10 Most Ridiculous Candidates to Run For President

Unless you are a political junkie who lives for these types of events, odds are that presidential elections that occur in the United States wear down on you in time. Voters are first introduced to presidential candidates well over a year before those citizens are tasked with leaving their homes to make their choices on that Tuesday in November, and political advertisement after political advertisement are seen on television, on billboards and in print for months. It gets to the point every four years that Election Day is a blessing if only because it signals the end of the annoying process.

The monotony caused by the two-party system found in the US is at least broken up every now and again thanks to what could politely be referred to as unorthodox candidates. Some of the (allegedly) crazier candidates hoping to get a vote or two in the fall of 2016 are featured in this piece, and one of those individuals supposedly even has a realistic chance of receiving the nomination from his party. Remember when The Simpsons predicted way back when that Donald Trump would one day be president? Perhaps we all should have been paying more attention to that episode.

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10 Jeff Boss

Via youtube.com

Those of you who live in the New York City/New Jersey region have probably seen the numerous signs posted onto walls and outdated public telephone stations. Jeff Boss running for multiple offices including US President has become somewhat of a tradition for NYC/NJ residents, and the conspiracy theorist is most known for his claims that the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001 were planned and executed by members of the US government. Boss has, as you would expect, not had any success in running for president, but he gets a tip of the cap for his efforts.

9 Kip Lee

Via corbisimages.com

It takes a brave individual to stand up and do what Kip Lee has set out to do – and no, running for US President is not the act of bravery. Lee has, as part of his campaign, made the following claim: “The Ashtar Command starship saucers will land on all streets. This will happen on January 20th, 2017. This will not occur sooner.” I respect a guy who is able to think outside of the box and also call his shot with such confidence. Some may of course scoff, but all of the fun and games will be over on January 20 of 2017 if Lee is proven to be correct. I'll be waiting and watching.

8 Homer Aubrey Tomlinson

Of all of the ridiculous presidential candidates that have run in the United States, Homer Aubrey Tomlinson has to be a personal favorite for one reason: The religious leader anointed himself to be the “King of the World” after several attempts to win the US office were unsuccessful. You have to respect that kind of dedication to your cause and also the man's ambitions. Being president of a country is one thing. Being the ruler of literally all that you see is quite another. Tomlinson was never recognized as royalty by any functioning government, quite the show of disrespect for such a king.

7 Earl Browder

Earl Browder was a legitimate political figure in the 1930s and 1940s. There was just one small issue that served as a hurdle blocking him from becoming US President: Browder was a communist and even the leader of the Communist Party USA for a time. That, as you would probably imagine, played at least a little bit of a role in Browder failing to win an election. It also did not help his cause that he was an alleged secret Soviet agent running for president. Browder would have certainly been a president unlike any other that the country has had, but it was just not meant to be.

6 Jonathon Albert Sharkey

Via wikiwand.com

There is only one thing you need to know about presidential candidate Jonathon Albert Sharkey: The professional wrestler goes by the nickname “The Impaler.” Congratulations, sir. You have won my vote. Sharkey has run for office on multiple occasions, but he has yet to win a victory because Americans apparently would not know a good thing if it smacked them right in the face. President Impaler sounds like a man who would get things done and who would also command the respect of other world leaders. Truth be told, President Sharkey also has a nice ring to it.

5 Limberbutt McCubbins

Via usatoday.com

“But a cat cannot run for president!” is probably what some who hate fun would say in response to hearing about the campaign launched by high school senior Isaac Weiss. Oh, give it a rest you spoilsport. In a crazy world filled with stories of lions being hunted by dentists, footballs allegedly being controversially deflated and mass shootings, a website being created to support Limberbutt McCubbins running for US President (www.limberbutt2016.com) makes for a moment of humor. Besides, you are kidding yourself if you think the US could not do worse than electing McCubbins as the leader of the free world.

4 Deez Nuts

Via youtube.com

Looking for the 2016 Presidential Candidate who truly speaks to your heart? Perhaps the gentleman running under the name Deez Nuts is the man for you. The Iowa resident who supposedly has the legal name Deez Nuts announced his candidacy in late July of this year, and that news understandably made for headlines all over the Internet. It is always a good idea for a voter to keep an open mind and hear all sides and arguments before making a decision on Election Day, and that is why I, for one, am hoping that we get to hear Mr. Nuts' platform during a debate.

3 Hulk Hogan

Via ijreview.com

July 2015 may very well prove to be the beginning of the end of the public careers of wrestling royalty Hulk Hogan. Hogan was fired by World Wrestling Entertainment and essentially scrubbed away from that company's history after some controversial, racist and hateful comments that the Hulkster made behind closed doors saw the light of day. President Hulk Hogan seemed to be a real possibility in the 1990s when Hogan announced his candidacy during an episode of the Tonight Show. Sure, it was a publicity stunt, but I'd still like to believe that Hogan one day had political dreams that have since died a death.

2 Roseanne Barr

1 Donald Trump

I am not sure what is more ridiculous: That Donald Trump is once again running for president, or that there are enough people seriously considering voting for him as of the summer of 2015 that he is thought to be a legitimate candidate to win the Republican nomination. There is not much point to linking to some of the more controversial statements Trump has made over the years and as a presidential candidate, as he will probably have once again put his foot in his mouth by the time you read this sentence. At least President Trump would make for some fun late-night television monologues.

Sources: discovery.com, supercompressor.com

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