending greed and all the vices you could ever imagine.

Five hundred years ago, it was illegal to say that the Earth revolved around the sun. Imagine what people will think 500 years from now. How will they think about our civilization? Are we going to fix our problems or are we going to wait for things to get worse? Perhaps YOU can change the world. Certainly, every person on this list, ranging from A-list celebrities to certified geniuses, can change the world.

10 Susan Wojcicki - YouTube


In the beginning, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin were working from Wojcicki’s garage. Thus, Wojcicki became the 16th person to work at Google. Her accomplishments include amazing developments like Google Images, Google Books, AdWords, AdSense, Google Analytics and Google Video. AdSense later became Google’s second largest cash cow. She proposed that Google acquire YouTube in 2006. And she became CEO of YouTube only two years ago.

9 Amory Lovins 


Time magazine named him one of the world’s “100 most influential people." Amory Lovins is the author of “Reinventing Fire: Bold Business Solutions for the New Energy Era," where he explains how to grow a sustainable clean economy. Plus, he’s Chairman of the Rocky Mountain Institute. RMI has worked with over 80 Fortune 500 companies, the United Nations, several national governments, and, well, you get the picture.

8 Bill McKibben 


Bill’s list of accomplishments and worldwide accolades is enormous. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who can explain climate change as intellectually and emotionally sharp as McKibben. On May 26, 2016, Bernie Sanders picked Bill to help him with his environmental campaign, working along with several other high profile appointees.

7 Dean Kamen 


CBS news called him a benefit to the “hundreds of millions of people throughout the world without access to clean water.” Dean Kamen is a dreamer. But what sets him apart from other dreamers is his pragmatism. He’s a practical Tesla who now holds over 200 patents. He’s built all-terrain wheelchairs, the first wearable insulin pump, prosthetic arms for veterans, and, of course, the Segway, to name only a few.

6 Shigeru Ban


Shigeru Ban is the only architect in the world to successfully conceive and build shelters and community structures using paper. His paper is both fire-proof and waterproof, and if his buildings ever get torn down, someone will recycle them. At some point, Shigeru realized he was working for “rich people,” and he says he became disappointed that his team of architects was not working for society.

5 Eric Schmidt - Google


Eric Schmidt (executive chairman of Google/Alphabet Inc.) describes himself as a dreamer. He once said, “If you paint a very broad vision, you attract people who really want to make it happen.” So you could also call him an artist or a leader. Schmidt does a lot of stuff, with a lot of money and a lot of power.

4 Michael Bloomberg 


With a net worth of $44.7 billion, Michael Bloomberg is the eighth wealthiest person in the world. And no one would stop him from running for president. He’s also not a tool. He was a Democrat until 2001, then Republican for six years, until becoming Independent in 2007, which he remains to this day. And I wouldn’t worry much about his old age (74), because with all that money I’m sure he could buy any treatment available.

3 Sergey Brin 


Sergey started his PhD at age 19. Then he co-founded Google with his long-time friend Larry Page. Now Sergey is worth $39.2 billion. When Google turned into Alphabet Inc., Alphabet became the parent company for what is basically a whole bunch of smaller Google companies. Sergey is currently working as the CEO of Google X, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc. Simultaneously, he is the President of Alphabet.

2 Leonardo DiCaprio - Hollywood


1 Lady Gaga 


Lady Gaga is obviously a great performer, but she’s also a great activist. Whatever she does, tens of thousands of people are listening and following. Gaga naturally involves herself with celebrity activism. Whatever she does, she is always seen as a strong leading force for social change. She is not only not afraid to say whatever she wants to say, but she can’t help it.

In 2011, Gaga and her mother founded the non-profit Born This Way Foundation. Its mission is “To foster a more accepting society, where differences are embraced and individuality is celebrated.” And to “build a kinder, braver world.” The foundation's partners include the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Office Depot. The BTWF covers anti-bullying, homophobia, eating disorders, body image, online harassment and more. They have fostered a world-wide discussion on topics that won’t get addressed by your congressman or CNN News’ coverage during an election year.


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10 People Who Are Changing The World Right Now