12 Celebrities Reveal Their Shocking Birth Stories

Celebrities (and their colorful personal lives!) exist as pleasant enough distractions from the drudgery that is everyday life. And if they’ve got their values and priorities in place, they’re also there to stand as our role models. The problem is, we tend to put these famous people up on a pedestal way too often to the point that we end up looking at them as untouchable gods and goddesses. But that’s the furthest from the truth because we sometimes fail to realise that celebrities are only human, just like the rest of us. They aren’t spared from basic experiences such as trials, challenges, deaths, and births.

Yes, like any woman, female celebrities who are expectant mothers must also undergo the travails of labor and delivery. The only difference is, they’ve got the whole world zeroing in on the event like it’s the biggest news of the millennium, while we mere mortals get to do it with fanfare only from the people who matter. Some female celebs have dished out on their birth experiences, some being more flattering than others.


12 Jessica Alba

Women who are familiar with the nitty-gritty of birthing know that the amniotic sac ought to burst first before the baby can slide out of his mother’s birth canal. But this wasn’t the case for Jessica Alba when she gave birth to her second daughter Haven, according to a September 2011 blog entry on Baby Center. The baby slipped out of her while she was still inside the sac, sending the doctors and nurses into a tizzy. But professionals that they are, they pulled themselves together and got the baby out safely, as the sac burst on its own.

11 Kourtney Kardashian


Who says it’s impossible to deliver your own baby? Kourtney Kardashian did and on national television, no less! The mother of three made a big public event out of her birthing experience, all for the sake of her reality show. A January 2015 article on describes what happened on that particular episode, describing Kardashian as very calm while she was in labor, even taking the time to shower, put on make-up, and do laundry! And when her baby Mason was finally ready to face the world, his mother reached down and pulled him out of her!

10 Busy Philipps

Like Kourtney Kardashian, actress Busy Philipps helped pull out her own baby from between her legs. As featured in articles on The Bump and Babble, Philipps recounts that after her doctor pulled the baby’s head and shoulders out, she asked the actress if she wanted to take the baby out the rest of the way herself and the actress gamely agreed. She even has a photo of the beautiful moment, saying it was an absolutely incredible experience.

9 Mayim Bialik


The Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik decided to go back to basics when she gave birth to her second child. She delivered the baby at home with the assistant of two midwives—and witnessed by her three-year-old toddler! According to a November 2010 article in Celebrity Baby Scoop, her older son Miles was in the room and on his high chair, watching his mother give birth to his brother. And when the baby slipped out after a short labor, Miles was the one who got to cut the umbilical cord with the assistance of his father. 

8 Gisele Bundchen

A celebrity who makes such controversial statements as “hospital births promote violence against women and babies” is bound to be harshly criticized and of course, get some attention. Such was the case when supermodel Gisele Bundchen made that sweeping statement, as featured in a November 2012 article in Fox 411. She’s bold enough to make these kinds of declarations because she gave birth to her son naturally and at her home in Boston, meditating throughout her eight-hour labor. Bundchen has proudly declared that she didn’t feel any pain at all throughout the experience. 

7 Amy Poehler


It seems like Amy Poehler’s birth experience with her first child was as crazy as the comedic roles she’s been playing. According to an October 2014 article in USA Today Life, Poehler’s doctor passed away literally a day before she was due to deliver her baby. She found out the news when she was about to step in front of the cameras for Saturday Night Live and promptly burst into tears. It was SNL guest star Jon Hamm who saved the day, inadvertently cheering her up when he jokingly chided her to get her act together because his guest appearance on the show was important for his career! 

6 Mariah Carey

Seemed liked Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon wanted their twins to be born as singing superstars. While Carey was in labor, the live version of her hit song “Fantasy” was playing in the background, as mentioned in an article in the What To Expect website. Then they timed the round of applause in the performance to play at the exact moment when the twins were removed from Carey’s womb. And as an encore? They listened to another one of Carey’s hit songs “We Belong Together” immediately after the births!


5 Miranda Kerr


Supermodel Miranda Kerr admitted to her less than super experience giving birth to her and Orlando Bloom’s son Flynn, as reported by Huffington Post on July 2012. Kerr went for an all-natural delivery, laboring for 27 hours. In those long hours, she didn’t allow Bloom to leave the room, even for a bathroom break because she needed him to stay beside her and sympathize. As a result, Bloom had to pee into a bottle right there in the delivery room!

4 Tina Fey

One of the coolest things about comedian Tina Fey is her ability to poke fun at herself in any given situation. As mentioned in a feature on, Fey told Women’s Health that she had a fairly easy delivery with her daughter Alice. It was what happened prior to giving birth that was one for the books. When she went into labor, she hopped onto a cab that would drive her to the hospital. But at one point during the trip, her pains were so intense and close together that she had to go on all fours in the back of the taxi to help ease her labor. What the cab driver must have thought! 

3 Beyonce


When you think of someone who’d give birth with a “sky’s the limit” flare, there’s none other than Beyonce who would come to mind. According to a January 2012 article on New York Daily News, the singer and her husband Jay-Z rented the newly renovated executive suite at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, costing $800 per night, as well as the adjacent rooms for the rest of their entourage. Save for the hospital bed in one corner, the suite looked more like one from a hotel than a hospital, decorated elegantly and with a soft, comfortable bed for Jay-Z to snooze in while his wife was in labor. 

2 Angelina Jolie

When you think of doing the most unconventional of methods, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt always come to mind. From the decision to have six kids to the way they raise their offspring and even Jolie’s decisions to remove cancer-causing body parts, leave it to them to always defy the norm. And this was no different from the times that Jolie gave birth to the couple’s three biological children. If there’s such a thing as destination weddings, they did destination births, according to a feature on The Bump. Jolie gave birth to daughter Shiloh in Namibia and to twins Knox and Vivienne in Nice, France as a way of avoiding the paparazzi.

1 Katie Holmes


Ever since Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ daughter Suri was born, there’s been a lot of talk of how Holmes agreed to the Scientology method of birthing: the silent birth. According to an April 2006 article in Today, the Church of Scientology, of which Cruise is a very active member, believes that if a mother screams and grunts during labor, the effects could be negative to both child and mother. So a silent birth Holmes endured, even if she wasn’t entirely sold on the beliefs of the cult.

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