Lindsay Lohan's 10 Biggest Mistakes

Lindsay Lohan has made headlines since 2006, for her constant problems with drugs, alcohol, co-stars, employers and the law. After a half a dozen stunts in rehab, DUIs, eight arrests and being fired from several film and television projects, Lindsay is finally considering to try to change her life around and move to London. The 27-year-old, troubled actress reportedly thinks that anyone and everyone in America is out to get her, and feels that a move across the pond will give her the fresh start she desperately needs. Perhaps, England will help Lohan salvage whatever is rest of her rather short career, or maybe she'll be London's problem now. Either way, here are ten of Lindsay Lohan's biggest mistakes.

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10 Turning Down Good Jobs

In January 2013, Lindsay Lohan was offered a whopping $550,000 to be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. DWTS could have definitely given Lohan a chance at a comeback, but she turned it down stating, "I would never stoop to reality television." Although, this wasn't the first time Lohan turned down a good paying job. In July 2009, Lindsay was offered the role of Jade the stripper in the highly successful film, The Hangover. She turned it down after declaring, "...the script has no potential." The Hangover grossed over $277 million at the box, office making it the third highest grossing R-rated film of all time. Bad judgement call, Lindsay.

9 Budgeting Money

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Back in the early 2000's, Lindsay Lohan had a reported net worth over $15 million. She was at the peak of her career, starring in films like Mean Girls, Freaky Friday and Herbie: Fully Loaded. Lohan is now worth way less than that. Although her career has faltered, it's Lindsay's spending habits that have cost her her fortune. So, where did all of her money go? Between rehab, lawyers and trial expenses, Lindsay has spent well over $1 million on legal fees. In 2009, she spent $500,000 on renting a hotel room at the Chateau Marmont and $90,000 on limo rides. That same year, Lohan reportedly spent $1 million on clothes, $350,000 on luxury cars, $70,000 on tanning/hair styling and $500,000 on partying. With spending like that, it only took a couple years for Lindsay to blow over $15 million.

8 Drugs & Alcohol

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Lindsay Lohan's biggest blunder was getting too consumed by the party scene, which ultimately led to her addiction to drugs and alcohol. She was reportedly addicted to cocaine, ecstasy, Ambien and Adderall. Her partying habits were first noticed in 2006 and not long after, she was cited for her first DUI in early 2007. Lindsay's partying actually began in 2004, when her and now former friend, Paris Hilton were attached at the hip. The two were spotted at all the hottest nightclubs and even partied with Britney Spears on a number of occasions. Lohan even blames Britney Spears for introducing her to drugs. Although, Lindsay appeared to be having the time of her life, the partying was the start and the root of all of her problems.

7 I Know Who Killed Me & Liz & Dick

Lindsay Lohan has had several movie flops, but I Know Who Killed Me and Liz and Dick were detrimental to Lohan's career. I Know Who Killed Me was Lindsay's first serious role and was supposed to show that she could be a serious actress. Instead, the film completely flopped and is considered one of the worst movies ever. In Lindsay's defense, the script was terrible and the story was nonsensical. However, Liz and Dick was Lohan's fault. She made no effort to portray Elizabeth Taylor and her acting was compared to a child playing dress up. This film and Lindsay's lack of effort made many fans lose hope for a Lohan comeback.

6 Theft

In February 2011, Lindsay Lohan was accused of shoplifting a $2500 gold necklace from a jewelry store in Venice, California. The charge only added to her legal troubles and in April of 2011, she was sentenced to 120 days in county jail and 480 hours of community service for violating her probation. Her theft charge was reduced to a misdemeanor, but it gave a glimpse to the public of how bad Lohan's financial problems really were.

5 Losing Roles

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In 2007, Lindsay Lohan was replaced by Sienna Miller in the film, The Edge of Love. Producers were unable to insure her, because she was too big of a risk and therefore, were forced to replace her. Also in 2007, Lohan had to drop out of the movie A Woman of No Importance because she was heading to rehab. Again in 2007, Lohan was replaced in the film Poor Things, after getting her second DUI that year. In 2011, she was replaced in the film The Other Side because the director said Lindsay was "not bankable." Again Lohan was fired from portraying Linda Lovelace in the movie Inferno because producers weren't able to insure her. Lindsay has lost almost a dozen roles due to being unprofessional, too much of a risk and having a onslaught of legal troubles.

4 Letting Down Oprah Winfrey

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3 Making Enemies with A-Listers

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While filming the movie Bobby in 2006, William H. Macy put Lindsay Lohan on blast when he called her out for her lack of professionalism. Macy was tired of Lohan showing up late all the time and claimed she needed an "ass kicking." While filming Georgia Rule in 2007, producer James G. Robinson and actress Jane Fonda, both publicly called out Lindsay. Lohan had held up filming a number of times for "medical" excuses and showing up late. Robinson wrote in a letter to Lindsay, "We are well aware that your ongoing all night heavy partying is the real reason for your so called 'exhaustion'. We refuse to accept bogus excuses for your behavior." Fonda was also not having it and reportedly yelled at Lindsay for being unprofessional and irresponsible several times on set.

2 Destroyed Her Looks

Between the hardcore partying, excessive tanning and plastic surgery, Lindsay has destroyed her looks. Lohan was a natural beauty when she came on to the scene, but now the 27-year-old actress looks unnatural and looks much older than she actually is. She's reportedly had breast augmentation, a nose job, lip injections, cheek fillers, Botox and dermal fillers. Although the plastic surgery was meant to enhance her beauty, it seems to have only destroyed it.

1 Inability to Take Responsibility

Lindsay Lohan's inability to take responsibility for her actions has made it impossible for her to progress and get better. The 27-year-old actress has always blamed everyone else and has had an abundance of excuses for her bad behavior. The fact that she doesn't think she's ever in the wrong, nor has a problem, is why Lindsay continues to party, swim in debt and have legal troubles. She has blamed the paparazzi, her parents, Britney Spears, Oprah Winfrey, her management team, Paris Hilton and even, America for her failed career, problems with drugs and her inability to make a comeback. Lindsay Lohan has never blamed herself for her problems and that revelation is what is holding her back from moving forward.

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