7 Reverse Sex Change Stories That Will Blow Your Mind

With all the buzz surrounding Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner, the stories of transsexuals are filling the World Wide Web. While sex change surgery is becoming more and more common, does anyone ever want to go back to his or her birth gender after the deed is done? Even though the thought of returning back might seem extremely complicated from a medical standpoint, is it even possible?

It turns out that the answer is yes and these procedures have been done, some people have even come out and publicly shared their stories. The reasons for wanting a reversal of a sexual reassignment vary from just being fed up to appeasing a dying parent and others because the new gender role was much harder to assume than they thought. Here are some reverse sex change stories that may very well blow your mind.

7 Mike Penner/Christine Daniels


Once quiet, reflective journalist Mike Penner became the outgoing and outspoken Christine Daniels. After sports writer Mike Penner penned the article “Old Mike, New Christine” for the Los Angeles Times, he became an instant celebrity.

The new Christine was given a megaphone and became an advocate for transsexuals everywhere. She was seen as a symbol of courage for coming out so boldly and publicly.

A year after the big headline, Penner replaced Daniels without so much as a word of explanation for why he had reclaimed his male identity.

Unfortunately, the story doesn’t end well, a year after transitioning back to being a man, he committed suicide believed to be due to issues of transitioning that were not addressed and were compounded by his detransitioning.

6 Walt Heyer/Laura Jensen


Walt Heyer underwent sexual reassignment surgery in 1983 to become Laura Jensen. Walt, now 74, says that he should have never been a candidate for surgery in the first place.

In studying psychology, Jensen realized that her childhood trauma and sexual abuse led to gender dysphoria. As a small boy, Heyer had a grandmother, who would make him wear a dress and only praise him when he was acting feminine. The dress became a fetish of sorts and led to a whole host of gender identity issues for Heyer.

It was by working through his childhood trauma and reverting back to his given male identity that Laura was able to find the Walt that had gotten lost.

Although the reversal couldn’t biologically bring all of the old Walt back, he is now happily married and acts as a counselor for those considering sex changes.

5 Charles/Samantha Kane


It seems that Charles Kane has it all – a huge bank account, a law degree, a portfolio of real estate, a yacht, a Mercedes and his share of designer suits. However, despite all the property he holds down, Kane can’t seem to hold down a relationship because of his secret sex change.

Charles became sometimes red-headed, sometimes blonde, bombshell Samantha in 1997, but after seven years, he was fed up with being a woman, saying that he wasn’t a transgender but was just confused and suffering from mental breakdown caused by his marriage of 12 years ending before his transformation.

Becoming a man again was no easy feat. Charles underwent three surgeries, including reconstruction of his male genitals by grafting skin from his stomach.

4 Bradley/Ria Cooper


Ria Cooper was Great Britain’s youngest sex change patient at age 17 in 2011. She had begged her parents to let her become a woman and resolve her inner conflict, as she felt she was a woman in every way except for her physical appearance.

Her parents eventually agreed, and she underwent the psychological assessment and counseling she needed to be approved for sex reassignment surgery.

Cooper was certain that she knew what she wanted and wouldn’t change her mind. Nevertheless, after less than a year of living as a woman, Ria had had enough. She ceased taking female hormones to help her develop breasts and cancelled the full surgery that had been scheduled in early 2013.

According to Cooper, the hormones made her miserable – so miserable that she attempted suicide twice. Now Cooper hopes to resume life as a male and resolve her anguish by becoming a trendy gay man instead of a woman.

3 Matthew/Chelsea Attonley


Being a woman is hard work – too much work, according to Chelsea Attonley. The transsexual, who was born Matthew, said that putting on makeup and wearing heels is just too exhausting. Even when she is glammed up, the Brit still doesn’t feel like she looks like “a proper woman.”

Attonley suffers from depression and anxiety, which she believes is a result of the hormones she had to take. She is desperate to be done with the FF-cup breast implants and just be the man she was “born to be.”

The former drag queen is now petitioning the British government to pay for her more than $20,000 surgery to reverse the sex change.

2 Philip/Phoebe Porter


Phoebe Porter was a successful NFL cheerleader for the Houston Oilers. She also worked as a topless dancer, but Phoebe wasn’t always such a Barbie doll.

Phoebe was born Philip Porter, a young boy, who wanted to play with dolls and claimed that having his long blond locks cut was the closest he had come to feeling sexually abused.

By 18, Porter had come out. He took hormones and had his name changed to Phoebe. She shaved down her Adam’s apple and got silicone injections. She did everything except get rid of her penis, knowing that she couldn’t get it back if she went all the way.

After 32 years of being a woman, Phoebe decided to become a man again and quit hormones. He even went as far as shaving his long locks. Porter wishes he had given himself more chance to be a male, but now he is making up for lost time.

1 Mark/Maria Corazon Marzo


The greatest sex reversal tale goes to Mark Marzo, who had a sex reversal in order to grant his dying father’s unfulfilled desire.

Marzo, who was born Mark, was the youngest of 13 kids and his father’s favorite, in spite of being a self-proclaimed homosexual since birth.

Mark became Maria Corazon and got married. Then his father became terminally ill and had just one wish – a grandson.

Maria became Mark and employed a friend as a surrogate to get pregnant using in vitro fertilization. Andrei, his son, and his father’s longed-for grandson, was born in 2001. Since becoming Mark again, he has focused on his career and is not involved in any romantic relationships.

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