Are These 15 Celebs Vampires?

What is the one common, unifying trait that vampires possess, aside from sucking blood, bearing their fangs, not being able to withstand sunlight, and meeting their end when a stake is buried into their hearts? It’s their ability to remain immortal, retaining that youthful glow from the moment they turn into creatures of the night. And for that reason, Hollywood has become obsessed with vampires.

We’ve seen a deluge of vampire-themed entertainment in the recent years, from TV shows like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The Vampire Diaries and True Blood to movies like Interview With the Vampire, Underworld, and the Twilight film franchise. And it’s no big surprise that this is such an appealing theme in Hollywood because it’s the land where people are so fixated on looking young forever, attempting to erase every wrinkle they find on their body through botox and plastic surgery. And there have been so many botched attempts in these efforts to defy age because let’s face it, everyone gets older eventually. Age and wrinkles will catch up with you one day.

Of course, there are those lucky few whose hard work in trying to figuratively bask in the fountain of youth has not been in vain. Sure, many of them still resort to going under the knife, but we like to think it’s because they revamped their lifestyles and chose to start living and eating and thinking healthy. Here are some of our favorite celebrity “vampires,” those who have defied age throughout the years!

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15 Jennifer Aniston

Sure, Jennifer Aniston looks fantastic for her age, just as beautiful and youthful as she did when she was playing Rachel in the hit TV show Friends. Before we can start envying her for looking that great, though, we should all know that Aniston publicly admitted to having plastic surgery: two nose jobs, botox, and regular facial laser peels that are so intense that they burn the skin. Is it worth all that trouble to look the way she does? Maybe, maybe not.

14 Kristin Stewart

She’s probably the youngest one on this list, but at 24, Kristin Stewart really does seem to defy age. And no, it’s not because she played a vampire sans emotions and facial expressions in the Twilight movie franchise. It’s because yes, she really does seem like she hasn’t aged since her days as a child actress during her Panic Room days, where she played Jodie Foster’s daughter. She’s obviously too young to have gone under the knife, but given her naturally youthful looks, who knows? Maybe she’ll never need it. 

13 Christopher Walken

Nope, he hasn’t defied age physically, proudly wearing each line and wrinkle on his beloved face and sporting gray hair. But Christopher Walken makes the list because he seems to have been around forever. At 71 years old and still very much active in the entertainment industry, his career has spanned five decades. But many may jokingly see him as a vampire because of his pale skin, deadpan expression, and most of all, his accent, which makes him sound like he’s from some Eastern European country rather than from Queens, New York! 

12 Gwen Stefani

Based on how fantastic she looks, no one would guess that Gwen Stefani is actually 45 years old and a mother of three adorable boys. This former No Doubt lead singer-turned solo artist-turned The Voice coach is looking better the older she gets. We remember her younger days, as she strutted around onstage showing off her rock-hard abs in sports bras and midriff tops, her hair as platinum blond as it is today. These days, her fashion sense is less daring and revealing, but she still looks pretty fabulous for someone who’ll be turning 50 in five years! Though she’s never admitted to going under the knife, experts have said she’s had major (though subtle) work done to retain her youthful looks. 

11 Elijah Wood

Some people are blessed with that youthful look and no matter how old they get, they never look a day over 21. For some people, it’s a curse because they aren’t able to move past those kiddie roles that keep landing on their lap as a result of their child-like looks. But for others, it’s a blessing. Such is the case for Elijah Wood, who started out as a child actor and though he transitioned to adult roles such as Frodo from the Lord of the Rings films, he still looks like the child star that he was eons and eons ago.

10 Sandra Bullock

While her sense of fashion and her movie role choices have definitely evolved over time, Sandra Bullock hasn’t changed much since the days her star began to rise in movies like While You Were Sleeping and A Time To Kill. Sure, her eyebrows are more sculpted, her locks more lustrous, and her fit and toned physique to die for, all thanks to the dawning of the fashion stylist—but other than that Bullock, one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood, doesn’t look a day over 35. And that’s saying a lot considering she’s pushing 51! If she’s had plastic surgery done, she must have a fantastic surgeon, which is not hard to believe considering her immense wealth.

9 Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon shot to stardom as a fresh-faced teenager in films such as Pleasantville and Election. Then of course, there was her breakthrough role in Cruel Intentions, where she fell in love with and got engaged to Ryan Phillippe. After everything she’s been through, good and bad, high and low, Witherspoon looks like she’s barely aged, despite having given birth to three kids, not to mention the troubles she had in her marriage to Phillippe and the eventual divorce. The only aspect of her physically that has changed throughout the years is her style: fashion and hair alike.  Some people are just blessed with naturally youthful looks, it seems.

8 Jared Leto

He became every teenage girl’s fantasy when he starred as the dreamy Jordan Catalano in the hit TV show My So Called Life back in the early to mid-1990s. Jared Leto has not only grown by leaps and bounds as an actor, now joining the ranks of Academy Award winners for his role as a transgender woman in Dallas Buyers Club, but his career as a musician has also been extremely fruitful, being the lead singer for his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars. With all the great stuff happening in his life, it’s no wonder Leto doesn’t seem to age. His piercing blue eyes are as mesmerizing as they were when he was a wee teenager.

7 Jennifer Lopez

One of the advantages of golden-skinned Latinos is their ability to maintain their youthful looks, probably due to the amount of melanin contained in their skin. And for this, Jennifer Lopez should count herself lucky. Puerto Rican by blood, Lopez has come a long way from her days as a back-up dancer of Janet Jackson and as a Fly Girl dancer on In Living Color in the early ‘90s. She doesn’t seem to have aged much in the last 20 years and has in fact, been looking younger and better with age. Her hair color and style have gone through many different permutations, but her face remains fresh-looking.

6 Halle Berry

A man and woman of different race and color coming together usually yields beautiful-looking children and Halle Berry is a testament to this. With a Caucasian mother and an African-American father, Berry is beyond beautiful, in terms of facial features and figure, not to mention an icon on the red carpet. If you look at her photos and movies from 20 years ago, you’ll see she hasn’t changed much, even retaining her short-cropped hair. And since she lives healthy, sticking to healthy food and exercising constantly, she looks even better now that she’s close to 50!

5 Drew Barrymore

She’s been around practically forever, it seems, getting her big break as the adorable little Gertie in E.T. at the tender age of 7. Drew Barrymore was maybe too young to handle all that fame because her life spiraled out of control when she hit her adolescent and teen years, doing all vices imaginable. Luckily, the blonde cutie bounced back and cleaned up her act. For someone who tried substances of the illegal variety and consumed huge amounts of alcohol for years, Barrymore never wilted. Though she’s all grown up, she still very much resembles that little girl in pigtails who bonded with E.T. 

4 Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks, now she’s the definition of ageless. The 41-year-old TV personality started out as a model in her teenage years, but before that, she shared that she used to be teased for being an ugly duckling, which is almost impossible to believe when laying eyes on the gorgeous lady. But she eventually bloomed into a swan and the rest is history. She’s modeled for top fashion brands and was the first African-American to be on the cover of the Victoria’s Secret catalogue. In recent years, Banks has gotten a lot of flak from the media for her weight gain, for which she haughtily defended herself. Despite the weight gain, she’s still as sexy and youthful-looking as ever.

3 Gwyneth Paltrow

Many have observed and stated that most people who are naturally pale-skinned and light-haired are the most prone to wrinkles and early aging. It’s probably the lack of melanin in their skin that makes them less adaptable to the sun. Which is why it’s a surprise to find Gwyneth Paltrow, a natural blonde, on the list. The 42-year-old mother of two is looking as great as she did when she was in her twenties. But sorry to her fellow blondes, because her youthful look isn’t natural. Paltrow has admitted to undergoing plastic surgery and botox to retain her youth to boost her self-confidence and continue receiving film projects. At least she was honest! 

2 Heidi Klum

German model and TV personality Heidi Klum seems to be ageing so beautifully and gracefully. At 41, she can still pass for the head-turner that she was during her days as a Victoria’s Secret angel on the runway. Klum can probably attribute her fantastic looks and body to good genes and a healthy lifestyle, eating the right food and exercising constantly. Back when she had given birth to one of her three children with then-husband Seal, she was scheduled to walk the runway six weeks later. And after breastfeeding, exercising, and dieting, she was rocking some abs in lingerie and her angel wings. And she’s admitted that she’s never had plastic surgery or botox in her life. Talk about lucky! 

1 Lucy Liu

Asians, particularly the Chinese race, have always been envied for their naturally flawless skin and slender frames, giving them the advantage of looking years younger than their Caucasian counterparts. Lucy Liu is no exception to this rule. Gaining fame in the hit TV show Ally McBeal and later, the blockbuster hits Charlie’s Angels and Kill Bill, it’s hard to believe that the petite actress is in her mid-forties. She still looks as young as she does during her Ally McBeal days. Liu has admitted having botox, but said that’s as far as she’s gone. She said she retains her youthful looks by a healthy diet and exercise.

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