Top 10 Characters For Your Fantasy Zombie Apocalypse Team

It’s hard to not occasionally drift into a daydream about what you would do in the case of a zombie apocalypse. Because of the entertainment industry, zombies are everywhere. Zombies are even in our living rooms every Sunday courtesy of The Walking Dead, one of the most popular shows on television right now.

These fictionalized worlds make you wonder what exactly you’d do if this was your world. Would you survive? Would you run? Would you fight? Would you kill yourself after watching your entire family be devoured by zombies? The most important question of all might be who you would draft to your fantasy zombie apocalypse team. You know, your band of fictional characters who would help protect you during a zombie apocalypse. Everyone should have a fantasy zombie apocalypse team.

If you could create a team of the ultimate fictional characters (no superheroes allowed) in order to survive the zombie apocalypse, who would you recruit? Are brains better than brawn? Should you solely recruit from zombie movies and shows since they have experience with the flesh-eating walkers? After analyzing characters from television shows and films, these are 10 of the best fictional characters for you to recruit to your zombie apocalypse team.

10. Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead

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Let's get the obvious choice from The Walking Dead out of the way first, shall we? While there are many experienced characters on The Walking Dead, Daryl would be your best choice as far as a friend who could keep you alive during a zombie apocalypse goes. Considering the fact that he's still alive on a show that kills characters off whenever it feels like it, he's got some pretty good credentials. He's also good with a crossbow, which is a desirable trait. If someone has a skill that can kill a zombie from miles away, they have zombie fantasy team potential. Paired with his wilderness skills from being a hunter, Daryl would totally keep you alive.

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9 Dexter from Dexter

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Dexter is a serial killer who really savors killing people. Being alone in a dark alley with Dexter wouldn't be so great depending on his mood. Being alone in a dark alley with Dexter during a zombie apocalypse would be lucky. Dexter is a killer who seeks redemption, trying only to murder serial killers and bad people. Well, zombies are pretty bad people. Dexter could work out all his psycho-killer tendencies by slaying zombie after zombie instead of killing you, and that makes him a great apocalypse partner.

8 Sayid from Lost

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Lost is a show with many choices as far as zombie apocalypse team goes because it’s about surviving off the land, which is one of the things you'd have to do during a zombie apocalypse (since Goggle Maps, Seamless and Tinder would all be down). In fact, your entire iPhone would be pretty much useless.  Sure, Jack would be a great choice because he’s a doctor, but imagining him slaying herds and herds of zombies is difficult. On the other hand, Sayid seems like he could kill zombies by the bus load. Sayid is the perfect mix of brawn and brains, who would be totally down to protect a defenseless friend.

7 Jon Snow from Game of Thrones

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Game of Thrones is another show with maybe eight different characters who one would willingly buddy up with during a zombie apocalypse. Arya started killing people before she hit puberty. Jamie and Bronn are solid choices for their sword yielding ways. Tyrion is the smartest character on the show and has survived probably sixteen different situations in which he should have died. Do dragons come with Daenerys? If so, she’d be a solid choice as well, assuming the fire would kill the zombies and just turn them into fiery walking zombies. All of those characters aside, Jon Snow embodies the most characteristics one would need in order to survive a zombie apocalypse. Plus, he kills white walkers, which are pretty much the Game of Thrones version of zombies.

6 Jake Ballard from Scandal

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While some characters on Scandal have killed, like, way more people (namely, Huck), Jake is one of the B-613 members who doesn’t seem like a complete psychopath. Considering B-613 members are basically taught to be weapons, he'd do a good job of killing zombies. Hopefully by budding up with Jake, you'd enjoy the perks of  having Olivia Pope around, who would definitely have the whole zombie situation "handled" within a day and a half.

5 John McClane from Die Hard

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If any 1990s action star can take down zombies, it's John McClane. In the past 27 years, John McClane has taken down a lot of terrorists from many different countries and different organizations. John McClane could definitely turn his skills towards zombies if necessary. Plus, the way McClane navigated the LA office building in Die Hard was pretty impressive. He could definitely navigate an escape route if there were ever too many zombies for ol' Johnny to take down.

4 Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games

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Like Daryl from The Walking Dead, she is a master of what might be one of the most desirable apocalypse weapons: the bow and arrow. She could take walkers out from miles and miles away. She also has the knowledge from being a hunter and can spot footprints, snapped twigs, broken blades of grass and all that jazz. She survived the Hunger Games, filled with people, animals and nature trying to kill her, so she should be able to take down some walkers no problem. Additionally, Katniss is also one of the few characters who cares about the survival of the group rather than the individual. She'd treat anyone deserving of protection like she treated Rue.

3 Jack Dawson from Titanic

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Don’t doubt ol’ Jack Dawson. As a third class passenger who was handcuffed to a pipe in the lower level as the ship went down, he nearly survived and would have if Rose would have just shared the goddamn door. After getting unlocked from the handcuffs, he managed to maneuver the labyrinth that was the Titanic while it was filling with water. As the ship was going down, Jack somehow knew exactly what to do and positioned himself and Rose on the rear, keeping them out of water for as long as possible. He also knew exactly what to do once the ship hit the water. The guy was a survivor. Unfortunately, he was also selfless and saved Rose with no regard for his own life, which is another reason he'd be a perfect candidate for any zombie dream team. He's selfless and would see to the living of someone he loves over his own life. The cherry on top: he'd talk you out of a suicide attempt after seeing zombies gobble up your best friend.

2 Walter White from Breaking Bad

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He’s the one who knocks and probably the one that will survive the zombie apocalypse. Despite his meek beginnings, during the course of Breaking Bad, Walter White arcs into a wondrous anti-hero, who is willing to kill anyone who comes between him and his blue meth empire. Heisenberg’s resourcefulness with chemistry would come in handy. He’d be making concoctions to throw at the zombies and wipe out entire groups of them. He also knows how to make freaking electricity, which would be useful in a world without electricity. He's down with killing people without remorse so he wouldn't think twice about killing zombies. How about when he just watched Jane overdose and was like, "I’d help ya, but you’re kinda a nuisance"? Walter White is a gangster. One of the downsides is definitely his god-like individualism. If Mr. White thought there was a situation where it was him or you, it’d be you, hands down. Also, the fact that he might be a goner due to his cancer is another downside.

1 Erin from You’re Next

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In the slasher movie You’re Next, Erin turns the tables on the masked hit men hired to take out the wealthy family staying in a cabin secluded in the woods. It turns out that this female horror movie character was raised in a survivalist community in Australia, so she’s basically one of the most bad-ass “final girls” ever. Not only does she take down three hired hit men who were marine veterans, but she also bobby traps the whole house in the process. Once she realizes (spoiler alert) that the two brothers in the family hired the hit men so they could receive their inheritance, she takes no mercy, blending one brother’s head (yes, with a blender). The other brother, who happens to be her boyfriend, tries to buy her off with money and a proposal so she does what any bad b***h would do: she sticks a knife in his throat. Erin would be one of your best bets as far as a zombie apocalypse companion goes.

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