17 Celebs Who Are Taller Than You Think

Judging people’s height and weight is more difficult than most think, which is why the challenge is a paid game on the promenade at many carnivals and fairs. Vantage point has a lot to do with it – children always think adults are taller than they actually are – but factors like high heels, shoe lifts, clothing style, camera angles, lighting and who’s standing next to the subject all affect perception.

These famous women and men are taller than average and while some “stand” out as such, the height of others may come as a surprise.

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17 Kate Middleton

Via: www.usmagazine.com

5 Feet 10 Inches

With her delicate features, lissome gait and graceful style, Middleton doesn’t appear to be just 2 inches short of 6 feet in most photographs. But when you consider that she can nearly look her 6’3” husband in the eye without craning her neck – and without wearing spike heels – it makes sense. A sweet coincidence: Princess Diana was the same height.

16 James Stewart

Via: www.doctormacro.com

6 Feet 3 Inches

Best known for his role as the long suffering George Bailey in the ubiquitous holiday movie It’s a Wonderful Life, as well as starring in a string of Hitchcock thrillers, Stewart was unusually tall for the era and often towered over his cast mates. But regardless of stature, Stewart was a consistent scene stealer.

15 Mandy Moore

Via: www.laineygossip.com

5 Feet 10 Inches

Moore’s title role in The Princess Diaries is one of her most remembered (even though her voice over for Rapunzel in Tangled was equally impressive). Her near-perfect posture allows her to stroll elegantly through every part she plays and her self-confidence adds to her graceful demeanor.

14 Gregory Peck

Via: www.flickr.com

6 Feet 3 Inches

His height was never more noticeable than when Peck stunningly played attorney Atticus Finch in the classic movie To Kill a Mockingbird. Everyone in the courtroom was spellbound by his words and his lofty frame accentuated the importance of the message he conveyed.

13 Ivanka Trump

Via: pegsontheline.blogspot.com

5 Feet 11 Inches

Whether she’s gracing the pages of a high fashion magazine or firing people in the boardroom on Celebrity Apprentice, Ivanka Trump’s impeccable poise and natural beauty nicely complement her nearly 6 foot frame. Thank goodness her dad’s hair genes didn’t affect her; she can thank mom Ivana for her lovely tresses.

12 Tim Robbins

Via: bamanujez.sourceforge.net

6 Feet Five Inches

The combination of a captivating baby face and a towering frame has helped Robbins land plum parts in such classic films as Bull Durham, The Hudsucker Proxy and The Shawshank Redemption. His height was most noticeable when he was photographed with his former partner of 21 years, Susan Sarandon; she’s 10 inches shorter than him.

11 Taylor Swift

Via: www.viki.com

5 Feet 11 Inches

When Swift ambles around stage bemoaning the latest damage to her uber-sensitive heart, her emotional state makes us overlook her nearly 6 foot height. But that lanky look plays well with her casual style and she can wear anything from jeans to ballroom gowns with equal success.

10 Christopher Reeve

Via: www.people.com

6 Feet 4 Inches

Before astoundingly bringing comic book hero Superman to life time and again on the big screen, Reeve had only four acting credits on his resume. His rugged good looks coupled with his large, muscular body made his screen presence unforgettable and even after an equestrian accident confined him to a wheelchair, Reeve was still a super man until his death a decade ago.

9 Nicole Kidman

Via: blog.findthebest.com

5 Feet 11 Inches

Although her height has never been germane to the characters she’s played, it’s not hard to figure out how Kidman didn’t tower over then-husband/co-star Tom Cruise in the three movies they made together: She’s only 4 inches taller than him.  Yet that slight difference didn’t stop her from quipping on David Letterman’s show shortly after their divorce, “At least I can wear high heels now.”

8 Christopher Lee

Via: en.wikipedia.org

6 Feet 5 Inches

Since his acting debut in 1946 on a BBC TV magazine show, Lee has added 279 credits to his resume, often playing ominous characters in thrillers and horror movies. His 6 feet 5 inch frame and inimitable delivery were most recently enjoyed in the box office hits based on J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy.

7 Uma Thurman

Via: www.gossiprocks.com

6 Feet

When a cutthroat mentality and deadly martial arts skills aren’t enough to sell a killer character, get a tall tough lady like Uma Thurman to play the part. Thurman was most impressive in Tarantino’s memorable film Kill Bill and one of the best scenes was her convincing take down of Daryl Hannah’s character. Better than a mud fight.

6 Clive Owen

Via: blog.livedoor.jp

6 Feet 2 ½ Inches

Unless you’re a fan of indie, artsy films, Owen may not be familiar but his manly physique, dark handsome looks, and intellectual persona have elevated his career to include playing such complex characters as Ernest Hemingway. His commanding presence and unique delivery make Owen seem at least 6 foot 6.

5 Sigourney Weaver

Via: www.pinterest.com

6 Feet

Weaver’s 6 foot frame is threatening to even the most sinister of humans and aliens and when you factor in her bad-ass attitude, no one wants to mess with her. Toss in a few special effects, an evil grin and some snappy dialogue and you’ve got a comic book heroine come to life.

4 Liam Neeson

Via: qazojopu.3rvering.ir

6 Feet 4 Inches

Before the surprising success and cult-like following generated by the thriller Taken, Neeson was best known for gloriously playing the title role in Schindler's List. The actor’s larger than life façade also seems to come through in his gravelly voice over work that has enhanced many productions from Family Guy to Star Wars: The Clone Wars and The Chronicles of Narnia series.

3 Jordin Sparks

Via: www.eonline.com

6 Feet 

Sparks outstanding performance that won her first place on the sixth season of American Idol was more magical than anyone imagined: It made us completely miss that she was 4 inches taller than host Ryan Seacrest. Her current beau is about her height and she has no qualms about wearing high heels when she’s on his arm.

2 James Cromwell

Via: thecatholiccatalogue.com

6 Feet 7 Inches 

Since his big role as the friendly farmer in Babe, Cromwell has mostly played dastardly characters with no compassion for humans or animals. His piercing eyes add to his portrayal of mean incarnate and his tall, leggy frame accentuate his ghoulishness.

1 Ireland Baldwin

Via: nypost.com

6 Feet 2 Inches

Baldwin got her model-quality looks from both parents, Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin, but her 6-feet-plus height likely comes from dad’s genes; he’s six feet even. If she ever decides to pursue professional wrestling instead of modeling, all she has to do is pack on some pounds and hit the gym.

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