12 Celeb MILFs Who Lost Their Baby Weight In No Time!

Some women are born with all the luck. They have naturally fast metabolisms and are blessed with slim body structures that aren’t prone to much weight gain. So when they get pregnant, they can gain as much as 60 pounds, only to shed it all (and more!) in a few weeks.

And to the dismay of mere mortals, there are some celebs who’ve had that enviable fortune. As if they weren’t gifted enough with good looks, wealth, and talent! Of course, not everyone in the spotlight is that lucky. There are also those who’ve had to work their butts off to get back to their pre-baby weight. But whatever it was they did, whether it was just breastfeeding or working out ten times a week, these famous women looked absolutely fabulous soon after having their little tots.

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12 Beyonce

Via: tmgapp.co

She’s always been known to keep her private life under wraps, so it was a pleasant surprise when Beyonce announced her pregnancy in a very public way—at the VMAs after her amazing performance! So it was with much anticipation that her little daughter, Blue Ivy was born, and even before the fans could get a proper look at the baby, Beyonce emerged four months after giving birth, flaunting her curves and proudly saying she was back to her pre-baby weight. She said she lost the weight by breastfeeding, avoiding pasta and red meat, and constantly staying hydrated.

11 Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Via; www.people.com

Is it really much of a surprise that dancer-actress Jenna Dewan-Tatum lost her pregnancy weight soon after giving birth? Although Mrs. Channing Tatum has never gone on the record about how she lost all that baby weight in six weeks, it’s safe to assume that it was because of breastfeeding and doing her dance moves regularly.

10 Pink

Via: www.dailymail.co.uk

Pink has always rocked a killer body and she’s always been known to be a fitness buff. She hired a personal trainer to help her go back to her pre-pregnancy weight after giving birth to her daughter in 2011. Discipline and hard-work helped her achieve her goal, making sure she trained five days a week and followed a healthy diet.

9 Gwyneth Paltrow

Via: www.posh24.com

She’s one of those lucky, naturally skinny women, so Gwyneth Paltrow went back to her pre-momma weight after she gave birth to her daughter. But she claimed she had a slightly more difficult time losing the weight after giving birth to her second child. Since she’s a fitness and health freak, she just fell into the regimen of a two-hour a day work out with a personal trainer. Paltrow claims that it’s very possible to lose the baby weight, it’s just a matter of making time and putting lots of effort and discipline into it.

8 Victoria Beckham

Via ; www.celebitchy.com

Victoria Beckham is human like the rest of us, after all. Though she said she had no problem slimming down again after giving birth to her three boys, Mrs. David Beckham had to work triple time to lose the baby weight after delivering her fourth child and only daughter. She said she lost the weight by following the Five Hands Diet—eating only five handfuls of food daily—as well as running almost every day and following a strict workout with a personal trainer.

7 Kelly Preston

Via: www.dailymail.co.uk

It was amazing enough that Kelly Preston was pregnant with her and John Travolta’s third child at 47 years old, but even more jaw-dropping that she was able to shed 42 pounds after giving birth. But in order to do this, she decided to dedicate a whole year to slimming down, enrolling in a weight-loss supplement program called Organic Liason. The result? She was able to fit into her high school jeans 14 months after giving birth.

6 Miranda Kerr

Via: www.justjared.com

It’s almost unfair that model Miranda Kerr was strutting her svelte post-baby body on the runway just two months after giving birth to her and Orlando Bloom’s son. Then a month after that, she was already donned in a bikini for a photo shoot. And to think Kerr claimed she gained almost 40 pounds when she was pregnant! So how did she slim down so fast? She said it was a combination of yoga, breastfeeding, and a healthy diet that helped her lose all the weight so quickly.

5 Jennifer Garner

Via: blog.sfgate.com

Ben Affleck’s wifey is naturally big-boned so while she’s been ripped and fit, she’s never been waif-thin. So after Jennifer Garner gave birth to her third child, she was determined to lose weight quickly so she could walk down the red carpet for an event two months later. She employed the help of her long-time trainer and did rigorous exercises every day. And sure enough, she looked fabulous when she graced that red carpet.

4 Heidi Klum

Via: www.celebritybabyscoop.com

This Victoria’s Secret bombshell is just too darn lucky. Six weeks after giving birth to her daughter in 2009, Heidi Klum was back to her hot supermodel figure and hosting the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in a very skimpy outfit. This hot momma can probably attribute it to good genes because she didn’t do any crazy diet or exercise routines to get back in shape. Simple, light cardio did the trick.

3 Shakira

Via: www.huffingtonpost.com

Latina bombshell Shakira was asked to be a judge for The Voice, which was to commence a few months after giving birth to her first child. To make sure she was back to her sizzling hot form by the time the reality show started, she did a lot of Zumba during and right after pregnancy. That way, she didn’t gain much when she was pregnant and she was able to shed the pounds quickly after giving birth.

2 Angelina Jolie

Via: www.popsugar.com

It’s no surprise that Angelina Jolie had no problem shedding her baby weight after giving birth to her and Brad Pitt’s three biological children. With a total of six children to take care of and chase around, even the most unfit of persons will inevitably become physically fit! Jolie said that aside from running around after her brood, she also credits breastfeeding to her rapid weight loss post-delivery.

1 Jessica Alba


Even when she’s in sweats and her face scrubbed free of make-up, Jessica Alba is no less beautiful than when she’s glammed up. She radiated that pregnancy glow when she was heavy with both her babies and though she says her body will never be the same again, she admitted she was able to shed off the pregnancy pounds quickly. She did it by working out with a personal trainer and get this—wearing a double corset 24/7 for three straight months. The result? Alba was showing off her abs in a bikini four months after giving birth to her second baby.

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