A 10 Step Guide To Teasing Her

From the beginning of time there has been one constant in our society: man’s desperate (and often feeble) effort to understand the woman beside him. For millions of years, men and women have been interacting with each other. And yet, they still can’t seem to understand one another.

With this being said, remember how much more difficult translation becomes when hormones are through the roof, tension is hot, and all you want is to make her go crazy. You want her to want you in every way possible. But how can you possibly get your message across in a state like that? Well, women need a little more work than men when it comes to "wanting it". It won’t be easy, though. You’ll need to hang in there for a whole day. The payout, however, will be more than worth it. Think about it, you’ll be giving her a whole day’s worth of wanting it. You can be the man who provides her with a slow build-up of sizzling and tantalizing sensations. By the end of the day, you’ll have her rushing home and begging for it.

This may not be the solution to mixed messages between men and women, but it most certainly will bring you a step closer, for at least one particular message. A very important one… so it’s the same thing, right? Let’s get started…

10 Plant a seed

Now, now… get your mind out of the gutter! This is a figurative seed. What does figurative mean? Well, it means you need to peak her curiosity. You can give her your best “come hither” look, whisper something seductive in her ear, or even give her a nice goodbye love tap on her derriere (of course, don’t do this if you know she doesn’t like it, or else you’ll be getting a love tap of your own). Anything in this general area will do the trick. Remember, you just want to give her a hint. Make her ask herself “what’s he doing?”

9 Stir the pot

It’s no secret that women think - a lot. So your next move is to get her mind going. You already have her asking questions, now you want her thinking (and this time, it’s a good thing). Casually mention one of your best naughty moments together, perhaps your first time together? You can also try reminiscing about that time you guys did it in the parking lot of the movie theatre? Or maybe that V-day candle-lit dinner, followed by a Marvin Gaye album on repeat, with a side of sweet and tender lovemaking. You can even get creative and make a suggestion for next time. Now that her brain is stimulated, you can get to the fun stuff.

8 Get specific

“Honey, remember that time I did that thing with my tongue?” That’s right, you need to get more detail oriented. She might just laugh it off and avoid the question all together. But make no mistake, her heart rate just spiked at the thought of your touch. Continue talking about a particular action with your tongue, fingers, lips, anything goes as long as something is touching her in some way. This will send her back to the moment itself, or at the very least, imagine it being repeated. From this point on, things will start heating up between the two of you. It’ll get harder and harder to keep your hands off of each other. And this is exactly what you want… just make sure you keep it together!

7 Get her involved

You’ll know you’ve reached this step when you have trouble keeping your mind from running away with ideas. You’ll see her facial expression change, as if she’s busy with something, as if she’s seeing a hot scene play in her head. Now, she’s primed for a dialogue. Start by talking about her body, or a part of her body. Then, get the conversation going by asking her a question she can’t avoid. “Would you like it if I…?” or “What would you do if I…?” This part is particularly fun if you guys are apart and texting one another. You’ll both feel less awkward than if you were saying these things in person. Mind you, nothing is awkward with a little wine. Hint, hint.

6 Get dirty

Now that she’s involved, you know she’s starting to want it. This is your cue to kick it up a notch. Change your words; choose a vulgar, messier tone. Ever heard the expression “sex is magic”? This is exactly where it applies. Now, she’s starting to want it so bad that she doesn’t care ‘how’ you say things. A lot of people are afraid to talk dirty. That’s because they’re over-thinking it. Just describe the image you see in your head and the words will flow, naturally. You want to paint a picture that will make her feel tingles you-know-where.

5 Get physical

So you’ve been talking dirty all day, creating wild scenes together. You guys are basically ready for your AVN Award. You’re both super amped, shaky, and totally distracted. All you can think about is grabbing her and, at this point, she’s thinking the same thing. Finally, you can get physical… but keep it light (for now, at least). Start by putting your hand on her lower back and pull her close to you, just enough so your bodies touch, barely. Take a step closer, and gently kiss her neck; make sure your hand is still on her. This spot is pure weakness; it’ll make her weak to her knees and wonder why you stopped at just a kiss.

4 Level Up

From this point on, she’ll be putty in your hands. Continue kissing her neck, increasing the intensity until you start a full-on make-out session. Don’t forget to use your hands, you want her feeling everything you’re doing to her. Don’t be afraid to take charge; you’re the one doing the teasing, remember? Don’t be surprised if she tries to take over at this point. You’ve got her needing it so bad that you’re seeing a whole other side of her. If you haven’t mastered self-discipline, then you’re in trouble because you’ll need it more than ever if she tries anything. Stay. In. Control.

3 Birthday Suit Up

For those of you not ‘with it’, it’s a How I Met Your Mother reference. Basically, take those clothes off. Whether you do it slow or do it fast is irrelevant. Just make it your own and do it. Here, there’s a lot of room to play; no pun intended. You know her style and what she likes (or should). Remember all that stuff you were talking about doing? Well now you get to do it. The key point to remember in teasing is ‘just a taste’. Whatever body part you’re focusing on, or whatever action you’re doing, keep it short and keep changing the level of intensity. You want her thinking “why is he stopping?” and “I want more!” Finally, you need to save dessert for last. Go all over and get as close as you can, but stay away from the bulls-eye until you start feeling bad for her.

2 Target acquired

After a whole day of craving this moment, you can be sure she’s ready to explode; and chances are, so are you. If you were looking for a quickie, you could get right to it, but this isn’t the case. You’re not quite done with her yet. Keep your actions progressive. Move your way closer, and closer to her sweet spot. Now, you can touch. Get creative, use anything but your ‘man’… at the most, he’s allowed to brush up against her ‘gal’. As good as you are at whatever it is you’re doing, she wants one thing, and she’s dying for you to give it to her. When you feel she deserves it, go ahead and get the goods.

1 Get the goods

This part is pretty standard. Do what works for you guys. If you’re feeling adventurous try a new position, or change it up during the action (if you’re able to stop).

Of course, this method works best if you guys are apart. This way you can contain yourself for the bulk of the steps. What you need to know besides these steps is that the foundation is how well you know your partner. Communication is key. Tell each other what you like or don’t like, and then have fun with the information. Finally, the timeline is not that important. What matters is that you keep her waiting and wanting more. The longer you wait, the more she’ll want it. Just be nice because this method can easily be applied towards you.


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