15 Most Bizarre World Records Ever Broken

The annual book of Guinness World Records is full of fascinating feats of human endurance, perseverance and accomplishment. The records that pique the most interest are the downright weird records, and the world is full of them.

From the world’s longest tongue to the world’s largest eyes, Guinness World Records never fail to amuse and amaze. Incorporated in 1955, the reference book also holds some records of its own. It's the best selling copyrighted book in the world and the most stolen book in public libraries across the United Kingdom and the United States.

Stunning new entries made the 2015 edition stand out from its predecessors. Examples include the woman who can crush eight apples in one minute using her biceps alone, the longest jump by a cat, the largest playable guitar in the world and the largest usable golf club in the world. The tallest teenager made an appearance - a teen who apparently wears shoes bigger than those worn by Shaquille O'Neal - as well as the largest afro on a man and the man with the largest collection of comic books.

But the best of the best, and weirdest of the weird, are detailed here. These are the fifteen weirdest world records ever certified by the Guinness Book of World Records.

15 The Tallest Mohawk

Kazuhiro Watanabe is the proud holder of the tallest Mohawk in the world. His gigantic Mohawk measures 3 feet, 8.6 inches, which is one foot taller than that of his predecessor.

It took Watanabe some 15 years to grow his Mohawk, and his daughter vows to beat her dad’s record one day. To make it stand up firmly, Watanabe uses three stylists, three hairspray cans and a large bottle of gel.

The record holder says he always wanted to be featured in the Guinness Book of World Records. He once said that he had considered trying for the record of drinking the most Tabasco sauce, but settled for the tallest Mohawk instead. His hair reaches his knees without gel.

14 The Biggest High-Heeled Shoe

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The biggest high-heeled shoe stands at a staggering 6 feet, 1 inch tall and 6 feet, 5 inches long. It is the brainchild of Fashion designer Kenneth Cole and Jill Martin of the Today Show.

The shoe is modeled after the $225 Kenneth Cole New York Otto bootie. Jill had always had ‘break a world record’ on her bucket list. So, she partnered with Kenneth and contracted the services of Izquierdo Studio to sculpt the largest shoe in the world.

After her replica was done, a judge from Guinness World Records verified it and the gigantic Otto bootie became the largest high-heeled shoe in the world. It succeeded the 44 inches high and 72 inches long model by Edmund Kryza that had reigned for over 15 years.

13 The Most Bees on a Human Body

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This bizarre record has been set multiple times, but the current record holder is Gao Bingguo, a Chinese beekeeper.

Before attempting the stunt, Gao had a thorough bath - as bees tend to sting people with body odor. He then sat on a chair and was covered with queen bees first, to attract the worker bees.

Two and a half hours later, he was fully covered with over 300,000 bees. That's approximately 33 kilograms of bees. After the insects had been removed, Gao speculated that he'd been stung 2,000 times. Officials from the Guinness World Records presented him with the new record, dethroning previous record holder She Ping.

12 The Largest Gathering of People Dressed As Penguins

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What do you think this magic number is? 14, 90, 120? Well, 373 is the answer.

373 flipper friends from the Richard House in the United Kingdom assembled at Wood Wharf, London dressed as penguins to clinch the largest gathering of people dressed as penguins record from Guinness World Records.

They broke the record they had set a year earlier by an additional 48 people. Although the record is weird, it actually sponsors the noble Richard House Children's Hospice cause, which supports children and young adults with terminal health conditions.

Apart from penguins, Guinness World Records also recognizes the largest gathering of people dressed as turkeys, which currently stands at 661 people. The turkey gathering was verified at the 44th Annual Capital One Bank Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot in Dallas, Texas.

11 The Farthest Backwards Basketball Shot

Thunder Law from the Harlem Globetrotters holds this bizarre record after successfully making a basket 82 feet, 2 inches away - backwards. To basketball enthusiasts, this is a feat to behold.

Law smashed the previous 72 feet, 2 inches record at an exclusive event that marked the tenth annual Guinness World Records Day. Captivatingly, he tossed the basketball so perfectly that it never hit the backboard.

Thunder Law also holds the record for the longest basketball shot ever, this time facing forward. The record stands at 109 feet 9 inches away. It was broken a year earlier at the ninth annual Guinness World Record Day. An official from the Guinness World Records was present at both events, to verify the feat and present the player with his records.

10 The World's Biggest National Flag

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Loyalty to a country comes in many ways, but building the largest flag is certainly an impressive way to demonstrate patriotism.

Qatar is the current holder of the largest national flag in the world. Its flag measures a startling 101,000 square feet, the same as the surface area seven and a half Olympic-sized swimming pools.

It beats the previous record held by Romania by a full 21,000 square feet. In the wake of Qatar’s National Day celebrations in 2013, a Guinness World Records representative was flown in from the UK and presented the aptly named ‘Flag of Gratitude and Loyalty’ its record.

This was done in front of a large crowd of people, which included the 2,000 people that took part in the colossal engineering project. After the celebrations, the flag was recycled into 200,000 school bags for schoolchildren in 60 countries.

9 The Most Naked Riders on a Theme Park Ride

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A charitable cause saw this record take things to a completely new level. On 8 August 2010, 102 people assembled at the Green Scream roller coaster at Adventure Island, Essex in the United Kingdom to raise money for the 'Bosom pals' appeal. Not one of them was dressed.

They were forced to ride the roller coaster three times because it could only take 40 members per round. The record was a success and raised a huge £22,000 towards the Southend University Hospital’s breast cancer unit. Most of the participants had been affected by cancer in some way.

One of them, an older woman, said she decided to strip her clothes to raise money for her sister who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000.

8 The Quickest 100-Meter Run On All Fours

Running on all fours can be hard for a human being, but not for Japan’s Kenichi Ito. Ito’s latest record stands at a mind-boggling 16.87 seconds running 100 meters on all fours.

Born in 1982, Kenichi Ito came into the limelight when he broke the fastest 100-meter run on all fours in 2008. Since then, he has broken his own record three times, and no one else has even come close.

So how many years does it take to master such a weird feat? Kenichi says that it took him over a decade to master the movement, which mimics that of the African Patas monkey. He improved his method by reading books on the animal, visiting zoos, watching videos and practicing every day.

7 The Most Spoons Placed on a Human Body

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The Guinness Book of World Records bizarrely recognizes the most spoons placed on a human body. Currently, Georgian Etibar Elchyev holds the record.

The kick-boxer broke the record by securing 50 spoons on his chest and around his neck. Etibar’s original plan was to smash the most spoons secured on a face record, which currently has a record of 17 by Aaron Caissie of Canada.

Also known as ‘magnet man’, Etibar added that he had plans to break more records such as moving an airplane and an unfilled train wagon with his bare hands. His human magnetism ability, along with that of Aurel Răileanu, Brenda Allison and Ivan Stoiljkovic has stunned many but scientists confirm that the ability to stick substances to one’s skin has nothing to do with magnetism.

6 The Most Number of People Simultaneously Hula Hooping

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The Department of Health and the Ministry of Public Health in Bangkok, Thailand came together to achieve the most people hula hooping in a single venue record. It was in February of 2013 when 4,183 members participated in the record.

Initially, 4,580 were to be included but 397 were disqualified for not meeting the guidelines. Seyda Subasi-Gemici, the Guinness World Records representative overseeing the event, reported that the participants had simultaneously hula hooped for seven minutes.

This weird record was previously held by Taiwan, when 2,496 people hula hooped for five minutes. The aim of the event was to educate Thais of the importance of integrating simple exercises such as hula hooping into their lives.

5 The Most People Eating Breakfast in Bed

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In Shangri-La Pudong Hotel, 388 people took part in the ‘largest breakfast in bed’ event.

They were part of the More Than Aware organization, which aims at raising money and awareness for breast cancer. The 388 participants were served noodles, croissants and fruit in bed. They beat the previous record of 288 people, held by the Association of Women's Health in Australia.

The event was held at the hotel’s gargantuan ballroom and included both foreigners and local Chinese people from diverse age groups.

4 The Longest Fingernails on a Human Being

Singer Chris ‘The Dutchess’ Walton stopped cutting her nails 22 years ago. As a result, her nails have grown to the point that she has been recognized by the Guinness World Records as having the longest nails on a woman.

Although her nails can get in her way sometimes, this mother of five says she can still cook, clean and even play the piano. The hardest thing she ever has to do is dig into her pockets for something or vacuum, because the cords get tangled in her fingers.

When asked why she saw fit to grow such long nails, she exclaimed that it is the same as growing long hair or a long beard. Other contenders who’ve had to deal with long nails include Lee Redmond, Shridhar Chillal and Melvin Feizel Boothe.

3 The Most Spears Caught From a Spear Gun Underwater

Anthony Kelly is a phenomenon. He is a best-selling author, holder of over 25 Guinness World Records and the man with the fastest reflexes in the world. He is also a successful martial artist. He's known as the ‘Arrow Catcher’, thanks to his impressive reflexes.

His ability to spot and catch items moving at high speeds has earned him one particularly unusual record – that of the most spears caught from a spear gun from a 2-meter distance under water.

Kelly caught 10 spears at an event honoring Guinness World Records Day in 2014. As if that's not weird enough, he smashed the record for the most tennis balls caught in one minute live on television. In 2014, he broke the record for the most coach qualifications across multiple sports including kung fu, tai chi and rugby.

2 The Most Apples Crushed with the Bicep in One Minute

Linsey Lindberg is also known by her stage name Mama Lou. She's billed as one of the world's strongest women, and holds the record of the most apples crushed with the bicep in one minute. Mama Lou can crush eight apples with her biceps in 60 seconds.

Linsey became fed up with her accounting job and quit to join the circus, realizing her immense strength. She started brainstorming on unique ways she could use her strength in her circus acts.

The strong woman started bending frying pans in half, tearing directories, using her fist to drive nails into timber, blowing hot water bottles like balloons until they burst and, eventually, crushing apples with her biceps.

1 The Longest Golf Club in the World

Denmark’s Karsten Maas has created the longest usable golf club in the world. The ridiculous club measures 14 feet, 5 inches. It can hit a ball at a distance of 542 feet, 10,16 inches.

The golf professional admits that his invention is impractical because the weight and height of the golf club make it hard to hit a ball comfortably. He notes that people should not expect to see him on the course with the enormous club, since he does not have a caddy.

Maas is one of the new entrants into the Guinness Book of World Records in 2015, and one of the stranger record holders you'll ever come across.

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