8 Famous People Who Almost Weren’t Born

Everyone has a right to be born. No matter how much a person screws up, there’s always a bigger purpose for his or her being on this earth and hey, it’s always worth giving someone the opportunity to turn over a new leaf.

That being said, you wouldn’t believe that these famous people almost weren’t born, due to one circumstance or another. Whatever the case, the world wouldn’t be the same if they hadn’t been in it!

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8 Sean Lennon


With their busy and thriving music careers, having kids was the last thing on John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s minds. So when Ono found out that she was pregnant, they seriously considered terminating the pregnancy. While they were deciding, Ono already started making preparations for the procedure, but she said she wanted her husband to make the final decision. Lennon ultimately decided that they would keep the baby and a few months later, they had their beautiful baby boy, Sean. His father was enamored by him and even became a househusband so that he could be a hands-on dad to little Sean. Today, Sean is a musician and composer, carving out his own path away from the shadow of his famous father.

7 Nick Cannon


Mariah Carey’s kids wouldn’t have existed if her mother-in-law had pushed through with ridding herself of her son, Nick Cannon, during pregnancy. Cannon’s mother was only 17 when she found out she was pregnant. Feeling she wasn’t ready to be a mother, she wanted to terminate the pregnancy, but thankfully, changed her mind later on. Cannon later wrote a song to his mother, entitled “Can I Live,” and in it, he thanked her for deciding to keep him.

6 Tim Tebow


Aside from his prowess in the football field, American quarterback Tim Tebow is also known for his public displays of religion, which many admire him for. His zest for life and God is probably due in part to the fact that he was a miracle baby. His mother contracted a life-threatening disease and fell into a comma when she was pregnant with him and the medicines she was taking affected her unborn child. Doctors recommended an abortion because her child would likely be stillborn, but being a woman of faith, she decided to carry baby Tim to term. And what a blessing for her to have done that!

5 Cher


Cher’s parents had a very Hollywood-esque relationship, tumultuous, to say the least. Her mother married eight times, twice to Cher’s dad. She was only 19 years old with a budding career in show business when she discovered she was pregnant with Cher. She felt she wasn’t ready for a child, so her mother accompanied her to the abortion clinic to have it over and done with. She said she was sweating like crazy while waiting at the clinic and when her name was called for her turn, she decided right then and there that she couldn’t do it. And that’s why we have Cher today.

4 Justin Bieber


Because a lot of people are hating on him now, for sure they’d be shocked when they found out that Justin Bieber was almost aborted. Bieber’s mother almost got rid of him when she found out she was pregnant at the tender age of 17. She was allegedly encouraged by family and doctors to terminate the pregnancy, but she was adamant in keeping her baby, as she was a pro-life believer. Till this day, she is an advocate of anti-abortion movements and stands by her belief that all humans have the right to live.

3 Celine Dion


When you’re living in poverty and pregnant with your fourteenth child, it’s no surprise that the option of abortion is something you’d want to seriously look into. When Celine Dion’s mother found out she was pregnant for the fourteenth time, she was devastated. She and her husband could barely afford to feed their thirteen children, let alone another one. She sought counsel from a priest, who advised her not to get rid of the child. It’s a good thing she listened to his advice or the world would not know the music and spellbinding singing voice of her fourteenth child, Celine Dion.

2 Steve Jobs


It’s a known fact that the famous founder of Apple was adopted as a baby and raised by two loving adoptive parents. In fact, the late Steve Jobs would shoot down anyone who referred to his parents as “adoptive,” saying that they were “1,000%” his parents. Though he referred to his biological parents as “just a sperm and an egg bank,” he did state that he was grateful to his mother for not aborting him because if she had, he would never have known the two people who loved and raised him as their own.

1 Pope John Paul II


Imagine a world where the recently ordained Pope John Paul II never existed. For the very fact that his mother chose life, many are grateful because whether one is Christian or not, it’s undeniable that the imprint the Pope has left on the world is irreplaceable. When his mother was pregnant with him, her third child, she had just recovered from rheumatic fever and was suffering from its after-effects. Her doctor advised her to just abort, stating that in all likelihood, the fever would have damaged the baby’s heart valves. It’s a good thing she went against her doctor’s wishes and took that leap of faith by keeping her baby!

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