10 Of The Most Inspirational Celebrities On Earth And Why

Who do you turn to when you need inspiration? The list of motivational speakers is long and full of amazing candidates, but they are not the only people that have something important to say.

While celebrities are known for their good looks and talents, they also often have inspirational life stories or advice that can help inspire you. Every now and then we need to listen to someone that we can relate to, especially when we’re going through life’s ups and downs. We’ve appreciated public figures such as Oprah Winfrey that have seemingly made it their mission in life to inspire the masses.

The truth is we feel more connected to entertainers because they write their life in songs or in another relatable medium. Other celebrities become famous because they share a part of their lives in their reality shows. When certain celebrities start speaking seeds of wisdom, it makes us feel that if they can make it, we can make it too. Though you may not want to put too much weight into something that Bieber says!

There is a lot that we can learn from entertainers, even if sometimes they also seem un-relatable. Remember that they laugh, doubt, cry, worry and fail just like us. In fact, as you're going to learn, some of them battle significant illnesses that you may not have known about. Life is about living, learning and helping others along the way and if you never stop, then you never truly fail. Sit back, relax and take notes. Here are 10 amazing entertainers you should look to for inspiration.

10 John Cena


Who gives back more to the Make-A-Wish Foundation than John Cena? Nobody! John Cena has granted the most wishes for the foundation, having met with over 500 children whose wish was to meet the superstar. Most WWE Superstars would prefer to spend their time having fun on the town, but Cena makes it clear that giving back to his fans is one of his top priorities. This spring, he appeared for a meet and greet backstage at a Monday Night Raw in order to raise money for an online auction for the Boys and Girls Club of America. He even created the #showyourgrip hashtag to encourage people online to show that although life can be hard, you can still overcome anything as long as you push yourself.

9 Steve Jobs


8 Tyra Banks

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Tyra Banks was able to overcome discrimination and sexism to find incredible success in the modelling world.

On top of a long career, Banks is still one of the most relevant names in fashion today. Tyra Banks is not only a beautiful face that has walked Paris Fashion Show runways and graced the pages of VOGUE magazine, among countless other publications. Banks has also helped train the next generation of supermodels through her (now former) reality show America's Next Top Model.

You may think Banks is just a pretty face, but Ms. Banks has a degree from Harvard Business School, which as you know, is an educational background that most people dream of and one that she did not earn without a lot of hard work. Tyra has also been incredibly successful when it comes to investing in real-estate. Tyra said once “Don’t chase the money, even if you want to be a banker. Chase the passion, chase the dream.”

7 Leonardo DiCaprio

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6 Taylor Swift

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People around the world have gotten over messy break ups with the help of Taylor Swift. She has opened up her personal life in song and shared a piece of her heartache. But that's what you get when you date a long list of heart throbbing fellow celebrities! Whether you like pop or not, you can’t help but stand up and dance when you hear her song “Shake it Off”. It truly is the perfect song to sing when you're feeling down because of haters and heart breakers.

Despite the drama or the negativity that has surrounded Swift in the past (thanks, Kanye!) this is one lady that won’t be held down by negativity. Taylor said once “there are two ways you can go with pain, you can let it destroy you or you can use it as fuel to drive you, to dream bigger, work harder.”

5 Selena Gomez

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Believe or not, Selena Gomez has more Instagram followers than Kylie Jenner and doesn’t have to alter her natural beauty to get attention. Why do you ask? She is down to earth, men love her and young girls want to be her. We are glad to say that she is one of the very few Disney stars that haven’t turned to a path of drugs or other substance issues (....*cough* Miley *cough*). Selena Gomez is no stranger to haters though and has been fat shamed in the past. Thankfully she just uses adversity as an opportunity to stand up for other women and inspire others.

4 Priyanka Chopra

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Someone may find inspiration in Chopra's story, especially if they have ever moved from their home country to find opportunity in a new place. Priyanka Chopra moved to the United States without her parents to attend high school. While at school she was harassed for being 'gawky' and too skinny. That clearly did not deter her though, and she ended up competing in pageants and winning the title of Miss World. As you can imagine, something like that on the resume is a great way to start getting some attention from movie studios!

3 Zendaya


Another Disney star made it on the list! Zendaya is a beautiful young actress, and we are glad to see she is also a beautiful person on the inside. Unlike most starlets that have to show a little skin to make it to the top, this singer/actress keeps it classy all day, every day. She posts a lot of uplifting tips on her social media accounts, such as not allowing yourself to become overly consumed with social media. Zendaya educates us and reminds us to think before you tweet, especially when dealing with people that may be trying to get you down.

Zendaya has also come out and stated that she believes women shouldn’t wear makeup to hide their insecurities, but instead to embrace their natural beauty. She posted the above photo to her social media (sans makeup) after another Twitter account, Manstagram, tweeted out attacking a makeup artist's appearance after she posed a non-makeup photo. Zendaya captioned the photo "that awkward moment when this tweet is irrelevant cause she's slaying both ways", complimenting the attacked makeup artist.

2 Matthew McConaughey

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Matthew McConaughey has had a life that is going to make one heck of an autobiography one day. While he was once seen as one-dimensional, his versatility as an actor has truly developed over the years. As a result, he is one of the most in-demand actors today.

Is it his humble southern accent or his actor good looks? Either way, every time he talks, you have to stop, listen and let the information sink in. McConaughey has also opened up about the role of having a partner in his life, saying “I have no problem with commitment. In fact, I love having someone in my life.” Definitely going to be re-assuring for any of his future partners to read!

McConaughey's growth as an actor as of late may also be represented by his thoughts on age. “As you get older, you’re supposed to get better. There should be ascension.”

1 DJ Khaled


The first time I discovered DJ Khaled was when I heard his song “All I Do is Win”. His gold chains and charisma lead me to believe that his only obvious talent was making hit songs, but there is more to the artist than meets the eye.

Khaled has clearly been passionate about music his entire life, born to two musicians who played Arabic music constantly in the house, and it is always great when people that are passionate find success. Khaled has also grown in popularity due to how accessible he seems on social media, including often updating his Snapchat with great videos. In fact, his popularity grew to such an extent that he was considered by some to be a "meme in human form." I'm not saying that you are reading this list thinking that your goal in life would be to become a meme... but if it is, perhaps DJ is now your biggest inspiration.

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