15 Frightening Tattoos Of Celebrities

Tattoos have been around for thousands of years. In fact, in 1991 two German tourists stumbled upon a frozen body in the Ötzal Alps (between Austria and Italy), much to their surprise. The freezing cold weather had preserved the body so well, anthropologists have been able to gather tons of information from the mummy, including being able to tell it was over 5,000 years old. It was concluded that the remains were from around the year 3,300 BCE.

The body, after much examination, was found to have tattoos which are now one of the oldest pieces of evidence that tattoos existed centuries ago. Although it is believed the technique may have been used to relieve pain. The tattoos found on the body were not easily detected, but they ultimately detected 61 different tattoos, which were documented by a EURAC scientist.

So tattoo-fans, particularly those who live in freezing cold climates, should remember that tattoos last forever, unless eradicated via laser treatments. You may wish to keep that in mind during any future impulses that may arise.

Some of the tattoos we are about to show you are not the kind anyone would like to see hang around forever. For one, they are tattoos of celebrities faces, which is a crap shoot as not all celebrities stay in the spotlight as they age. Secondly, these tattoos are on the "not-so-good" side of tattoo artistry. In fact, some of them are downright scary. It almost makes a case for celebrities reacting poorly to fans who are, perhaps, a little too enthusiastic.

Check out the following 15 celebrity tattoos you may wish you had never seen.

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16  15. Miley Cyrus


15 Jack Black


14  13. Elvis Presley


13 Comic Book Guy from The Simpson's


This popular character's name is really Jeff Albertson and seasoned actor Hank Azaria is the voice. He has been a regular on the series since 1991, on the "Three Men and a Comic Book" episode, which aired in the series' second season. The self-proclaimed "worst tattoo ever" is truly a sight to behold, particularly because of the area in which it was done.

12 11.Tupac Shakur


11 Urkel


This tattoo is frightening. Why would anyone select Urkel to be permanently and indelibly imprinted on any part of their body. Zombie Urkel takes the whole concept from bad to worse. This is one guy most women would not want to snuggle up to, as there is nothing sexy and everything repulsive about this tattoo.

10 Frank Zappa


9 Amy Winehouse


8 O.J. Simpson


7 Celine Dion


6 Marilyn Monroe


What happened to our blond bombshell? She is now permanently embedded on this person's body as half zombie/skeleton and half Marilyn. Or is it half reptilian? Not only is it difficult to discern, the question that begs to be answered is what was the wearer thinking when they decided to give Split Marilyn a lifelong place. Thankfully, it is not a hairy Marilyn and the artist did his/her best with the bad concept.

5 Mahatma Gandhi and Groucho Marx Combo


Peace-loving, cigar-smoking Mahatma Gandhi-Marx was the brainchild of either this tattoo artist or the owner. Who knows where some of these ideas come from? Well, we know tattoo parlors are often open all night for a reason, right? There were no available statistics, but we have a sneaking suspicion that many tattoos are selected after a few too many drinks. Seriously? Gandi and Marx may look morph-able by looks, but surely not by character.

4 Hulk Hogan


Oh dear. Hulk Hogan has a very big fan. The professional wrestler and television personality never looked so bad. The distorted face is not as bad as the rippling body that cascades down the man's backside. We don't mean to cast stones, but why would a man want to have his backside covered with Hulk Hogan? Does he think it might make him look more trim or muscular?

3 Bald Britney Spears


Here we have a depressing Britney tattoo. The owner of this tattoo obviously wanted to be reminded of Britney's wild and crazy years. Every flaw, uneven skin tone, crazed eyes, toothy expression, this is Britney when the bottom dropped out of her life. It is difficult to understand whether the tattoo's owner is a Britney lover or hater.

2 Buddy from Elf


Will Farrell played Buddy the elf in the hit movie Elf, which is what this tattoo is modeled after. In an attempt to replicate Buddy's excited look - as though he just ate some spaghetti with maple syrup - he looks scary. The movie is filled with yuletide happiness and delivers a story most people love to view again and again. Why someone would want a scary, seasonal tattoo as permanent body art is difficult to guess.

1 Bonus:


Although this tattoo is not the face of a celeb it still deserves some recognition. Not only did this mystery woman get her favorite rapper's name tattooed but decided to place the block letters right on her forehead. She shaved her eyebrows and a bit of her hairline to have the artwork done. According to the DailyMail Drake had this to say on the matter: "The guy who tatted it is a ****ing ***hole. You should lose your job and never do tattoos again." The tattoo artist, Kevin Campbell claims that he did in fact ask the girl several times and that she was adamant about having it placed on her forehead. Should we consider her Drake's biggest fan?

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