11 Extreme Super Bowl Ads That Were Banned

Each year, the Super Bowl is watched by over 100 million people. For companies and consumer goods brands looking to increase their reach and attract more eyeballs, it's a prime destination for revealing interesting and catchy commercials. This is an expensive game to play in, because the price tags for buying ad space during the big game are no joke at all. A 30-second spot can go for well over $3 million. In the past, some brands have tried a little too hard to create ads that remain on the viewers' minds long after the game is over. This over-reaching has resulted in ads that are just a little too racy and edgy to be aired during prime time. Coming up below, we have 11 ads that were banned from TV for one particular reason or another. Some of these ads are actually pretty funny, but you can be the ultimate judge of that.

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11 Carl’s Jr - Au Naturale Burgers


Carl’s Jr is a fast-food restaurant chain founded in 1941 and is mostly located in the western and southwestern US states. They are known for producing very risqué NSFW ads, and the one they got together for this year’s Super Bowl follows in that same tradition. The ad features the super-hot model Charlotte McKinney and she appears to be walking through a farmer’s market completely naked while singing the praises of Carl’s All Natural Beef burger. In the last shot of the ad, it’s revealed that she does actually have clothes on, but that doesn’t take away from the overt sexuality of the ad. There are rumors that it’s been completely banned from the Super Bowl or it might air in only western states.

10 Veggie Love: Peta Ad


It’s common knowledge at this point that PETA , the animal rights group organization is willing to go to extreme lengths to get their message across and create publicity for their cause. In 2009, they took things even further when they unveiled a Veggie Love commercial which showed beautiful, scantily clad women doing some sexually suggestive acts with vegetables. The accompanying text was: “Studies Show That Vegetarians Have Better Sex.” Of course this was way too racy to be aired during the Super Bowl, but it ended up being a huge hit online.

9 Ashley Madison (Office Romance)


For those who might not be familiar, Ashley Madison is the online dating site for married individuals looking to have affairs. In 2011, this somewhat un wholesome site submitted an ad to the FOX network to air during the Super Bowl. The commercial featured a woman in an office board meeting announcing to her co-workers that her husband was cheating on her. Afterwards follows a vignette of different scenes showing her in various sexual situations with her co-workers. The ad even features adult film star Savannah Samson and someone in a bunny costume even shows up in the ad too. Is it any surprise that this ad was banned?

8 GoDaddy Wardrobe Malfunction


Since Janet Jackson’s nip-slip episode at the 2004 Super Bowl, wardrobe malfunctions have quickly become a “thing” associated with this huge sporting event. In 2008, GoDaddy.com the domain/hosting purchasing site decided to jump into the mix with a super ad revolving around that same concept. The ad featured a young, sexy brunette testifying at a senate hearing wearing fitted jeans and a tank top. She’s so happy about her Go Daddy website and she’s jumping up and down so hard until one of the straps of her tank-top comes off. Luckily she’s able to catch all the spillage and not reveal too much. Even though she doesn’t go topless, the ad was still too suggestive to air during the Super Bowl.

7 Jesus Hates Obama


There is a line between comedy and poor taste, and too often, people don’t know where the line starts and where it stops. In 2011, the conservative website JesusHatesObama.com tried to submit an ad in which a Jesus figurine scowls at an Obama bobble-head doll and ultimately causes the presidential figurine to fall into a trash can. This can be looked at in an innocent way, but there are already so many rumors and lies spewed by right wing extremists about Obama being a secret Muslim. An ad like this would have only stoked the fire and caused more dissent among the people. In this case, the folks at FOX were absolutely right to ban this ad.

6 Snickers Mechanic Kiss


We all know how quickly things can spiral out of control whenever anything is deemed as being slightly homophobic or anti-LGBT. That can describe some of the backlash that a Snickers ad caught in 2007. The commercial featured two mechanics working on the engine of a car. One of them has a Snickers bar in his mouth, and without realizing, the second mechanic starts chewing on the other end until both their mouths come together in an inadvertent kiss. Both of them immediately freak out and they decide to do something manly to prove they aren’t gay. They end up forcefully pulling hair off their chests and screaming in pain. This ad pushed the limits a little too far to be aired during the Super Bowl.

5 Man Crunch


In 2010, an ad from Man Crunch, a gay dating site was turned down because it was way too racy. The commercial starts off normal enough with two guys wearing football jerseys while they are watching the game on TV. Then at one point in the ad, their hands touch while they are both reaching for a bowl of potato chips. This leads to them looking at each other longingly and then leaning into each other for a passionate kiss. It doesn’t seem like there is anything too harmless about that, but it ended up getting dropped from the Super Bowl. It can still be seen online though.

4  4. KGB Banned Ad


There are so many different ways that people come up with to make money on the internet. This particular ad was by a company called KGB that charges you a fee to answer any question you text over to them. This particular ad involved two older couples going golfing. The wives of these gentlemen are shown talking to two “KGB” agents who are inquiring what the problem is. The ladies point to their husbands who are literally walking (with the help of special effects) with their heads in between their butt cheeks. One can understand the folks at KGB taking a figurative terminology and trying to make it a funny literal ad. Ultimately though, the entire spiel fell flat, and it was banned from the Super Bowl.

3 Durex Banned Ad


In 2012, Durex revealed a controversial ad that was just too hot to handle. Because of that, it ended up being banned from the Super Bowl. The commercial was in really bad taste and it was disturbing on so many levels. It featured the timeline of a psychopathic killer in reverse order. It recounted the different crimes he committed all through his life. It included things like bank robberies, murders, putting a cat in an oven and even causing his mother to die the day he was born. The last scene of the ad shows his parents having a night of passion and how they didn’t use a condom. The screen fades to black and the words that appear on screen are: “Durex - For Your Protection. And Ours.” It seems like such an elaborate and twisted set-up for such a small payback. How this idea actually got shot, filmed and edited is beyond us.

2 Bud Light Bottle Opener Ad

This is one of the funniest ads that Bud Light has ever created and it’s sure to get a laugh every time you watch it. The ad goes like this: Two friends are sitting at a bar when the bartender leaves to go to the back area for a few seconds. One of the friends jumps over the bar to stare longingly at the fridge full of Bud Light. He sees the bartender come back and he kneels down behind the bar to hide with his buttocks facing outwards. Someone orders a beer and the bartender ends up using the hiding patron’s buttocks to open the bottle of beer. It’s one you definitely have to watch to get the full comedic effect. Check it out for yourself. Even though it was so funny, it was still considered too controversial to show during the Super Bowl.

1 Missing Puppy

Go Daddy is known for creating ads that keep people talking long after the game is over. However, the commercial they created for the 2015 Super Bowl is one  that's sure to leave a bad taste in your month. Instead of going with sexy women, this time they decided to tug on our heart strings with a cute, fluffy puppy. The puppy is riding in the back of a pickup in an idyllic country setting when it falls out the back ( that scene alone is hard to watch). Next, the puppy is shown navigating its way through rain and other treacherous terrain to get back to his loving owners. But the ending is where things go terribly south. When the puppy finally gets back home, his owner gives him a hug and says how happy she is to see him because she just sold him on a site she built on GoDaddy.com. Womp Womp. Wow, how cold is that? Can a cute puppy get some love please? It's no surprise this ad was banned.

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