13 Jobs You Won't Believe Actually Exist

On a planet teeming with over 7 billion people, a lot of things need to be done. Some of these things make for glorious and wonderful occupations, earning anyone in the field millions and in some cases even billions of dollars. Other things that need to be done may not be so lucrative, but the demand for them is extremely high. For example, many people on the planet are employed as some kind of delivery driver, be it Chinese food, or even pizza. Knowing someone in an occupation like a delivery driver isn't rare. In fact, it's probably rarer to not know someone in the field.

As you keep going down the list of all the possible occupations in the world, things get less and less in demand and become more and more obscure. That's where some of these jobs come in. A lot of these occupations are one of a kind, or the market is so small that only a handful spots in the position exists. Some of these jobs do have some regularity, but they're so strange you wouldn't even think about them as being an actual thing. Let's have a look at some of the world's most unbelievable occupations.

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13 Ravenmaster


For centuries, ravens have been a presence at The Tower of London. There isn't any 100% reasoning as to how or why ravens at the royal residence became a constant. Some say it goes back to the 1500s in an attempt to make executions appear more gruesome. There is also a local legend that states it happened under Charles II in the 1600s. There are a couple of variations on the details to that story as well. One version has Charles insisting the ravens stay on the grounds. In another version it is Charles' astronomer that insists the ravens stay. There is also a superstition that states if ravens were to leave The Tower, the crown and all of Britain will fall. Ravens with clipped wings and their caretaker, The Ravenmaster, have been a mainstay at the tower for hundreds of years.

12 Snake Milker

Many people might be confused by this job title. Most folks weren't aware that snakes could even produce milk. Furthermore, finding an udder on a snake seems like it would be an impossible task - there isn't much to the body of a snake. A snake milker doesn't actually get milk from a snake. What a snake milker does is extract the poison from the snake. To create anti-venom to treat snake bites, you need the venom from the snake. The venom is extracted by taking the snake by the head and inserting its fangs through a membrane stretched over the top of a jar. This process simulates a bite and the venom is released into jar.

11 Professional Wake-Up Caller


There are many reasons someone might want to hire a professional to wake them up in the morning. There are a lot of people that just seem to sleep through alarm clocks, but a ringing phone seems to do the trick. Others think alarm clock noises are just a terrible way to wake up. The horrible noises set a bad precedent for the rest of the day. A pleasant message from a real human being is a much better way to start your morning. For these reasons, businesses like Daily Wakeup Call at http://dailywakeupcall.weebly.com/ exist. They also offer a call service to remind you of things you might forget to do.

10 Human Bed Warmer

What is a human bed warmer? It is exactly what it sounds like - this is a service where an actual person in a special head-to-toe sleeper suit lays in a bed at a hotel room to keep the bed warm while you're away from your room. This is a measure that is used to avoid the dreaded cold sheets that make sleep a near impossibility until your own body warms the bed. You might think the hotel that offers this is some high-end, five-star hotel. Believe it or not, this is a service offered by certain locations in the Holiday Inn chain of hotels.

9 Chicken Training Instructor


After quite a bit of digging into the occupation of chicken training instructor, it would seem very likely that there are only a couple of them in the whole world. Chicken training instructors Dr. Bob Bailey and Ms. Parvene Farhoody are actually out to train humans to become better animal trainers in general. They aren’t trying to fill the world with obedient chickens so much as create more disciplined trainers. Bailey and Farhoody train a number of animals, as well as instruct others to do so. The idea behind their chicken training classes is, if you can condition and train an animal like a chicken, you can probably train a domestic animal with relative ease.

8 Golf Ball Diver


If you're a scuba diving enthusiast but you've never been able to find a way to make it lucrative, head down to the golf courses in your area and become a golf ball diver. If you've ever been on a golf course you've probably seen or heard of people that search for the lost balls on the thickets and grasses of the course. These used golf balls are paid for by the course and then re-sold at a reduced price or put in buckets for the driving range. What many people probably don't think of is all of those balls that get lost in the lakes, ponds, and rivers that are in many golf courses.

7 Underwater Logger


It might seem like we have another one for scuba enthusiasts. This sounds like something that's totally extreme. Your first idea of someone whose job is "underwater logger" might be someone in a red flannel patterned scuba outfit wielding some kind of massive rust resistant chainsaw. In all actuality, the job is more like a video game. An individual takes a barge out to a submerged forest and operates a robotic submersible saw with a joystick and buttons from a room on the barge. The operator is able to guide the submersible saw using a video screen that feeds the user images from a number of underwater cameras that are all focused on the underwater forest.

6 Worm Poop Farmer


There are actually a large number of worm farms in the world. In addition to breeding and selling worms for composting, they also harvest and sell the worm poop, referred to as "worm castings" in the biz. Worm castings are actually much more beneficial in enriching soil than synthetic chemical nutrients. Their nutrient life is around 15 to 30 days, which is about six times longer than synthetic soils. In addition to being nutrient rich, worm castings also help extract toxins from soil. Worm poop can also retain 3 to 4 times its own weight in water, helping your soil retain more water as well. Anyone who is looking to farm organically is going to be in great need of a worm poop farmer. Considering organic food is in growing demand, one can assume the world will need more worm poop.

5 Professional Kidnapper


There are a number of people in the world who already pay to be bound and "tortured" through a number of dominatrix and BDSM services. It would seem almost obvious that people that are already into those services would want to take their fantasy a step further. A Detroit based business offers broad daylight kidnappings in two packages. There is a less expensive four-hour "extreme kidnapping" service that will only cost the customer a mere $500. The full service will run you somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,500.

Most of the business comes from tourists who fly into Detroit specifically for the service. The business even made the news when a New York couple's abduction was thought to be real.

4 Maggot Farmer


Any fan of Tolkien probably thinks they've just read this backwards. "Clearly they mean to say Farmer Maggot! They must be referring to the job of farming in The Shire!" Nope. Places like the Forked Tree Ranch farms maggots for use as fishing bait. In addition to farming maggots, they also sell the flies. These flies are specifically known as blue bottle flies. The blue bottle fly can actually pollinate and are sold to areas where bee pollinating was once used. Unfortunately, bee populations have been decreasing so other pollinators like these blue bottle flies are being bred and distributed by maggot and fly farmers.

3 Chicken Sexer 


It's very difficult to tell the sex of a baby chick. If you were to purchase a group of baby chicks to raise for eggs, you could very easily end up with nothing but roosters and you wouldn't know until the chicks had begun to grow up. A chicken sexer is one who can look at a number of small details on a baby chick and distinguish the gender. Female chickens are sent to one part of a hatchery to receive a diet better suited to egg production.

2 The Keeper of the Stanley Cup


The reason you don't often hear about The Keeper of the Stanley Cup is because there is only one in the world - and it's been the same man for around thirty years.

The team that wins The Cup keeps it for most of the summer. Then Phil Pritchard takes The Cup "on tour" to be seen by fans of what Pritchard refers to as "the greatest sport in the world."

It really comes as no surprise that The Cup would need a caretaker - there is only one Stanley Cup. Most sports recreate their trophies every year, but The Cup is just added to every year. The trophy is over 120 years old. To lose it or see it stolen would be a travesty indeed.

1 Professional Friend


The idea of renting friends to spend time with you originated in Japan but has begun to trend in the U.S. as well. This isn't an escort service where you're paying someone for a date and perhaps "a little something else" at the end - you're literally paying for someone to go to the batting cages with, play a round of mini-golf, see a movie, do some knitting, or just talk sports at the bar for a couple of hours. A service called rentafriend.com has over 200,000 available friends to rent in their data base and they have over 2,000 dedicated subscribers to the service. The service does well enough that rentafriend.com has every intention of going global. One day, it might not even be weird to have an actual friend who gets paid to be someone else's friend while you're at a normal, boring, everyday job.

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