14 Dirty Jobs That Shockingly Pay Well

Disgusting jobs surround us. From janitors who clean up adult film theaters to roadkill clean up crews to chimney sweepers to maggot farmers there is no shortage of jobs you would never want to do. The worst part about these disgusting jobs is that they often pay very little. If you think you are tired of your 9-5 office job that requires you to sift through paperwork, spend countless hours in meetings and wear a suit every day you are not alone. But are you willing to give up that squeaky clean office for a job that requires you to get dirty?

There are in fact disgusting jobs that pay well; some in fact even pay six figures. For some of these jobs higher education is a must and people will have to shell out some money in order to pursue them. For other high paying gross jobs all that is required is a will to work and a high school diploma. Warning these jobs include the following duties; washing human excrement off the walls, working with millions of tons of garbage, diagnosing warts and dealing with rotten teeth. If you are looking to earn some serious cash and you have a strong stomach these fifteen jobs may be just right for you!

14 Garbage Collector


Being a garbage collector is not a glamorous job; therefore it has to pay well in order for people to even want to do it. On average these workers make $50,000; although this highly varies from state to state. Early mornings, long days and unpleasant working conditions make up this dirty job. Collecting smelly trash that is often leaky, dealing with tipped over garbage bins and dealing with drivers who grow frustrated with frequent stops is all just part of the daily routine. Not a job most kids grow up dreaming about but it doesn't require a high education and pays quite well.

13 Landfill Gas Operator


We have talked about the gross job of collecting garbage but what about the people that actually work at the landfills. Landfills are teeming with harmful bacteria, millions of tons of garbage and a whole mess of rodents trying to survive. The duty of a landfill gas operator is remove the methane gas that has been produced by the garbage. The gas operator funnels the gas through the pipes and can be highly dangerous as well as extremely smelly. The pay makes this profession worth it though; with an average salary of $95,000.

12 Adult Entertainers

One of the most disgusting jobs out there is actually the dream of every teenage boy. Being an adult entertainer requires sex acts that are done without protection in most cases. This opens the workers up to sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Besides the obvious; adult entertainers are often required to work with other actors that they may not find attractive. X-rated films can take hours upon hours to film and while it seems that the sex scene only lasted a few minutes; chances are it took hours. Not the greatest job we can imagine.

11 Gastroenterologist


When it comes to high salary these surgeons are making the big bucks, but earning this kind of money means dealing with some pretty disgusting things. A gastroenterologist typically makes upwards of $300,000 but deals with ailments such as colon cancer, irritable bowel syndrome and hepatitis. Of course one also has to attend over 10 years of schooling, shell out as much as $250,000 in medical fees and beat out every other candidate that also wants this high paying job.

10 Sewer Inspector


This job certainly won’t get you the same respect from people as being a doctor will but the bottom line is it actually pays pretty well. Sewers are gross; plain and simple and inspectors are dealing with bugs, rats, cockroaches and other various rodents. They are also home to human excrement and a breeding ground for bacteria. Although sewer inspectors do wear specially designed suits; we hardly doubt that the smell comes off with just a shower. Paying well over $55,000 though this dirty job is actually quite popular.

9 Crime Scene Cleanup


If you had big dreams to one day be those detectives on popular shows such as CSI but you couldn't quite make the cut there is still a high paying job out there for you. Crime scene cleanup crews are the people that arrive after the police and the detectives have filed out. They are responsible for cleaning up the blood, hazardous waste and other bacteria. They work with harmful chemicals in conditions which call for a tough stomach. Clean up crews can make big bucks though, up to $80,000 a year. Not a typical 9-5 job this one calls for flexibility to work at any moment’s notice.

8 Coal Miner


This is one of the most dangerous jobs on the list; as well as one of the dirtiest jobs. Coal miners work in horrible conditions with a fear that the mine could collapse at anytime or even explode. They breathe in coal dust all day long which can result in a lung condition and are constantly covered with black grime. Although technology has allowed for safer working conditions in the more recent years; The Bureau of Labor Statistics state that coal mining is still the second most dangerous profession. Still miners can make up to $100,000 a year and this remains a popular profession in China.

7 Embalmer


You cannot be afraid of dead people if you are going to take on the profession of being an embalmer. Embalmers are the people who prepare the body for the funeral. Duties include removing blood and replacing it with embalming fluid, performing reconstruction to disguise damage, and applying makeup. They constantly deal with body fluids and often with infectious disease. This is a high demand job that pays on average $55,000 a year. At the very least; you won’t have to worry about getting along with your patients.

6 Urine Farmer


It is exactly what it sounds like; a farm that harvests urine; in particular harvesting deer urine an effective hunting lure. These urine farms most often have a collection room in which the deer stay in at night. The floor of the room has grates that allow the urine to drip through into vats. The urine is then hand collected, bottled and stored in a walk in fridge until selling it. If you thought nurses had it back collecting urine samples from humans image collecting gallons of deer urine. But these farmers can rake in the big bucks; on average $80,000 a year.

5 Crab Fisherman


This highly dangerous disgusting job is the most lucrative in terms of how much you can earn in a short amount of time. These fisherman will earn upwards of $60,000 for only 2-3 months of work. But this work is grueling, gross and particularly stinky. Being out in the stormy seas with waves crashing over the boat and dealing with 800 pounds of crabs is not a walk in the park. Couple that with sea sickness, stinky fish and working 20 hour days with the same crew day after day and it’s no wonder this job has to pay so much.

4 Port a Potty Cleaner


Dealing with human excrement is a crappy job but someone has to do it. Enter the porta-potty cleaners who earn on average $50,000 a year to transport and clean these portable toilets. Although these workers use large hoses to vacuum the toilets out and high powered pressure washers to hose them down; when things go wrong they go really wrong. Blocked hoses are a common issue and in most cases cause human sewage to start spraying everything around it. The smell on the other hand is highly offensive no amount of nose plugs can keep it out.

3 Oil Rig Worker


If you don’t mind spending time away from your family, working long hours and getting dirty; working on an oil rig can pay big bucks. Oil rig workers make on average $100,000 but pay a high price. Dangerous working conditions, being stuck out in the middle of the ocean and getting your hands dirty everyday doing numerous tasks will all be a part of life. Whether you are repairing machinery or removing tubes from the holes chances are you need a shower at the end of the day. According to CNN Money, an oil rig worker has one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States.

2 Plumber


If only plumbers were responsible for just leaky faucets and repairing holes in the ceiling. Unfortunately that is not the case in this profession which can earn you on average $60,000 a year. This is also a profession that you can start your own business; thus earning even higher wages. But plumbers will have to deal with raw sewage and nasty bacteria. They also use highly dangerous chemicals and are on call 24/7. Not to mention working in nasty weather conditions and homes that are dirty. It’s no wonder they always have their coveralls on.

1 Proctologist


The definition of a proctologist according to the dictionary is ‘a branch of medicine dealing with the structure and diseases of the rectum, and sigmoid colon’. Other than the almost $400,000 average salary these doctors earn we aren't sure what else would provoke anyone to undertake this profession. Like a gastroenterologist one will have to shell out a fair amount of money and time to get this job. Proctologists deal with nasty things such as warts, colon cancer and fistulas. This profession is expected to be in high demand over the next ten years and the salary will only surely increase.

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