5 Fun Ways to Burn Calories

Counting calories can be part of most of our everyday lives. With exercise thrown in there, keeping to your limit tends to be pretty easy. However, we all have those days where we decide to splurge, e

Counting calories can be part of most of our everyday lives. With exercise thrown in there, keeping to your limit tends to be pretty easy. However, we all have those days where we decide to splurge, even if it's not our cheat day. We try to work things out in our mind so we can have a few treats, "If I have Starbucks now, I'll have a light lunch." sometimes turns into "Well, I already splurged a little, maybe I'll cheat today instead." Before you know it, you're way over your calorie intake for the day, before you're even done with lunch!

When the weekend approaches, you're most likely starting to look forward to that cheat day. You had probably already planned out what you were going to eat for the day. Now that you went a little wild with your calories, skipping your designated cheat day sounds like your best bet. Even with your regular exercise routine, your calories have exceeded your limit, don't worry though, there is still room to burn a few extra. You're probably thinking right about now, "I'm too busy to get in another gym session." We're not talking about making an extra trip to the gym, but a few things you can do in your spare time. If things like sit-ups, push-ups or any of the other standard exercises come to mind, don't worry. These few things, are ones that we tend to encounter quite often throughout the week. You are probably burning more calories than you are entering into MyFitnessPal, or another calorie counter app.

Although you do housework every day, it may have never occurred to you to record any calories that you burned. Doing simple things like folding laundry or even vacuuming are burning over 50 calories. Though it's not a lot, it adds up in the end. What else did you miss? Did you get your full eight hours of sleep last night? You did? Great! You burned a good 360 calories. What about cooking for your family, did you make breakfast and dinner? That's another good 93 calories for every thirty minutes spent preparing each meal! You could be forgetting to add big numbers to your calorie count that you are burning doing small every day tasks. Take a look at these 5 shocking fat burning activities that you may do just about every week, some even several times per week.


Bring out the beer, it's poker night! Maybe some light beer, if you're counting your calories. Who would have thought that this infamous night of alcohol, snacks and cards  would also be a chance to burn some calories? At about 102 calories per hour played, sounds like a good deal, maybe we should have poker night every week? If you aren't already having a good time, laughing it up with your buddies can burn another 50 calories every ten minutes. Try upping the stakes, maybe some strip poker with a loved one instead, that's a sure way to have some fun.

If cards aren't an interest of yours, put together a family game night. The popular board game Monopoly can take several hours to finish, which would still be 102 calories an hour that you and everyone playing is burning. Put out a nice fruit and veggie platter and you have a perfectly healthy night ahead of you.

If you and a loved one stuck to the strip poker idea, it may lead to a sensual massage. Or maybe it happens to be one of those nights where our significant other comes home to us begging for a massage because it was a "rough day", knowing full well that you are going to say no after your own hard day of work. Why not switch things up this time? Give that special someone of yours a nice full body massage, not only are you spending some much needed quality time together but you are burning yourself about 120 calories an hour. Maybe now you won't regret that extra slice of pizza or large cola that you had at lunch.


You have been counting those calories for a while now and you can see that the exercise is starting to pay off. Instead of going to the movies with some friends, why not go out on a little shopping spree. Hey, no one says you have to actually buy anything! All that walking around the mall is going to burn 243 calories for every hour you do so! Do not just go around browsing or window shopping, stop in to one of those cute little boutiques you are always eyeballing; grab yourself a few outfits to try on and burn 40 more calories in the dressing room! Pick up a few items you know will not flatter you so you can have a good laugh with your friends and keep burning more calories than you expected. Before you know it, you will be hitting the food court! Errr, try for a chicken salad or a wrap, you don't want to get all those calories back at once.


Stopping at the lingerie department is sure to pay off; you will be burning calories and heating things up between the sheets. During foreplay there will most definitely be some major pucker action going on. Whether on the couch or at the movies, you're burning roughly 34 calories, just by kissing.

Making love to your significant other is definitely a FUN way to burn calories, did you know that you are actually burning around 288 hour? Bring back those honeymoon nights where the night went on longer than you can remember, and the only sign of the lost calories will be the exhaustion you feel the next day. Start taking more time to kiss that special someone like it'll be your last. You never know, it might turn into more, but even if you get shot down for "more", kissing is still good for your health.


It's time to party! You and your friends want to hit the bar this weekend, but those drinks? Whoa! Talk about heavy in calories. Luckily the bar you are at has not only a dance floor but karaoke. After throwing back a few drinks and maybe a shot or two, you hit the dance floor. The upbeat music has you all over the dance floor for hours on end,  and without even thinking about it, you are burning 172 to 315 calories. While your friend is up on stage having a grand old time singing a bad rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody", they just burned off a good amount of the calories that they got from that drink.

Burning calories does not always have to be done in the gym while on the elliptical or treadmill. Just by going out and enjoying yourself you are burning a lot more than you had anticipated. Although you can put these in your calorie journal, you should still maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. That's the only surefire way to get or maintain the body you want.


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5 Fun Ways to Burn Calories