13 Movies That Are Likely To Become Our Reality

There are tons of movies that give us the picture that our future world is bleak, but there are also plenty that provide a hopeful, productive and extremely high-tech life. Movies provide us with an immense variety of options, so it will be interesting to see which ways the world will turn.

High-tech will continue to be a greater and greater part of our lives. Although we've been waiting for robots and flying cars ever since Hanna-Barbera's show, The Jetsons, and neither have come to fruition.

We would like to believe the future is filled with solutions to current challenges and the eradication of elements like poverty and hunger will be a priority. But just like forces in movies, our leaders seem to be divided between greed and generosity, so one would imagine the future would be a product of both. It is this human duality that creates the need for change from all sides of the spectrum... and that is an advantage, as far as we can see. See what you think of our potential future and the movies that depict your visions.

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13 Disclosure

Via: moviemansguide.com

This movie actually displays two possible future events. Certainly the virtual reality holographic operating system is something we can look forward to using. Although when this Michael Crichton story was developed it was only 1994, which was right before the burgeoning dot-com era. The movie was produced the same year and displays hero, Thomas Sanders', having to stand while using this amazing software. We can't imagine everyone having to stand to accomplish their daily work.

The other futuristic element of the movie was female sexual harassment, which has not become mainstream as of yet However, if women continue gaining control and power in the workplace, one never knows if the sexual pendulum will swing. According to this movies' script, "Sexual harassment is about power, not sex."

12 Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Via; cinemadeviant.com

Some may wonder why Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure was selected for this list. Think about it. Back to the Future has strong similarities, but this movie displays the usefulness and forward thinking of two party dudes who use a telephone booth to ace their final exam in history. They travel the globe back in time and connect with such greats as Socrates, Beethoven and Joan of Arc. We hope students of the future are able to converse and learn from the real deals and not from boring history text books.

11 Iron Man 

Via: www.flickr.com

We considered using Superman, Spiderman or Batman for this spot, but decided that IronMan is the type of superhero we are likely to see in the future. Our future superheros won't have innate super powers like Superman, but there will be suits that make the superhero. It would not be surprising if these powerfully-armored suits were already in the works by one or more of the military forces on the globe.

10 I Robot

Via: scalar.usc.edu

We would all love more control over our time and having a robot or two would be an efficient answer. Yet, there are some who also want some type of companionship and welcome thinking, artificially intelligent machines who could also help with chores and other lifestyle necessities. The more artificial intelligence advances, the more likely it will be that the robots will continue to expand their knowledge and emotion-based responses. In this Isaac Asimov-created story, which was written as a short story in the 1940s, the robots' master brain takes over and inadvertently causes a rebellion against the humans.

9 The Fifth Element

Via: www.archdaily.com

We finally get to see a city of flying cars in this fun and futuristic flick. Those born in the 60s and 70s thought this would be a reality by the year 2000. According to a story in The New York Times, the biggest reason we are not yet driving flying autos is because creating a machine that can drive on a surface and fly in the air requires marrying two different technologies not easily combined.

The other good reason is that having the ability to fly and drive within structured pathways and rules would require an immense amount of training. Basically, inventors have backed off from furthering development as at this point it looks futile. However, in the future we are convinced this will be the norm.

8 Monsters, Inc.

Via: commons.wikimedia.org

Well, first of all we can't wait until the advent of talking animals. If that never happens, we think this movie demonstrates all of the different species we will encounter when inhabitants from other planets come forth. It is a similar to the bizarre creatures in the Star Wars and other sci-fi movies. Yet. we think that seeing them in cartoon form will help us get used to looking at them without feeling fear or revulsion. Baby steps.

7 Her

Via; parade.com

With millions of lonely people on the planet, falling in love with a computer program is not that hard to believe. In this movie we have an artificially intelligent operating system that learns everything about its user. It also has a personality and shows an extreme interest in everything the user thinks and does. We get a glance at what it might be like to have "someone" who knows and understands everything about us - and it is comforting. In this case, the OS expands past the point of being able to work on lower level realms and moves on. But someday, someone will invent a "friendly" system that can become a BFF.

6 Soylent Green

Via: diy.soylent.me

This 1973 film delves into an area we hope is not our future. But with the consistent increase in genetically modified organisms (GMOs) we are eating and the upcoming popularity of 3D-printed food, this too may become a reality. For those who haven't seen the film, it takes place in a future that is challenged by pollution, overpopulation, poverty, lack of natural resources and constant humidity. Sound that far-fetched so far?

Well, later under the investigation of Charlton Heston's character, Frank Thorn, we learn about the soylent green food they have been consuming. Frank mutters to his sidekick after being seriously injured from a fight, "Soylent Green is made from people!"

5 Matrix

Via; www.flickr.com

Who is that man behind the screen, was the upshot of the Wizard in the Wizard of Oz. Well, the Matrix also introduces the concept of a hierarchy of government who is controlling the masses without their knowledge. This is another concept that doesn't sound that far-fetched, although not a pleasant one. But when Neo learns how to manipulate space and time, we are hoping that is a part of our future, as it looks like it would be fun. This movie is filled with possibilities.

4 Ghostbusters

Via: gizmodo.com

"I ain't afraid of no ghosts," is one of the most popular lines in the theme song for the movie, Ghostbusters. However, did you know that a U.S. study conducted by Pew Research revealed that 18 percent of the population has said they have seen a ghost (1 in 5) and 29 percent claim they have felt in touch with a deceased person.

As more mainstream people continue to talk about their experiences, it is our guess that busting unwelcome ghosts might become a viable small business opportunity. Of course, they will have to invent their own proton packs and containment units.

3 Harry Potter

Via: www.fanpop.com

Hogwarts is the only wizard school we are aware of ... so far. However, we're guessing that about the time superheroes start showing up, we are also going to see children who have powers that can be trained and harnessed. In order to do that, the educational system will have to advance the concept of custom curriculum. It may be the young wizards can co-mingle in public schools if equipped properly.

2 How to Train Your Dragon

Via: www.fanpop.com

Social media and online publications have been startling viewers by showing never-before-seen underwater and land species. By now, we have all seen photos of the blue whale, which measures about 98-110-feet and the Komodo dragon, which only measures around 10-feet. The more scientists delve into unknown jungles and territories, the more likely it is they will continue to find ginormous creatures, like a flying dragon. With any luck, we will learn to train and ride them much like in this movie or like on the Mountain Banshees in the movie Avatar.

1 E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Via: www.dogomovies.com

It's bound to happen sooner than later. We have seen so many movies that say it is coming, we wonder when we get to meet our first extra-terrestrial. There are reports that state the government has hidden all records of past and present contact. Yet, there are several public examples of ancient art that depict both UFOs and aliens.

We hope it happens before the company Obayasha builds their space elevator that has an anticipated launch date of 2050. It seems that by 2050, it should be easier than their plan. The elevator will hold 30 people, travel a speed of 125 mph and take guests to a terminal station 22,400 miles up. In case you're interested, the elevator is estimated to take around seven days to reach its destination.

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