13 Exercises That Will Give You An Amazing Butt

One of the best things that the Internet and social media have contributed to the world is the widespread dissemination of all sorts of information. How many links do we see on our Twitter or Facebook accounts about our topics of interest? From Hollywood news to the latest goings-on in politics to the most recent fashion trends, we receive all this data at real-time with just the tap of our fingers.

Perhaps the most helpful information that’s been passed on is about improving our health and well-being. The healthiest food to consume, the best kind of exercises to do for cardio, toning, losing weight, the list goes on and on. And the great thing about this is that people are more conscious about looking and feeling good. And with the multitude of healthy recipes and forms of exercise out there, trimming down and staying fit has never been this healthy.

In terms of exercising, many will agree that aside from the tummy and the thighs, the most challenging body part to keep toned is the derriere. And here are some of our most recommended exercises for getting an amazingly-shaped butt.


13 Single-Leg Front Raises

Front raises are best done if you want to maintain balance on one leg and give those thighs a good stretch. Of course, it also ensures your derriere muscles are tightened well and good, so really, it’s a three-in-one deal!

  • Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding two five-pound dumbbells.
  • Bend the right leg and raise three inches above the floor.
  • Extend both arms in front of you at chest-level and ensure both palms are facing down.
  • Keeping arms straight, raise your left arm above your head and hold for three counts, then return to chest-level.
  • Try to do four reps per arm.
  • Then switch legs and do another four reps per arm.

12 Jumping Squats

Squats are always a sure and easy way to tone that butt. When you add a jump, the muscles are further worked out and formed more effectively. Aside from working those muscles, this exercise also serves as a cardio builder.

  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and arms bent and hands at chest level. Bend knees to come to a full squat.
  • Jump as high as possible, reaching for the stars.
  • As soon as you land, go back to the squat position and do all over again. Do three sets of 12 reps for an effective work-out.

11 Plie

There’s nothing like a good-old classic ballet move that can help tone your butt muscles. The plie is such a basic and easy move and it gives you the muscle workout you want for your behind.

  • Stand with the feet wider than the shoulder-width and make sure your toes are pointing outwards.
  • Bring your arms out straight in front of you (or you can curve them gracefully to get the full ballet experience) and lower into a squat.
  • Come back up and repeat, ensuring your back is kept straight.
  • Do for one full minute.

10 Explosive Lunges

No, this exercise will not leave you panting like crazy and it’s by no means a cardio workout. But yes, it does involve some hard-core lunging. It helps stretch the glutes and ensures you maintain a good balance.

  • Stand with feet together and hands on hips.
  • Lunge forward with your right leg, jump while pulling back the leg, then switch in mid-air so that when you land again, it’s your left leg that’s lunged forward.
  • Alternate from one leg to another for a full minute.

9 Swiss-Ball Hip Raise and Leg Curl

This position requires an exercise ball or a Swiss-ball, as it’s also known. This one requires you to lie face-up while the ball goes under your legs.

  • While lying on your back, place lower legs and heels on the ball.
  • Push hips up so that your body forms a diagonal straight line from shoulders to knees.
  • Pull your heel towards you and roll the ball towards your butt. Pause for two seconds.
  • Roll the ball back until your body is once again in a straight line. Do as much as you can for 60 seconds.

8 Dumbbell Deadlift

If you’ve got dumbbells lying about the house, this is the perfect opportunity to put them to good use. Of course, their weight has to be proportional to your own.

  • Bend at your hips and knees and pick up the dumbbells with an overhand style.
  • While keeping your back straight, stand up while carrying the dumbbells.
  • Lower the dumbbells to the floor slowly. Do for at least 10 times or if that puts too much of a strain on your muscles, you can lessen it to five.

7 Clamshell

This exercise puts you in a fetal position, hence the title Clamshell.

  • While lying on your side on the floor, make sure your hips and knees are bent at 45-degrees.
  • Making sure your feet are touching, raise your right knee as high as you can, while not moving your pelvis.
  • Always ensure the leg that’s touching the floor remains stationary.
  • Do on your other side as well. Ideal count would be 10 times per side.


6 All-Fours

Barre is one of the latest exercise crazes right now. The All-Fours is derived from this ballet-type work-out and has proven most effective for enhancing the butt muscles.

  • Get on all-fours with knees under the hips and elbows under the shoulders.
  • Lift one leg at a 90-degree angle and point toes towards the ceiling. Do for 15-20 times.
  • Once you’ve got the hang of it, challenge yourself further by flexing the lifted foot and kick up with your heel for another 15 to 20 times.

5 Plank Leg-Lifts


Planking was another trend and is a position often used in yoga practices. The position can be used for butt exercises as well, but with the use of an exercise ball. Like in yoga, this work-out helps keep balance and strengthens your core, while working out those butt muscles.

  • Lie on your stomach on an exercise ball and walk your hands out so that the ball rolls to your shins.
  • Draw your navel to your spine to tighten those abdominal muscles, then lift your right leg into the air.
  • Lower the right leg back towards the ball, but don’t let it touch the ball.
  • Do three sets of 10 to 12 counts for each leg.

4 Squat with Kick-Back

Squats are difficult enough to do, but what say you rise to the challenge and throw in a kick-back with those squats? This routine won’t only work out your butt, it’ll give you killer quads as well.

  • Stand with your legs at shoulder-width apart.
  • Bend down to a squat, bringing your fists to your chin.
  • Raise your left leg straight behind you and extend your arms forward.
  • Go back to the squat position and repeat for the right leg.
  • Alternate both sides for one full minute, while making sure to keep your weight on your heels.

3 Warrior 3

Yet another yoga pose can give your butt an enhancement. In the Warrior 3 pose, the glute muscles get worked out when you lift that leg up and hold it in place so that it stays parallel to the floor.

  • Start off by standing with your feet together. Inhale as you extend your arms out into a T position.
  • Exhale as you bend forward to your hips, lifting your left leg straight behind you to come into Warrior 3 pose. Draw the navel toward the spine and take five deep breaths. Then stand slowly, lowering your leg and repeat with the other leg. Do five reps for each leg.

2 Superwoman

Yes, a superhero pose is very apt for getting that super bum! Since you can’t fly, you’ll have to make do with a flying-like position from the floor.

  • Lie on your stomach. Keep arms and legs straight and torso unmoving.
  • Lift arms and legs up towards the ceiling to form a “u” shape with your body. Ensure your back is arched upwards.
  • Hold for five seconds, lower back down, then repeat as many times necessary for one full minute.

1 Sun Salutations

If you’re familiar with yoga poses, you’ll know that the Downward Facing-Dog is the pose used to stretch and rest those muscles after a particularly grueling sequence of positions. The Sun Salutations workout sequence is the most effective way to cool down after those butt exercises.

  • From the Downward Facing-Dog posture, move through Chair pose to stretch all your muscles.
  • Feel the wonderful stretch from your glutes all the way down to your thighs and hamstrings.



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