A 10 Step Guide To Teasing Her

From the beginning of time there has been one constant in our society: man’s desperate (and often feeble) effort to understand the woman beside him. For millions of years, men and women have been interacting with each other. And yet, they still can’t seem to understand one another.

With this being said, remember how much more difficult translation becomes when hormones are through the roof, tension is hot, and all you want is to make her go crazy. You want her to want you in every way possible. But how can you possibly get your message across in a state like that? Well, women need a little more work than men when it comes to "wanting it". It won’t be easy, though. You’ll need to hang in there for a whole day. The payout, however, will be more than worth it. Think about it, you’ll be giving her a whole day’s worth of wanting it. You can be the man who provides her with a slow build-up of sizzling and tantalizing sensations. By the end of the day, you’ll have her rushing home and begging for it.

This may not be the solution to mixed messages between men and women, but it most certainly will bring you a step closer, for at least one particular message. A very important one… so it’s the same thing, right? Let’s get started…

10 Plant a seed

9 Stir the pot

8 Get specific

7 Get her involved

6 Get dirty

5 Get physical

4 Level Up

3 Birthday Suit Up

2 Target acquired

1 Get the goods

This part is pretty standard. Do what works for you guys. If you’re feeling adventurous try a new position, or change it up during the action (if you’re able to stop).

Of course, this method works best if you guys are apart. This way you can contain yourself for the bulk of the steps. What you need to know besides these steps is that the foundation is how well you know your partner. Communication is key. Tell each other what you like or don’t like, and then have fun with the information. Finally, the timeline is not that important. What matters is that you keep her waiting and wanting more. The longer you wait, the more she’ll want it. Just be nice because this method can easily be applied towards you.


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A 10 Step Guide To Teasing Her