15 Extreme Desserts You'll Want To Try

Desserts are meant to take away the aftertaste of full course meals and give you that much-needed endorphin rush. To the conventional mind, desserts are expected to be sweet. But what if they can also be spicy, bitter or even salty?

Avid food lovers would undoubtedly be excited to peruse this list of most unusual desserts. Concocted to cater to the most adventurous of palettes, let’s see if the description of each of these treats will entice you or make you gag!

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15 Bacon Doughnuts

Via: www.smartbalance.com

Doughnuts in themselves are already packed with sugar and calories. Throw in something fatty like bacon and it’s a heart attack waiting to happen. The bacon doughnut is a strange, yet interesting combination of sweet and salty and though the two tastes may battle it out on your taste buds, it’s worth trying out.

14 Beetroot Chocolate Cake

Via: jamesbonfieldrecipes.wordpress.com

It looks like an absolutely sinful chocolate cake, but it’s actually healthier than you’d think because its ingredients include beetroot. It sounds odd, but think along the lines of a carrot cake. And beets are known to help lower blood pressure. So with the Beetroot Chocolate Cake, you actually get the best of both worlds. Aside from being healthier than most chocolate cakes because of the beets, it still retains that rich, mouth-watering flavor that chocolates have to offer.

13 Jalebi

Via: bigstockphoto.com

Since they look like a cross between yellow worms and gooey intestines, Jalebi doesn’t seem appetizing in the least. Popular in South Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa, Jalebi is made by deep-frying batter and soaking it in sugar syrup. This is sure to satisfy a person’s overly sweet tooth, but it shouldn’t be taken in large doses because it’s just too packed with sugar and calories!

12 Red Bean Cake

Via: loavesandstitches.wordpress.com

When you think of red beans, the region that comes to mind in terms of preference is China. So it’s no surprise that the Red Bean Cake was invented in Asia and it’s exactly what the name says it’s made of: red beans. The cake can be a variation of frozen paste or mashed, then served as gelatin instead of cake. Funny-sounding, but it’s a healthy kind of dessert for sure.

11 Vinegar Pie

Via: www.instructables.com

If there were an award for the most cringe-worthy dessert name, Vinegar Pie would take the cake (no pun intended). Apparently, the name is not as bad as it sounds because there’s only a small amount of vinegar in the ingredients, probably just to add a little oomph to the taste. Curiously, the pie actually gives off a fruity, tangy flavor!

10 Wasabi Ice Cream

Via: foodieintheuk.blogspot.com

The Japanese are known to be some of the most inventive people in the world when it comes to technology and yes, food. There are chocolate flavors in Japan to the tune of green tea KitKat or orange blossom KitKat. So it’s no surprise that they came up with wasabi ice cream as well. For those not familiar with wasabi, it’s the spicy green cream used to enhance the flavor of sushi. So basically, the dessert is spicy ice cream and it’s surprisingly edible!

9 Dark Chocolate

Via: beenthereeatenthat.net

The name sounds a little too normal for this list. Sure enough, Alinea Restaurant in Chicago treats you to a special surprise with their dark chocolate dessert. On your table right before your eyes, chocolate balls are smashed, then the waiters promptly pour swirls of red lingonberry syrup and yellow butternut over the bits of chocolates scattered on the table. So more than the ingredients, it’s the way Dark Chocolate is served that makes it one of a kind.

8 Devil’s Tres Leches

Via: www.flickr.com

True to its name, Devil’s Tres Leches is made of the most sinful ingredients. Served at Chego, a Mexican fusion restaurant in Los Angeles, the dessert lives up to its Mexican roots by incorporating more than a dash of spice to the sweet treat. To break it down, devil’s food cake is soaked into cinnamon and cayenne pepper-flavored evaporated milk, topped off with tapioca pudding and spicy peanut brittle. It’s that blend of sweet and spicy that makes this dessert so interestingly unique.

7 Green Dysentery


In its quest to be unique, Taipei is home to a restaurant called Modern Toilet because the waiters serve your meals in toilet-shaped bowls. But stranger than the bowls is the desserts, which contain edible ingredients, but look like, you guessed it, feces. The Green Dysentery is one of the restaurants’ shaved ice desserts topped with kiwi fruit sauce. It looks like poop, but tastes oh so sweet!

6 Ais Kacang

Via: bigstockphoto.com

Snow cones have always been a favorite at parties, but foodies in Malaysia and Singapore have taken ice shavings to a whole new level. Ais Kacang is comprised of shaved ice, red beans, sweet corn, lychee fruit, green grass jelly, and evaporated milk. The result is a colorful-looking, overly sweet dessert. To top it off, strawberry syrup is added to this already too sweet concoction.

5 Tavuk Gogsu

Via: www.mozaikpasta.biz

This dessert isn’t exactly Turkish Delight, but it did originate in Turkey. The Tavuk Gogsu is a pudding made of minced, poached chicken breast, sweetened by rice, milk, sugar, flour, butter, and topped by an almond and cinnamon garnish. Peculiar as it sounds, the chicken actually enhances the sweetness and doesn’t give it that odd after-taste that you’d be expecting.

4 English Breakfast Dessert

Via: www.dailymail.co.uk

An English breakfast is not that uncommon. But something called an English Breakfast Dessert is enough to give you pause. Invented by Dublin-based food blogger and cook Vicky McDonald, the dish looks like breakfast food, but is actually laden with sweet stuff. Caramelized peanut butter sponge cake is made in the shape of sausages, white chocolate biscuits with an orange-strawberry sauce look like baked beans, and lemon curd panna cotta represents fried eggs. Added to that, there are the hash browns, represented by brioche lathered in panko bread crumbs!

3 Nitrogen Ice Cream

Via: www.urbanspoon.com

The term molecular gastronomy almost sounds too new-age to venture into. But there’s one restaurant that’s dared to go into uncharted territory by creating nitrogen ice cream! The establishment is aptly named Zenses Neo-Shanghai Cuisine and located in Manila, Philippines. The special dessert is fresh cream batter frozen in front of guests with liquid nitrogen that swiftly turns into gas. As if nitrogen in your ice cream isn’t already weird, it also comes in unusual flavors like rose, lavender, and bacon and eggs.

2 Cherpumple Pie

Via: thisiswhyyourefat.tumblr.com

In this day and age of mash-ups, the term doesn’t just refer to songs. It applies to desserts too! Ever heard of the dessert Cherpumple and hazard a guess as to what it’s made of? This unusual pie is a combination of a cherry pie, pumpkin pie, and apple pie, all baked into a spice cake and separated with cream cheese on each layer. The concoction was the brainchild of a certain Charles Phoenix, who came up with the dessert in an attempt to hit three birds (or in this case, three desserts) with one stone.

1 Sultan’s Golden Cake

Via: www.huffingtonpost.com

The posh Ciragan Palace Hotel in Istanbul is a seat of utter wealth and decadence, having been the home of several of the Turkish Empire’s last sultans. So it’s but fitting that the hotel serves what’s called the Sultan’s Golden Cake: a melt-in-your-mouth pastry made of figs, apricots, quince, and pears. And here’s what gives it that enviable flavor—it’s marinated in Jamaican rum for at least two years. It’s topped with black truffles and the icing on the cake? A coat of 24-carat edible gold flakes! It’s no surprise that the dessert needs to be ordered 72 hours in advance.

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