5 Haunted Roads That Will Spook You

When we hear about haunted places, we instantly think of giant old castles and mansions, maybe an abandoned asylum enters our thoughts or the eerie forest near where you live. However, let me ask you this: Where have more deaths occurred, in that haunted mansion or on the busy road leading to the haunted mansion?  Despite this, we all seem to neglect thinking about the road as a possibility for paranormal activity. However, there are many haunted roads out there.

What makes them even spookier than the famous haunted houses of the world is the fact that paranormal activity can appear at any moment. Imagine driving down a dark road, late at night and alone, when an apparition reveals itself right beside you in your car. Not only is this a case for haunted roads being spookier than the more traditional haunted houses, it is also much more dangerous. There are countless claims of road accidents being caused by a ghostly figure appearing in the road, causing the driver to brake hard or swerve in an attempt to avoid the figure. Haunted roads can cause very real problems.

They’re not rare either, in almost every country in the world you can come across a road that the locals claim is haunted by mysterious beings. In many cases the haunted road creates a vicious circle of deaths and more deaths. This is manifested by road users dying in collisions after swerving to avoid hitting a ghost, after the victim dies; they in turn start to haunt the road, adding to the danger of living travellers.

So be warned, and certainly be very wary when driving down these spooky haunted roads. Don’t pick up hitchhikers, don’t travel alone, and certainly don’t take candy from any strangers. These are the most haunted roads in the world.

5 A229 Sussex to Kent Road, England

Our first stop whilst traveling down the world’s spookiest roads is in England. The A229 road from Sussex to Kent is one of the most haunted roads in the country. The police officers based in Maidstone, which is near this spooky road, have reported many telephone calls from drivers who phone in to report that they have run down a pedestrian. The majority of the time, they haven’t.

The most commonly seen ghostly apparition on the A229 is the figure of a woman with beautiful eyes dressed all in white. Her party trick, if you can call it one, is to step out into the road right in front of passing cars. With no hope of bringing the car to a halt, the drivers plough into the young woman. However, when they get out of their cars to investigate, there is no trace of her. The woman is believed to be that of Judith Langham, who was killed in a traffic collision on the A229 in 1965. Why is she dressed in white, you ask? Because, tragically, it was her wedding day on the day of the collision, and she was still wearing her wedding dress.

Judith Langham is not the only paranormal entity sighted on this road, however. There is also a hitchhiker, who appears on the side of the road near a local public house. If you pick him up, he will travel with you before disappearing from your passenger seat without a trace.

4 Kelly Road, United States

When travelling down Kelly Road in Ohioville western Pennsylvania, there is a mile long stretch of road which has been subject to all manner of strange happenings. This section of Kelly Road has been aptly named ‘Mystery Mile’ and is surrounded by a dense and eerie forest.

Everyone has heard the fact that animals are more sensitive to paranormal activity than humans are, and Mystery Mile pays testament to that. Apparently, as soon as animals step foot on the stretch of road known as Mystery Mile they instantly become deranged and manic, and even previously peaceful animals start to insanely chase other animals and people. There are tales of farmers who lived along Mystery Mile hearing their animals shrieking and acting like they were possessed randomly during the night. When these farmers would go to investigate in the morning, they would find bales of hay ripped to shreds and strewn about the place.

There have also been reports of a luminescent pale young boy in old clothes wandering on Mystery Mile. It is thought that this paranormal activity is the result of occult activity and witchcraft in the area that has placed an eternal curse upon the land. If you’re looking for a new dog walking route, avoid Kelly Road.

3 Bloodspoint Road, United States

When driving through Boone County in Illinois you may chance upon this creepily named road. Bloodspoint Road is near the city of Belvidere, and the intersection it lies on has a past that is riddled with horrific events. These disturbing tragedies include a multitude of murders, suicides, train wrecks, rapes, and kidnappings. In addition, there was also a bus full of children that rolled off the bridge, killing everyone on board, and an alleged witch who executed her children in a nearby farmhouse.

Obviously, with this much tragedy, the road has been subject to many sightings of paranormal goings on. Sightings include that of children standing at the bottom of the bridge and on the road, unexplained lights appearing by the side of the road, and mystery handprints on the sides of cars that have travelled Bloodspoint Road. Also, despite the witch’s farmhouse no longer being there, many drivers have reported seeing an old derelict farmhouse by the side of the road, only for it to disappear when they have turned around to look at it again.

Whilst Bloodspoint Road is the main perpetrator of these ghostly activities, it is part of an intersection with a number of other roads that have all encountered paranormal activities.

2 Clinton Road, United States

Driving through New Jersey, in Passaic County, you may chance upon one of the creepiest roads in the world. Clinton Road is a desolate and lonely 10 mile stretch of road that cuts its way through some beautiful wilderness. Now is not the time for taking in the fresh air however, as Clinton Road is home to much spooky phenomenon.

We will start with a comparatively cheery ghostly occurrence. At Old Boy Bridge on Clinton Road, legend has it that a boy once died in mysterious circumstances here, and if you throw a coin into the water below he will throw it back out for you. Reports have claimed a variety of repayment times for the loan, ranging from a minute to a night, but many have reported experiencing the same thing. Now, one of the more disturbing tales is that of the remnants of an old circus zoo in the area, where all the animals escaped and interbred with each other, producing mutant animals such as the legendary albino deer that is manic.

However, perhaps the most disturbing tales are those of the satanic ceremonies and rituals that many have witnessed along this road. Maybe because of the tales of it being haunted or maybe because they feel naturally drawn towards it, but worshippers of Satan tend to gather around Cross Castle on Clinton Road. Along with the eerie chanting and writing on the walls, it’s reported that Satanists leave dead cows on the road at Dead Man’s Corner and, when drivers get out of their cars to investigate, the Satanists murder them before sacrificing their bodies.

1 Route 666, United States

This one is just a bit obvious, right? Route 666, in Utah, is the sixth branch of Route 66, making it Satan’s highway.  This 200-mile stretch of road is surrounded by some of the United States' most spectacular scenery, yet is avoided by many. I wonder why.

Route 666, according to the statistics, has a much higher than average accident and fatality rate, and there have been hundreds of sightings of various supernatural phenomenon by travellers on Route 666. Sightings include a black sedan that can reach incredible speeds, it approaches the driver’s vehicle quickly and stays very close behind them until eventually it simply disappears. Other witnesses report to have seen rabid packs of dogs that can run at a supernatural pace,  rip tires to shreds, and jump on the car and attempt to maul passengers. Apparently this isn’t enough for Satan, as there is also a truck which travels at 130 miles per hour and seems to be on fire, which intentionally tries to crash into unsuspecting victims. Not to mention the saddened girl who disappears if you try to stop and help her, the evil shaman that tries to take your soul, and unexplained time loss.

There are too many accounts of paranormal activity on Route 666 to ignore, so no wonder it is traveled less than it should be. Although, the government has now renamed Route 666 to Route 491, so maybe the haunting will cease.

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