Illuminati? 7 Secretly Occult Buildings

Unless you have been hiding under a rock you have probably heard stories about shadowy groups around the world who are looking to enforce control on the general population. Some might call them the Illuminati, an organization that has received much press in recent years, but whose existence is still doubted by a large percentage of the population. They have been heavily linked with occult organizations of the past and associations with sorcery and secrecy remain to this day. Whether you believe in them or not it is possible to see many examples of buildings throughout the world that have been connected to one occult group or another. Symbols adorn architecture around the world, and can often be found in places that you would not expect to find them. It seems strange to many that world famous buildings, used by important people, make no effort to hide occult symbolism  from the public.

To determine the reasons behind these buildings we would have to go back and speak to the architects themselves, or at the very least the men who commissioned them. They might reveal something more innocent, then again, conspiracy theorists may have hit the nail on the head. Regardless, there are buildings around the world that have long been meeting places for secret societies with different intentions. Their stories echo around the chambers, and along the lengths of their halls, to this day, sometimes instilling fear, other times hope. You may just have to visit some and figure out for yourself.

6 The Pyramids

Throughout the world there are ancient pyramids that we are only just beginning to understand and which are hotly debated by experts with differing perspectives. The most famous are the pyramids found in Egypt, generally thought to be tombs for the ancient pharoahs of that land. Could there be something more to them? Some experts would argue that they were astrologically aligned to support the pharaohs on their journey of resurrection. Still others are convinced that they are a form of ancient technology used by societies in the distant past. Their symbolism is obviously important to people today otherwise they wouldn't be sitting on the face of American dollar bills. Pyramidal shapes also show up within other more modern architecture, such as the giant glass pyramid in the Louvre museum, Paris.

5 The Cathedrals of Europe

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Before money centres ruled the world, it was the church, and they built the highest buildings in the land. Many cathedrals of medieval Europe were influenced by the Knights Templar, a wealthy group of warriors associated with the Catholic church. What is interesting to see is that within many of these cathedrals are subtle dedications to the goddess and pagan traditions, something that had been ripped out of the heart of Catholicism. It is for this reason that stories of demons and occult worship were spread about this famous band of knights who seemed to hide higher mysteries that many in the Catholic church would have considered heretical at that time.

Most notable amongst these is Rosslyn Chapel, made famous by Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. Just a small collegiate church located a few miles outside of Edinburgh, this church withstood the furor of Henry VIII and the dissolution of the monasteries. It is a bible in stone, encompassing myths and symbolism from paganism, Norse mythology and more. It is just one of the many amazing cathedrals that contain symbolism associated with what is now known colloquially as the Illuminati. Hard to believe that anything so beautiful might have been built for evil purposes.

4 Wewelsburg Castle

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Wewelsburg Castle, in Germany, was used by Himmler's SS during World War II. As time has elapsed it has become increasingly clear that Himmler had quite an interest in the occult and wanted to use it to his advantage. Within the castle was a room shaped like Stonehenge, a landmark with extensive history, often shrouded in esoteric mystery. It is suggested that the SS leaders performed black magic within the castle and would learn about meditation, all in hope of harnessing the power they needed to overcome the enemies. After the war plans were found for an expansion of the castle that appeared, from a birds eyes view, to be a brain with a visual representation of the spear of destiny, an occult artifact of interest to the Nazis. Towards the end of the war, March 31st 1945 Himmler ordered the building to be blown up, suggesting that there was something of significance that he did not want discovered.

3 Washington DC

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Throughout Washington DC are buildings laden with symbols of Goddess societies and Freemasons that have stood for hundreds of years in the nations capital. This city has been hallowed earth for many researchers of the occult who have gone to great lengths to reveal the hidden occult symbolism of many sites and buildings.

Not only are individual buildings built with occult symbolism, but so it would seem are whole cities built with these principles in mind. It is no secret that many founding fathers of the US were Freemasons. Where it gets a little hard for many to believe, is that the layout of Washington DC has the pagan symbol of an inverted pentagram stamped upon it, due to a number of buildings connecting together. Of course the pentagram has been heavily associated with Lucifer and Satanism, which makes it all the more interesting.

The theory is that these buildings are laid out this way so that those in power can use sorcery to control the masses. It would make sense that if you were going to use occult symbolism to control the masses, it would be in the nations capital, at the doorstep of the most powerful person in the world.

2 Los Angeles Library

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Places of learning provide an obvious means of influencing the minds of people interested in the world around them. So if places of learning contained these symbols of sorcery, surely they can be controlled. A number of libraries and universities, built and donated by wealthy patrons of cities, do carry marks of mysticism in their hallowed halls.

Tourist pamphlets describe the Los Angeles library as being influenced by Mediterranean and Egyptian architecture. Those who have studied it in depth are keen to point out that is more than mere aesthetics, and that it reflects the mystery teachings of ancient antiquity. The building has been built according to the sacred proportion and geometry that was highly respected by those ancient traditions.

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Above the pyramid, on the roof of the library, is a hand holding a torch representing Lucifer (the "light-bearer"). According to the occult teachings, Lucifer is symbolic of man's ascent to divinity making use of the cognitive powers of man, nothing to do with satan who is related to the descent of man. This is simply scratching the surface though. If you were to go and explore this venue for yourself you would see many statues and architectural setups related to those ancient mystery schools.

1 Masonic Buildings

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For a secret society the Freemasons sure don't hide there whereabouts, with their logo emblazoned high up on buildings in cities throughout the world. The trademark square and compass is enough to draw hisses from passerbys who have only heard bad things about the organisation.

Many masonic buildings were erected to house meetings and esoteric rituals; rituals that many modern freemasons understand very little about. A Google search of images of masonic halls around the world will reveal many black and white checkered floors, Egyptian statues and other occult symbols.

Any time you have a society that meets in secret, you are bound to attract controversy, and when the organization reveals little to those outside of it, it is no surprise that it is often distrusted. For all we know, within the higher levels of the 33rd degree masons, there could be sacrifice and other shadowy occult rituals. On the other hand all could be kosher. Unfortunately, due to the vow of secrecy, we are left to rely upon our own intuition to discern amongst the truth and chaff that is spread far and wide across the internet.

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