10 Ordinary People Who Earned Their Millions From YouTube

We live in a day and age where it's very possible to become a millionaire practically overnight. Gone are the days when getting exposure relied largely upon signing your soul away to a massive TV corporation. Nowadays, you can create, executive produce, write and broadcast your very own material, thanks to social media outlets like YouTube, that allows you to reach hundreds of millions of people worldwide; all while retaining 100% of the profits. The day of self-broadcasting and independence is finally here, and younger generations are keen enough to take advantage of these very lucrative and relatively new opportunities. Earning wealth is now a matter of working smarter, and not just harder.

YouTube is easily the leading contender of self broadcasting. The social media giant offers profit sharing, which involves royalty checks for popular channels, based on the number of views per video. Believe it or not, YouTube shows its most popular users appreciation for pulling in traffic, by cutting them million dollar checks. After a YouTuber reaches a certain number of subscribers, they qualify to make partner. The following is a list of YouTube users who earn millions of dollars a year, based off of virtual views. If you haven't considered it before, consider creating a YouTube channel today. You might just get rich off of the helpful, useful, or downright entertaining material you have to offer millions of people across the globe.

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10 TheBajanCanadian – $1.5 million net worth (1 billion+ total views)


Mitchell Hughes's channel TheBajanCanadian, centering around video gaming culture, has garnered nearly 4 million subscribers since its debut in 2010. The youngest millionaire on this list earns an estimated $2 million annually from YouTube royalties alone. The 20-year-old is best known for his Minecraft series spoof videos.

9 TimothyDeLaGhetto – $2 million net worth (577 million + total views)


Tim Chantarangsu runs a comedic themed channel on Youtube called TimothyDeLaGhetto. The YouTube star has drawn in over 2.5 million subscribers since creating his channel in 2006, and earns a reported $1 million annually in YouTube royalties. He recently uploaded a video of himself gifting his parents with a $340,000 check to help them pay off their mortgage. His work on YouTube landed him a job on MTV2's comedy sketch program, Wild 'N Out in 2013.

8 MichellePhan – $3 million net worth  (1 billion+ total views)


Michelle Phan runs a self titled YouTube channel that centers around make up application and costume inspired looks. The beauty guru has accumulated 6.7 million subscribers since her debut in 2007, and reportedly earns $1.3 million annually from YouTube royalties alone. Her popularity on the self broadcasting website attracted the attention of cosmetic giant, Lancome who signed her to a lucrative spokesperson deal. Having partnered with L'Oreal to launch a cosmetic line called EM by Michelle Phan, the former art student is on track to turn her hobby into a beauty empire.

7 FreddieW – $6 million net worth (1.5 billion+ total views)


Freddie Wong runs two Youtube channels called FreddieW and RocketJump, with a total of 7 million subscribers. The filmmaker's channels focus on video gaming and satirical action packed movie shorts; sometimes featuring cameos from famous actors such as, Eliza Dushku and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Freddie earns $1.8 million annually off of YouTube royalties, and was once the 10th most subscribed YouTube channel.

6 TheFineBros – $2.2 million net worth (2 billion + total views)


TheFineBros is a reaction themed channel, which means the videos focus on the reactions of different age groups, towards objects that were long before, or long after their time. Web series' include: Kids React, Elders React, Teens React etc. The channel is run by brothers Benny and Rafi Fine, who've managed to accumulate 9.5 million subscribers since their launch in 2005. The brothers earn a reported $2 million annually through YouTube royalties.

5 JennaMarbles – $4.3 million net worth (3 billion + total views)


Jenna Mourey runs the comedy themed, JennaMarbles channel which features the Youtube user in several hilarious skits. She reportedly earns $2.5 million a year from royalties. Recently, she uploaded her 200th video in which she expresses her gratitude towards all of her subscribers, noting that she never imagined making Youtube videos would change her life the way it has. With 13.5 million subscribers, Jenna is the most subscribed female on Youtube.

4 RayWilliamJohnson – $5 million net worth (4 billion + views)


Ray William Johnson runs a self titled channel which centers around his opinions of the latest viral videos, and various topics of discussion. The video blogger earns $4 million annually from Youtube royalties, and has accumulated 10 million subscribers to date. Several of his Podcasts have featured celebrities including Jason Biggs, Robin Williams, and Margaret Cho. Ray had intended to retire the show in 2013 but instead, decided to replace himself as host with Robby Motz, as of July 2014, while still retaining sole ownership of the channel.

3 DisneyCollectorBR – $5 million net worth (3 billion+ total views)


The DisneyColletorBR channel is among the more unusual of the success stories, because the owner of the channel has never shown their face in a video, and still manages to be one of the most viewed channels every month. The mystery Youtuber reviews Disney toys, and narrates the videos with a soothing voice that appeals to children. The channel has 1.8 million subscribers, and earns its unseen owner an estimated $5 million a year from royalties.

2 Pewdiepie – $10 million net worth (5 billion+ total views)


Felix Kjellberg's channel, Pewdiepie is among the most popular on YouTube, focusing mainly on video gaming culture. The 24-year old earns a reported $6 million annually from YouTube royalties. His is currently the number one most subscribed channel as of July 27th, 2014, with 29 million subscribers. It is reported that the video gamer says he wishes he were less popular, because having amassed the most subscribers on YouTube has attracted too much attention.

1 CollegeHumor – $25 million net worth (4 billion + total views)

Ricky Van Veen co-founded CollegeHumor.com back in 1999, 6 years before the invention of Youtube. In 2006, The CEO launched the CollegeHumour channel, which centers around its namesake. The channel produces several web series', and has accumulated 7.5 million subscribers, earning $3.3 million in royalties per year. Since broadcasting on YouTube, CollegeHumor attracted the attention of internet company, IAC and was acquired for $25 million.

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