10 Stunning Landscapes That Will Blow Your Mind

Mother nature is one of the cruelest omniscient beings known to man, from foundation shattering earthquakes to violent hurricanes that wash away structures and living beings alike. But just as cruel as mother nature might be, it is just as beautiful as anything we could ever imagine.

The majority of us have wondered why we're truly here, and we believe that mother nature reminds us everyday that we are not in control. The balance of beauty and chaos that the world manifests is something that we'll never fully understand, but while we're able to use our senses and resources, we should at least set some time aside in order to take in the world's most amazing views. Ladies and gentlemen, let us present to you... The world's top ten most beautiful landscapes built by none other than mother nature herself.

10 Aurora Borealis, Sweden


First on the list is an amazing phenomenon formally known as Aurora Borealis, but better known as The Northern Lights. This phenomenon isn't exclusive to Sweden, you can catch these painted-like natural light shows in countries and states like Alaska, Canada, Scotland, and even in Scandinavia. The Aurora Borealis is only visible annually from November to March and hundreds of thousands of people from around the world come to gaze at this miraculous display of vivid lights. With various hues of red, pink, green, blue, and purple, legendary painter Bob Ross himself couldn't even replicate these colors.

9 Plateau de Valensole, France


Man has somewhat contributed to this next entry which is why it's pretty high up on this particular list, but the Plateau de Valensole may go down as one as Europe's most slept on romantic destinations. The brightly lit castles of the Czech Republic are widely talked about and known, the romantic visuals and water adaptable architecture of Venice, Italy, is a major vacation destination for many, and if you don't recognize the Eiffel Tower as a hub for love, we assume you live under a rock. But unfortunately, not too many know about the fields of lavender of the Plateau de Valensole in France.

8 Nabiyotum Volcano, Kenya


Usually when people think of volcanoes they automatically associate them with destruction, fire, and volcanic ash. Many forget that even though volcanoes have the power to destroy anything in its way, including nature itself and man-made civilizations. It also creates foundation and provides some of the most amazing scenic craters that are home to hundreds of different species and contributes to a healthy and active ecosystem. So, how did Kenya's very own Nabiyotum Volcano make the list? There's a lot of beautiful volcanic craters out there but this one has to be one the symmetrical and perfectly round volcanoes on earth, almost as if it was carved and hollowed out by man himself.

7 Rice Terraces at Yuanyuang, China


Man may have had a hand in this very beautiful landscape, but we gotta say that when man and nature come together for the purpose of agriculture, gorgeous things like this happen. The rice terraces of the Yúnnán Province were constructed by the Hani people after they came to the southern part of Ailao Mountains after struggling with the rough terrain in the area. Slowly but surely, the Hani people were able to carve out a 3,000 step terrace in order to grow layers upon layers of rice paddies.

6 Svartifoss Waterfall, Iceland


So, waterfalls have always been scenic, beautiful, and soothing, but this particular waterfall isn't necessarily about the water but the rock the water falls from itself. Sometimes scenic visuals like this prove that there has to be a higher power, as the foundation of the Svartifoss Waterfall [Black Waterfall] seems to be etched into hexagonal and rectangular columns by none other than God himself.

5 Strokkur Geyser, Iceland


Geysers are one of the world's most amazing phenomenons. The word 'geyser' originates from the Icelandic term 'geysa' which in translation means 'to gush.' People travel the world to watch the earth erupt in pure pleasure by bubbling up large amounts of water and spurting it into the air at a high pressure. The Strokkur Geyser in Iceland is one of the most reliable sources in getting a glimpse of the phenomenon. Why? Because, this bad boy has tact and is almost guaranteed to blow about every 4 to 8 minutes, shooting water up to 40m into the air with ease.

4 Brahmaputra River, Tibet


This one might take a little distance to see, but once unveiled, you will notice another miracle of a living planet, which replicates the nerves and blood vessels we carry within our bodies. Brahmaputra River is known as a 'braided river,' which is like a free form river that doesn't have a river bank, and spreads wide throughout a given landscape. It gathers various types of sediment, which then turns into small islands of dirt and sand and creates a braided appearance.

3 The Wave, Coyote Buttes, USA


Next up, The Wave slash Coyote Buttes, but we like to call it nature's pottery class. If you're thinking that this is just some man-made mumbo-jumbo playground for hikers to go run around in the desert, guess again. This was all created by forces that were in existence long before us. This amazing, patterned scenery was created by the flow of long-ago sea waves, and the deterioration of solid rock by the elements. Over time the sediment slowly sawed out this elaborate landscape. This art piece signed by the man upstairs is one of a kind.

2 Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia


No offense to our Croatian brothers and sisters, but usually when we think of Croatia we don't automatically think of beautifully scenic landscapes. We really don't know too much about Croatia at all, but we do know the Plitvice Lakes National Park looks like something out of an Avatar movie scene. Plush greenery and mineral rich lakes cascade into each other, and surely make even the most evil of people smile and feel peace.

1 Yellowstone's Grand Prismatic Spring, USA


One of the most mesmerizing and beautiful scenes on earth is Yellowstone National Park's Grand Prismatic Spring. How did Wyoming get so lucky with their amount of nature's beauty? It looks like if you were to be submerged into this water you would come out either horrifyingly disfigured and deformed or come out as the newest member of the X-Men.

The spring gets its wide range of colors from various types of bacteria in the water. There's a rust color, a bright yellow hue, and various shades of green that all bleed into the center of the deep blue spring. Remember, we are part of a living organism called planet earth, let's do our best to sustain the beauty that we create as well as the natural creator, the planet, itself.


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10 Stunning Landscapes That Will Blow Your Mind