11 Celebs Who May Be Possessed

Eccentric, temperamental, outrageous, and unconventional. These are typically the traits that encompass what the general perception is of artists. By artists, we mean illustrators, sculptors, writers, musicians, and actors. Being in the entertainment industry seems to make Hollywood personalities feel that they can live up to the artist stereotype, meaning they can throw fits, behave strangely, and act as absurdly as possible and get away with it because yes, they are of the creative sort. How many times have we seen tabloid headlines of an actor who hit on some hapless female in a club under the guise that he was intoxicated? Or an actress who acted like a floozy because she was supposedly high on cocaine?

Some celebrities have exhibited behavior so strange that one may be inclined to think them possessed by some supernatural being—and not necessarily the good kind. These celebrities have had some of the strangest behavior witnessed by the public, leading some to the conclusion that they aren’t being themselves. Whether they’re truly strange in reality or just pretending to be to gain publicity, we’ll never truly know.

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11 Rihanna

Many of her naysayers have claimed that Rihanna is possessed. Some of the less than flattering terms she’s been called by said critics are “Rihanna is Satan” and that she’s a “devil worshipper.” This is probably due to the fact that she performed at a Drake concert with a backdrop of three “6” symbols that were on fire. Set the number 6 on fire and you will get people talking, as everyone knows that a triple 6 is the sign of the beast. Others have also jokingly quipped that Rihanna twerks like a woman possessed, so she therefore must be!

10 Mel Gibson

For the longest time, Mel Gibson was deemed the all-around great guy, with a thriving career in acting and directing, beautiful children, and a strong marriage that seemed to be solid as a rock. But the Australian actor’s life spiraled out of control when he was arrested for drunk driving in 2006. Apparently unable to control his liquor, Gibson went on a downward spiral, being defamed when some recordings of his voice surfaced on the Internet of the actor making racial, homophobic, and misogynistic slurs. He hasn’t quite bounced back from that incident.

9 Kanye West

Despite his success as a recording artist and music producer, Kanye West’s bad attitude has made him one of the least-liked celebrities today. He has also courted controversy by being considered an Illuminati entertainer, allegedly promoting Satanic symbolism and mystery religions. West produced one of Jay-Z tracks entitled Izzo (Hova), which is supposedly a tribute to Jay-Z’s nickname, Jay-Hova. Many religious fanatics claim that this is a play on “Jehovah,” which is one of God’s names in the Bible, thus making West “blasphemous.”

8 Nicki Minaj

She’s one of those celebrities whose presence almost always spells trouble—not because she viciously attacks people, but because of her strange get-ups, controversial statements, and indecent performances onstage. In the 2012 Grammys, Minaj arrived on the red carpet wearing a bishop’s robe and on the arm of a guy dressed in a Pope costume. She went on to perform the song Roman Holiday in a manner that made people think she needed an exorcism. During her performance, she was crawling up walls, floating in the air, and being “exorcised” by a man dressed as a priest.

7 Courtney Love

To say that Courtney Love’s personal life is colorful is an understatement. She’s exhibited behavior that has convinced many to conclude that she’s either insane or possessed. Before she married Kurt Cobain, she was briefly wed to The Leaving Trains vocalist, James Moreland, whom she later claimed was a transvestite and declared the marriage one big joke. Love was accused of being addicted to heroin when she was pregnant with her daughter by Cobain, Frances Bean. She attempted to commit suicide in 2004 and was sent to rehab. She has since cleaned up her act, but all her past actions would definitely never make her mother of the year. She has had a love-hate relationship with her daughter, as evident in the way she bashed her daughter over Twitter back in 2012 for allegedly sleeping with Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl.

6 Denzel Washington

Many actors are so amazing at their craft because many are able to internalize their roles so effectively, that they end up losing who they really are. One such actor is Denzel Washington. He has definitely played all his roles with much aplomb and when asked how he’s able to get into character, Washington honestly admitted that he’d get on his knees and communicates with the spirits in a meditative fashion. When he would emerge from his meditation, he said he would feel an internal change in his demeanor that went beyond acting. He would become a whole different person: the character he’d be playing.

5 Charlie Sheen

4 Oprah Winfrey

She’s arguably the most powerful woman in America with an influence that extends to the far-reaching corners of the globe. The fact that she is also called the Queen of New Age also makes her spiritual influence dangerous to her followers. Her beliefs are far from any conventional religion and focus too much on getting in touch with spirits of the long-dead. Many religious leaders feel that her actions deviate from a higher being and she claims she is controlled by spirit guides, rather than a deity.

3 Tom Cruise

2 John Travolta

If there’s one actor who almost always makes us cringe whenever he appears on TV during a live show, it’s John Travolta. Like Tom Cruise, Travolta is a very active member of the Church of Scientology and many likewise attribute his association with said organization to his peculiar actions. First, there was his slip up of Idina Menzel’s name in the 2014 Oscars, where he called her “Adel Dezeem,” a faux pax which quickly went viral. Then there was the Academy Awards show the year after. During the red carpet event, Travolta randomly came up behind Scarlett Johansson, gave her a kiss on the cheek, and lingered behind her as she posed for photos. He had to be dragged away by his wife, Kelly Preston. Then he and Menzel presented together during the show and to rectify his blunder the previous year, he proceeded to act creepily towards the singer, rubbing her face, cupping her chin, and talking to her in an inappropriately intimate way right onstage.

1 Beyonce

Beyonce has been rumored to be part of the Illuminati, which many have said is responsible for the huge career success she’s been enjoying. In her Super Bowl performance, some viewers claimed that when the camera focused on her, they saw a “dark shadow” escaping her neck. Another fanatic said that if someone claims to have an alter-ego, said alter-ego is supposedly evil. It’s therefore assumed that Beyonce’s alter-ego, Sasha Fierce is “Satan.”

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