8 Surprising Life Hacks that Work

Throughout our existence, humans have constantly searched for ways to make life easier and simpler. As we evolve, so do our methods for getting things done. Cars were developed to decrease transportation times that were only done on foot, by wagon or cart. Stoves were created to make cooking our food more efficient. Cell phones came along as a better way to communicate in addition to currently completing all sorts of other tasks. You get the point: people enjoy finding relatively new ways of reducing the chaos in their lives and making things a tad bit smoother.

Life hacks have emerged as unique and sometimes crazy approaches that help resolve everyday problems. While the terminology is more recent, the idea has withstood the tests of time and is the primary reason behind most inventions. Basically, a life hack occurs when a person has a problem getting something done that slows down productivity. Over time, reduced productivity starts to become a bigger problem which motivates the person to think up a new and interesting way of getting the task completed.

Some of these simple, everyday solutions only occur to us when we find ourselves in a tight spot. Many life hacks online are extremely brazen and ridiculous, while others are totally useful and clever. Read on to discover eight hacks that will surprise you in their simplicity and wow you with their effectiveness.



8 First Aid Hack: Relieve Mosquito Bite Itch


One pesky factor about lounging out on the lake or even hanging around outdoors, in general, during summer is mosquitoes. These critters will find any length of exposed skin and leave you with a bite that itches and itches. This can happen sometimes even when you have already applied insect repellent. Applying heat to the bite can prove to be a quick method to relieving that itch and not ruining your evening. Grab a spoon and run it in hot water for about 20-30 seconds. Once it is heated through, place the back of the spoon on the bite and leave it for 15-20 seconds. Of course, you will eventually want to apply some sort of anti-itch cream, but this quick-fix will alleviate the itch for an hour or more.

7 Math Hack: Multiply Large Numbers in Your Head

Math can be a real pain in the neck at times, especially when you are trying to find the answer to a problem rapidly. Adults who are asked to carry out multiplication may have a hard time beyond the basic numbers of a typical chart –12 x 12! For those who have difficulty multiplying bigger numbers in your head, there is a solution. If you needed to know the product of a large number, you could find the correct answer by following this simple strategy above. People will think you are a math whiz once you get the hang of doing this all in your head!

6 Photography Hack: The Most Flattering Selfie


Since the emergence of the “selfie”, these self-portraits have gone viral all over the internet. Log onto any social network and you are sure to find a number of these self-absorbed photos crowding your feed. However, there are some wrong and right ways to do these. Photographers suggest that holding the camera slightly above your head when taking the picture will provide you with the most flattering image. This is especially so for people hoping to hide curvy figures or double chins. Full-on photographs usually show no mercy, but overhead images are quite forgiving. As you know, what’s placed on a social network never truly leaves the web. Make sure that your pictures give off the best impressions.

5 Energy Hack: Butter for Breakfast

There are many folks out there who are completely against consuming butter during any part of the day, certainly not for breakfast. However, entrepreneur and biohacker David Asprey found out the importance of this ingredient when visiting Tibet. In fact, he has returned to the States touting his Bullet Proof coffee recipe which includes butter! This isn't just any butter, but that from grass-fed cows, the best kind of butter which has been called a super-food in its own right. Also, included in the ingredient list is MCT, or medium chain triglycerides. Mixed into your morning cup of joe, these two agents work together to promote high energy and keep you fuller longer.

4 Financial Hack: Save Money on Mobile Data


Nearly everyone from toddlers to grandmas are toting around a smart phone in their hand, pocket, or purse. These nifty devices connect you with the world through various applications that constantly use up your mobile data allowance. Depending on how active you are on these apps, and how often/long they are running on your phone, you can be spending a pretty penny on data overages. This extra money is being paid to your phone company needlessly. Onavo, which has recently been purchased by Facebook, has an application that can help you minimize the amount of data you use from your mobile plan. This free app is compatible with the most recent models of Apple and Android devices. It works as a compressor for your device and can reduce the amount of data you use monthly by up to 500%.

3 Cooking Hack: Cutting an Onion

An age-old hassle of cooking up virtually any culinary dish is the pain and suffering that accompanies cutting onions. What’s worse, this root vegetable is used to accent so many tasty recipes that cutting them often can be a total headache. They make your eyes water and sometimes burn, and select individuals are temporarily unable to see when exposed to their gases. There are various methods that can overcome this tear-jerk reaction such as cutting near hot running water or steam and briefly refrigerating them before cutting. Another lesser known method involves chewing bread while you are cutting. Apparently, if your mouth is chewing bread it is also creating saliva, especially if you leave the bread hanging out just a bit. The creation of saliva will inhibit the tear ducts from creating any liquid of their own.


2 Parenting Hack: Forget the Way


If you’re a parent, you understand that it can be very hard to train a small child to handle different tasks autonomously. Instructing your kid on the basic steps of tooth brushing or cleaning their room can really bog you down. You can end up showing your frustration when they don’t seem to get it time after time. Plus, constant lecturing can sometimes go bad and cause the child to resent you or the task altogether.  A fun and different way to remind your child of the hard to remember steps to completing a task, is pretending as though you have forgotten. The playful statement of “I can’t remember what happens after I finish eating my food, do you know?” could come off much lighter than a bossy command. In this way, the child is subtly reminded of what to do next, yet, he or she still has some level of independence—and no one gets frustrated.

1 Work Hack: Laugh More

Depending on the day of the week or hour in the day, getting through tedious work projects can be tough. The workplace environment can often be quite stressful and it becomes easy to lose motivation. Many researchers have found that laughter in the workplace can work wonders in terms of both creativity and productivity. This abundant and free resource can help bring coworkers together, reduce tension, and stimulates a positive working environment. So, whenever you are feeling bogged down in the office, share an appropriate joke with a coworker and watch both of your jobs become easier. Even better, start off your next business meeting with a light-hearted statement or perhaps a tasteful video that has gone viral, your fellow employees will thank you.


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