15 iPhone 6 Hacks You Didn't Know About

Every couple of years, a new version of your current phone model explodes into the market, making your once technologically sound phone relatively obsolete. Such is the way innovation works in this da

Every couple of years, a new version of your current phone model explodes into the market, making your once technologically sound phone relatively obsolete. Such is the way innovation works in this day and age. It’s so fast moving and to be able to keep up, you have to constantly upgrade.

Apple is no exception to this kind of evolution. If anything, they’re the reason gadgets in general have evolved the way they have. They released the iPhone 5 in late 2012 and it was worlds apart in terms of advancement from its predecessor, the iPhone 4, that you just had to switch to the 5 in order to use apps the way they were supposed to be used. And two years later in 2014, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus hit the stores and attracted droves and droves of eager consumers. For iPhone 6 owners, here are some useful tips on how to maximize the awesome features of your phone. For non-users, you may want your very own unit after reading this.

15 Enable longer and more complex passcodes

After that whole brouhaha of the naked celebrity pictures being leaked from their hacked iCloud accounts, Apple has learned its lesson the hard way and has put in place measures for users to make their passwords less hackable. According to, you can choose to create passcodes that are longer and more complex than the usual 8 to 12 characters.

14 Turn on the Accessibility feature

Security is of utmost importance, especially if you have young children who know how to tinker around with your iPhone. This means they may inadvertently delete your apps or your most beloved photos that you haven’t managed to back up yet. Luckily, a article gives you a solution to avoid such catastrophes from happening while still allowing your kids to play with your phone.

13 Use an iPad adaptor if you want it charged faster

An article in iLounge gave a very interesting tidbit to iPhone 6 users: your phone charges faster when you use an iPad adaptor instead of the iPhone 6’s. Research showed that the phone is capable of using 2.1 amp power when it’s charged in short bursts. So using an iPad adaptor to charge is a quick fix for those times you’re in a hurry and need to get your phone’s battery life up a few notches. But to avoid destroying the phone’s long-term performance, best to charge it more often at leisure and in full with the phone’s actual adaptor. 

12 Check which apps are draining your battery life

Some apps use up more battery than others, especially those that are constantly requesting to access your current location or those that you use to watch videos. Some examples of these battery-sucking apps are weather apps, YouTube, and Netflix. So as indicated in a December 2014 article on BuzzFeed, there are steps you can take to prevent your battery from draining too quickly.

11  11. Put phone on gray scale mode to conserve battery

Ever had one of those days when your battery life is hanging by a thread and you forgot to bring your charger with you? Well, you can conserve your battery life by switching your phone to grayscale mode, according to BuzzFeed.

10 Do a Mission Impossible (audio/video messages that self-destruct in two minutes)

There are those messages that are meant for your eyes or ears only so lest your wife happens to stumble upon your messages and hear all about the surprise party you and your parents are planning for her, there’s the new self-destruct option for audio and video iMessages. BuzzFeed reports that the self-destruct option enables the chosen messages to erase in two minutes.

9 Drag down on an iMessage notification instead of tapping it to reply

When you get that notification that you received an iMessage, you don’t have to go through the tedious steps of swiping your phone’s screen and entering the passcode just to unlock your phone and read your message. BuzzFeed mentions that you can view the entire body of your received iMessage right on the notification. All you have to do is drag down on the iMessage notification and you’ll see a blank field appear. You can immediately start typing out your reply on that field.

8 Tailor-fit your phone usage to small hands

If you have small hands and short fingers, so much so that you struggle when you’re tapping away on your iPhone, BuzzFeed details a way to customize the screen to the appropriate size of your hands. After all, it takes getting used to a bigger-sized phone if your previous phone was slimmer and smaller. For the iPhone 6, all you have to do is tap on the home button twice and the app icons on the home screen automatically drop down.

7 Create shortcuts for links you visit often

There are those websites that you constantly visit. And according to BuzzFeed, rather than going through the hassle of closing then opening them each time you want to go to the sites, the iPhone 6 offers the option to create shortcuts in the form of icons on your home screen.

6 Access recently closed tabs in Safari

It happens all the time. You’re on a website on Safari and want to toggle to another website. When you toggle, you accidentally close the tab you were currently on. BuzzFeed shares with us that you can access the recently closed tab and no, it’s not by going to your recent viewing history.

5 Use DuckDuckGo instead of Safari

All iPhone devices have Safari as the default search engine, but like any typical search engine, it tracks your search history, data, and has the annoying ad that pops up on occasion. To avoid all of these nuisances, BuzzFeed recommends you use another search engine in the form of DuckDuckGo. This engine is crowd-funded and doesn’t monitor your search data or hamper your web surfing with sponsored ads.

4 Grab emergency medical information from the passcode screen

If you’re in a situation where you need to get a hold of some emergency medical information, you don’t have to go through the few additional steps to unlock your phone and search for the information. BuzzFeed reports that you can access the details quite easily from your passcode screen. Prior to doing this though, you’d have to set up your medical profile with all your pertinent details through the Health app and accessing the “Medical ID” link in the Health app’s lower right hand corner.

3 Hide photos so they don’t show up in your photo stream

If you want to keep the display of your photos to a minimum on your photo stream, your iPhone 6 has the capability to hide those photos so that they don’t keep showing up. According to BuzzFeed, the steps to ensure this are quite simple.

2 Use the “Capture” Button for the best photo for you to choose from

If you thought the iPhone 5 and 5s have such amazing quality cameras, you’d love the iPhone 6’s camera. One of its features is to take photos simultaneously, according to Not everyone will find this feature useful, but those who are raring to take a good photo can take a series of images of the same subject and just choose the best one.

1 Access the iOS 8 Time Lapse Guide

With lots of videos nowadays being shot and displayed on time lapse mode, Apple has jumped on the bandwagon and added a new feature called Time Lapse Guide on the iPhone 6. further elaborates that this feature is perfect for those scenes with movement that you want captured step by step.

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15 iPhone 6 Hacks You Didn't Know About