10 Stars You Won't Believe Shot Nude Scenes

Since the early days of cinema, countless actors both famous and unknown have been brave enough to shoot nude scenes for everything from cheap slasher films to serious, Oscar-worthy dramas. Many actors, male and female, even make entire careers by acting as beautiful background characters. These actors make a job of stripping down to provide a film with some sex appeal. Stars like this are often as concerned with their appearance as they are with their craft. However, a lot of these actors may later fall victim to aging and, without their good looks, find offers of work dwindling.

So, some stars take the opposite path, keeping their assets hidden from the public's sight for as long as is possible. For these actors, an air of mystery is necessary for their image.Other stars create screen personalities that are so convincing and familiar to audiences that it becomes hard for their fans to imagine seeing them strip down, no matter what the film. In every case, actors can end up caught between the requirements of their work and the expectations of their fan bases. Admittedly, some actors fail to work out these demands successfully, and can end up demanding body doubles, awkward CGI cover-ups, or even script rewrites.

However, some times even the most unexpected actors can prove they are daring by deciding, for better or worse, to bare all on screen.

Listed below are just a few of the stars who you won't believe shot nude scenes.

10 Robin Williams

For a lot of our readers, Robin Williams will be best remembered for his roles in classic family films such as Hook, Jumanji and Chris Columbus's Mrs. Doubtfire.

But, believe it or not, the family friendly comic bared all in Terry Gilliam's 1996 dramedy The Fisher King. Playing a disturbed mental patient, Williams encounters an arrogant radio presenter played by Jeff Bridges. Soon, the presenter's life is sent into a madcap adventure.

Williams' nude scene in the film is brief and not of a sexual nature. However, the actor's willingness to shoot the sequence still displays a fearless commitment to the role. The Fisher King, like many others, remains a testament to the skill and talent of the late comic.

9 Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson is currently enjoying a late career revival as an aging action star. Nowadays, the actor is widely known for his role in the Taken series, and blockbusters such as A Walk Amongst The Tombstones and Seth MacFarlane's A Million Ways to Die in the West. What a lot of his new fans won't know, though, is that earlier in his career, Neeson stripped off for 1991's Under Suspicion.

The Irish actor portrays a private investigator in Under Suspicion, an entry in the eighties cycle of murder mysteries. The film was not popular on release, and Neeson's performance was largely forgotten.

However, the star's endowment was once again made legendary by his ex-girlfriend, supermodel Janice Dickinson, who wrote very favourably of Neeson's assets in her tell-all autobiography.

8 Bruce Willis

Nowadays, Bruce Willis is best known for his roles in never-ending action film franchises like The Expendables, the R.E.D series, and the Die Hard films.

However, few viewers remember that, in 1994's The Color of Night, Willis went nude for his role as a therapist to a disturbed young woman. A raunchy, violent mystery, The Color of Night had been written to cash in on the psycho-sexual thriller trend that was popular in Hollywood at the time. Hoping to follow in the footsteps of movies like Sliver, Disclosure, and Basic Instinct, The Color of Night was unpopular with most critics. Unfortunately for Willis, the film was also a flop at cinemas.

As a result, the actor's most explicit role is now largely unseen, outside of late night cable reruns.

7 Ewan McGregor

Most of our readers will remember Ewan McGregor for his roles in blockbusters like The Island and the Star Wars films. Very few are likely to have seen the Scottish actor's "lightsaber", as he himself called his privates. However, Ewan McGregor actually began acting with more nude scenes than most actors manage in their entire careers. McGregor appeared nude in no less than four of his earlier films. These naked appearances ranged from extended, explicit sex scenes in The Pillow Book, to a brief shot of nudity during McGregor's breakout role in Danny Boyle's Trainspotting.

Ewan McGregor's nude appearances in Young Adam and Velvet Goldmine caused even more controversy. Eventually, the actor decided in a 2010 interview that he would no longer be shooting sex scenes in his future films.

6 Gerard Butler

Nowadays, Gerard Butler is a Hollywood star, with films like of 300, PS I Love You and Law Abiding Citizen on his resume. Early in his career, Butler starred in countless smaller Irish, English and Scottish films. It was in one of these early roles, 1997's Mrs Brown, that Butler bared all for the cinema-going public to see.

The actor shot a brief, fully nude skinny dipping scene for Mrs Brown, along with Scottish comedian Billy Connelly. Mrs Brown was liked by critics, and the film became a runaway success in the UK and overseas. Butler's role in Mrs Brown soon became one of his earliest breaks into the international film industry.

However, Mrs Brown failed to gather as large an audience as Butler's 300 co-star Michael Fassbender did with his own "revelatory" performance in 2011's Shame.

5 Christina Ricci

Former child actor Christina Ricci is well-known to children of the nineties, both as the star of Casper, and as Wednesday Addams in the popular Addams Family series of films. By the late nineties, Ricci was eager to get rid of her family friendly image after working as a child actress. In 2000, the star signed up to star in an adaptation of Elizabeth Wurtzel's best-selling memoir, Prozac Nation.

Christina Ricci was willing to bare all for the role, filming numerous explicit scenes of sex and nudity. However, the film received terrible early reviews. Although Prozac Nation was edited numerous times, cinema distributors weren't interested in purchasing the finished film. Few viewers ever saw the adaptation, and Prozac Nation proved a bad beginning to Christina Ricci's adult career.

4 Amanda Seyfried

Throughout her career, actress Amanda Seyfried has mainly played all-American beauties. Her roles in comedies like Mean Girls, romantic dramas like Dear John, and even musicals like Mamma Mia, are each innocent, girl next door characters.

It came as a surprise to many of her fans when she appeared as a sultry femme fatale in Atom Egoyan's Chloe. The movie was a twisted thriller. Amanda Seyfried filmed numerous fully nude love scenes, including an extended tryst with co-star Julianne Moore.

Unfortunately, both critical and commercial reaction to Chloe was under-whelming. Seyfried went on to appear nude on film again for 2013's Lovelace, in which she portrayed the titular adult film actress.

3 Katie Holmes

Formerly married to superstar Tom Cruise, actress Katie Holmes has a long career in television and film. In 2000, Holmes was another young actress eager to revamp the public's view of her. As a result, the young starlet cast off her wholesome image by shooting a topless scene in Southern Gothic pot-boiler The Gift.

Despite a great cast and direction from Sam Raimi, the film proved largely forgettable. Katie Holmes' topless scene, though, angered a lot of more conservative critics. These critics viewed Holmes' nude scene as an obvious attempt by the actress to move away from the clean image she had gained from her work on television's Dawson's Creek.

At the very least, 2004's classic stoner comedy Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle saw fit to reference Holmes' nudity, with two minor characters agreeing that the topless scene was the only memorable part of the film.

2 Halle Berry

With a career spanning over two decades on film, Halle Berry is no stranger to screen nudity. Early in her career, the Catwoman starlet saw the rewards of a revealing performance with her incredible, intimate work in 2001's Monster's Ball.

The movie, which included some steamy scenes with co-star Billy Bob Thornton, earned Berry an Academy Award.

Surprisingly, though, Halle Berry also went nude earlier in the same year, for the techno-thriller Swordfish. Berry's salary for the film was reportedly raised by $500,000 in exchange for the brief topless sunbathing scene. However, Berry herself has since claimed that this figure is a fabrication.

1 Willem Dafoe

Willem Dafoe is perhaps best known for his campy role as the Green Goblin in 2002's Spiderman, directed by Sam Raimi. However, the actor is an established figure in both Hollywood and alternative cinema.

In 2009, Dafoe starred in European director Lars Von Trier's uncompromising horror film Antichrist. In the film, Dafoe plays a man who slowly loses his mind in a secluded cabin with only his wife for company.

The movie features frequent nude scenes from both of its leads, Dafoe and Euro cinema superstar Charlotte Gainsbourg. Despite never appearing nude before, Dafoe was happy to shoot the scenes in question. However, director Von Trier was forced to re-shoot the scenes and substitute a body double for Dafoe.

Von Trier later explained that Dafoe's un-proportionally large manhood was the cause of the re-shoots, as the actor's genitals appeared unrealistically big in the film.

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