By all accounts, Antarctica tops the list as the harshest on many fronts. It has been described as the driest, coldest, and windiest place on Earth. Temperatures in Vostok Research Centre plummeted to a chilly -89◦C in 1989. Apart from its extremes of cold, Antarctica is made up ice

and rock (98% ice, 2% rock), all of which would make it uninhabitable - or so you would think!

The population averages at around 1,000 people which rises to approximately 4,000 during summer months when there is an influx of researchers to the area, trying to capture much need to information about the area itself and the water that surrounds it. There is an inner area of Antarctica called the Dry Valleys, which has not seen any rainfall in two million years! The reason for this is the 200mph Katabatic winds which evaporate moisture before it can touch the surface, making this one of driest places on earth.

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