Celebs Who Like To Get Hot And Heavy In Public

Celebrities often bemoan the fact that they have no privacy, that paparazzi get more invasive every day with their high tech cameras and tools that peek inside boudoirs, snatch pics from elusive clouds, and eavesdrop on private conversations and electronic messages. But being armed with this knowledge doesn't deter many celebs from partaking in one of the riskiest behaviors of all: public sex.

In fact, many stars boast of their escapades, sharing favorite locations and naming partners. And just like regular folks, some alleged partners deny the liaisons, while others embellish the tales to add a little spice, intrigue and humor. Read on and let your imagination run free for maximum enjoyment and possible inspiration.

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8 Christina Aguilera and Matthew Rutler

Via: www.melty.de

Now a doting mother to a daughter born just 2 months ago, Aguilera was still sowing some wild oats just a few years ago when she reportedly had sex with fiancé and baby daddy Matthew Rutler during a family get-together in a bathroom on the premises. But by Aguilera's own admission, she also enjoyed the excitement of sex in public with ex-husband Jordan Bratman years before. Among other venues, she told a reporter she and Bratman got it on in an undisclosed room in a London club. More conventional settings might be more appealing to Aguilera now that her history will be part of her little girl's life.

7 Fabrizio Moretti and Drew Barrymore

Via: www.glamourmagazine.co.uk

Ever since she captured America's heart 33 years ago as the precocious Gertie in the movie E.T., Barrymore has entertained the masses with her off-screen antics and impressive acting skills in both comedic and dramatic roles. Always the adventuress, she had some wild times with her boyfriend of five years, Fabrizio Moretti of The Strokes. At some point during their relationship, which lasted from 2002 to 2007, Moretti reported he and Barrymore became extremely bored while watching La Boheme at a New York opera house. To overcome the tedium, the pair slipped into a stall in the ladies' room to tryst. An unsuspecting woman cracked up the pair with the delicate sounds of doing her business and they were sternly ordered by security staff to immediately vacate the lavatory. Barrymore has since settled down quite a bit after marrying Will Kopelman in 2012 and parenting two daughters with him.

6 Benicio Del Toro and Scarlett Johansson

Via: pagesix.com

Although Johansson has steadfastly denied the story, many rumors from assorted sources abounded in 2004/2005 claiming she had sex in an elevator with Benicio del Toro. The romp allegedly occurred after a post-Oscar party in an elevator in the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles. Del Toro has remained coy about the story, preferring to keep his fans guessing rather than confirming the act or sharing sordid details. Johansson commented, "If you've ever been to the Chateau Marmont elevator, you'll know you can barely stand, let alone do anything like that. But I'm not one for sex in public places—save it for the bedroom." Since cameras in elevators weren't de rigueur a decade ago, the story remains a 'he said/she said' anecdote.

5 Liev Schreiber

Via: www.celebhairdo.com

When a character has edges as rough as Schreiber's Ray Donovan character on the gritty Showtime series of the same name, fans often imagine the actor must have some real-life experience to make his portrayal so striking. Indeed, Schreiber grew up poor in the ghettos of New York, the son of a single mother who drove a cab for a living. His bad boy persona has helped in his career and colors his life as well. Schreiber openly owns up to being a fan of having sex in public, although he's never named names or indicated any public sexual dalliances with longtime partner Naomi Watts, with whom he has two sons. One of his most memorable public carnal escapades was on one of the country's most famous boats. "I once had a very fun Sunday on the Staten Island Ferry," Schreiber once quipped in a 2007 interview with the New York Post.

4 Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

Via: www.nydailynews.com

Like many tales about Cyrus, her allegedly having public sex with then-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth has never been verified or refuted by either party. However, Cyrus reportedly beseeched Hemsworth to do the nasty with her under an occupied table at a Vanity Fair Oscars party a few years back. She allegedly saw the prank as just another notch in her sexual adventures belt but the more reserved Hemsworth supposedly nipped the bizarre proposal in the bud. No reports on whether Cyrus convinced someone else to cuddle under a counter somewhere else.

3 Gerard Butler

Via: xploreout.blogspot.com

Rowdy Irish actor Butler has played everything from Dracula to Phantom of the Opera, with parts as scoundrels and cuddly lovers strewn in between. He's known as a partying ladies' man with a string of girlfriends of every age and ethnic background. His lack of discretion was comically demonstrated a few years back when he hooked up with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville after a beach party without knowing who she was until she leaked it to the press a few days later. His most notorious public sex experience was at Coachella in 2012 where he was witnessed going into a Porta-Potty with a woman he was heavily petting with and reportedly rocked the Kasbah before rejoining the party.

2 Kirsten Dunst with Jake Gyllenhaal

Via: www.popsugar.fr

Many experts suggest couples keep their sex lives satisfying by adding a bit of excitement through copulating in areas outside of home. Dunst revealed she and former boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal tried to spice up their relationship by having sex on a seaside beach, in public restrooms, and in cars, adding, "… The only place we didn't have the guts to try was in a walkway in a hotel because we thought we might get kicked out if we were caught." For the past 2 years, she's been dating actor Garrett Hedlund and so far, no one's spotted them getting hot and heavy with each other in public…but maybe they're just really good at not getting caught.

1 Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton

Via: www.usmagazine.com

Before meeting Brad Pitt and creating one of the most interesting families in the public eye, Jolie was quite the wild young thing. Jolie dated Timothy Hutton and model Jenny Shimizu and was married to Jonny Lee Miller and most notably was the wife of Billy Bob Thornton. Jolie and Thornton were well known for their weird displays of love for each other, including wearing vials of each other's blood as pendants. Their allegedly outrageous sex life was the fodder for many tabloids and included a famous quote from Thornton at the MTV Movie Awards. When a reporter asked the couple what the craziest thing they'd ever done in car was, Thornton replied without pause, "Well, I think it was today. My favorite one in a car was today, just before we got here. What is this, MTV? Well, you want me to be honest with you? We f***** in the car on the way here." Curtain, please.

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