The 5 Richest Victoria’s Secret Models

Victoria's Secret supermodels are not only some of the most admired women on earth; they're also among some of the richest models in the world. On Forbes’ 2012 highest-earning model list six there were a total of six VS models, and the highest earning model Gisele Bundchen, was a former VS supermodel. This elite group of girls are selected by VS not only for their considerable physical beauty but for their personalities: The models form an integral part of the Victoria's Secret advertising campaign so they must present a compelling face to the consumer. As such, VS models tend to be women that other women respect and admire.

Becoming a VS model has the power to change a model's entire career. VS is known for producing the most successful supermodels all over the world. After a girl joins the Victoria's Secret fold, their earning potential is set to increase and their star is set to soar in the modelling industry and beyond. The models benefit from Victoria's Secret's successful model to promote themselves, embodying the glamour of the VS angel and carrying this into their wider career. Thus, VS brings the model visibility from around the world. It's no secret that VS is a booming, hot brand, that their well-loved lingerie and sleepwear is adorned my women everywhere, and that their fashion shows draw in millions of viewers every year. But who are the most successful VS darlings out there? Let’s have a look at the five top-earning VS models and their successes over the last year.

5 Liu Wen - $4.3 million

Although she has worked as an Angel, and most definitely made her mark as one, China-born Wen garnered a large amount of success prior to ever donning the angel wings. Wen has a plethora of other endorsement deals world wide, from H&M to Calvin Klein to Estee Lauder to Hugo Boss.

This model is no stranger to the unconventional. Not only was she the first East Asian face to grace VS's coveted runway in their infamous fashion show, but she was also the first model to walk down it covered in tattoos — fake tattoos that is, which took six hours to prep. But they looked amazing! There’s no doubt, of all the models, no one could have pulled it off better than her. She's the embodiment of edge and sass and to date she has walked in four of VS’s fashion shows. VS has always followed public opinion when choosing their models, and it seems obvious the public is falling in love with Wen.

This young model is definitely going to be one to watch out for, as she struts, stomps and sashays her way through the fashion world.

4 Candice Swanepoel - $5 million

Candice Swanepoel is the youngest model on this list. And in 2012, when she was 23, she found herself the youngest on Forbes’ top ten highest-earning list as well. Swanepoel's talent was first recognized at the innocent age of 15 at a flea market — of all places — where she was instantly scooped up and put in her rightful place in the modelling world. Since being discovered she has amassed an impressive fanbase, and continues to jump onto “highest paid” lists, mainly thanks to her work with VS. Today, she is one of the company’s most active young Angels.

3 Doutzen Kroes- $10 million

Doutzen Kroes is a Dutch model. She is 5 ft 9 inches and has been with VS since 2004, although she didn’t become an Angel until 2008. Even though Kroes’ career as a model is, obviously, going extremely well, she has been very vocal about her desire to pursue an acting career and take lessons in New York City. Currently, she works for L’Oreal and Tiffany & Co. as well as VS. Kroes is a powerhouse in the modeling world, and there’s no doubt that should she one day appear on the “big screen” she will have a commanding presence there as well.

2 Miranda Kerr - $18 million

Last year Kerr would have been a bit lower on this list but her wealth is increasing enormously as she's raking in millions yearly - up on $7 million last year. For Miranda Kerr becoming a VS model could have been the biggest boost any model has ever had. Unlike other models, like Kate Moss and Gisele Bundchen, who stepped into the supermodel stratosphere and then were picked up by VS, Kerr was a catalogue model who was plucked by VS in 2008, bringing her from obscurity to worldwide fame. Of course, her career would have most likely been catapulted in one way or another given her stunning looks; but VS is the company that had the foresight about her. There weren’t many people who had heard of Kerr prior to her becoming a VS model but now her prominent, signature dimples are recognized by millions. Although Kerr was a VS model at the start of 2013, she 'stepped down' during the year amid reports that she was fired for being difficult. It was later confirmed that she did, in fact, voluntarily choose not renew her contract.

1 Adriana Lima – $35 million


Last year Adriana Lima was not only the richest VS Angel, but she was considered to be the most popular. One of her most memorable moments in Lima's career was when all 5 ft 10 inches of this Brazilian model marched down the runway wearing a $2 million bra at the 2012 VS Fashion Show. A fitting choice, and perhaps VS’s way of tipping their hat to her and acknowledging her long stint as a VS model. She has been with VS since 2000, and shows no signs of slowing down or stopping anytime soon - although she has begun to venture into acting and is now the spokesmodel for Maybelline. Lima also made a big splash with her Super Bowl commercials in 2012. While the VS deal still makes up most of her earnings, her work ethic and drive to branch out makes her one powerful, rich model indeed.

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