10 Surprising Ways People Are Making Big Bucks

With mega corporations failing, pensions ceasing to exist and constantly publicized internet success stories, it is difficult to know which way to turn to find the big bucks and financial stability. Not everyone has the brains and chutzpah of Mark Zuckerberg, yet even those who seem to have no strong skills seem to be picking up the big checks.

It can be a little frustrating when some of the simplest ideas end up making the mega-millions while most trade their 9 to 5 hours for income as someone else's employees. According to an article in Forbes, there is an unusually high number of Americans making an unusually high amount of income. There are strategies that can account for this new trend with "working for someone else" not even making the list. The strategies laid out in Forbes are smart guidelines, such as being able to scale up without increasing overhead or expenses and are worth reviewing before entering into any business.

Some of the ways people are making big bucks will be surprising and even a little shocking. Check out the following ten ideas that have brought in revenue for many people. It may help develop a few ideas of your own or allow you to jump on the bandwagon of their success. After all, life is too short to live hand-to-mouth. Think about it, it might be time for a new side business that could grow into something very viable.

10 Selling Irish Dirt

This sounds like a pie in the sky idea, much like selling moon rocks. But when Pat Burke from Tipperary was traveling from Ireland to the U.S., Irish Americans began asking for him to bring a piece of sod to sprinkle on caskets of their loved ones. The business opened as Official Irish Dirt. According to a report in Listverse.com the company sold 528,000 pounds of the sod to the tune of over $1 million.

So, if you find yourself traveling to another country and back to the U.S., this may be a great new business idea for you. Italian sod anyone?

9 Cuddling Service

There are now more singles in the United States than married, according to a report in Chicago's CBS Local news. This is partly due to the fact that the divorce rate went up and many people are choosing to stay single. It makes sense, then, that there would be a lot of lonely people who could use a little cuddling. According to pickthebrain.com, everyone needs to be touched regularly, as it reduces anxiety, lowers blood pressure, improve one's outlook on life along with many other benefits. Evidently, it has become a genuine way to make great money in LA, Japan and the UK with some making up to $360 per day.

8 Game Tutor

According to comScore data, there are more than 1.2 billion people playing video games globally. From mobile devices to game consoles to airplanes, video games continue to capture the attention of all ages. Forty-four percent of those gamers are playing online via their mobile devices and PCs, which generally means they are competing with others who are playing the same game. There are professional game coaches and tutors who will provide tips and advice to those who don't have the time to advance on their own.

7 Body Part Model

If you have great abs, a large forehead, a nice booty or any other body part that can be used for advertising, you may be able make some decent coin. For example, Jason Sadler sold his torso to wear company logo-clad shirts. Every day he was wearing a new company's t-shirt and according to an article in listverse.com, he priced the advertising based on the day of the year. For example, on December 31st, it cost a company $365. Evidently, Sadler's business idea blossomed as he had to add staff to help out with the growing demand.

6 Selling Virginity


Obviously, this is not something that can be done more than once, but selling one's virginity is worth some pretty big bucks, considering. It's coined "selling your V" and has been known to command over $700,000 by men whose wallets are thick and their virgin fantasies rampant. If this is a business for you, vetting the buyer would be a smart move or ask for 50 percent upfront.

5 Sell Your Life


If people will buy land they've never seen, it should be no surprise that they will buy stock in someone's life if they think it's a good investment. This is surely one of the most unique and lucrative ideas. There are a few men who have divided their lives up into "assets" and the share holders get the opportunity to purchase various belongings and also make decisions for their "property", especially for big decisions. For example, Ian Usher sold his life on eBay for $305,000, which included his home, a potential to work at his place of employment, his personal goods and even introductions to his friends. This lucrative deal turned into even more as now he is a speaker and writer.

4 Made in China

The label "Made in China" has turned into money-making enterprises for many entrepreneurs over the last few years. The concept is so strong that larger companies are also importing products and putting under their own label without hesitation. For example, did you realize that Whole Foods' 365 Organic brand is all made in China? Can you imagine the profit margin Whole Foods is getting by buying low and selling high, which is Basic Business 101. So smaller businesses and entrepreneurs are doing the same thing with low or no overhead as no physical store is required and products can be ordered in various quantities.

3 High Interest Loans for High Risks


Many people who lost their jobs over the last decade, decided to take things into their own hands. Those with great credit went into the loan business, knowing full well that the volume of low FICO score candidates would be ideal clients for their high interest loans. Some of these aggressive "loan companies" borrow money from their credit cards at low interest rates and then offer these high interest loans to desperate people. The risk, of course, is if the money is not repaid. However, with the strict collateral agreements that are attached to these types of loans the only real risk is having to physically collect on a bad debt.

2 Opening Packages for Big Brands

Can you imagine that a company (or individual) named DC Toys Collector collected an estimated $4.9 million in 2014 just for opening packages of toys. According to a story in fusion.net, this YouTube channel is raking in the dough with ad-supported content for their over 1,600 videos that get around 380 million views per month. According to the article, all of the videos show a woman unwrapping toys and then assembling them. A new video is posted nearly every day. Check out the most viewed video, "Play Doh Sparkle Princess Ariel Elsa Anna Disney Frozen MagiClip Glitter Glider Princesas Magic Clip", which brought in over 172 million views.

1 Internet Sex Site


Sex sells. Always has and always will, as men - gay, straight or otherwise - seem to place a high importance on "breeding", to put it mildly. Sexually oriented websites provided the entrance into making money on the web long before Amazon or other now-successful enterprises. Now that there are so many sexually desirable variations, there is room for making serious money by creating an exclusive site for webcam shows, dating, all adult entertainment, meet-ups and whatever your imagination can create that fills a sexual demand. It is practically that simple.

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