10 Secrets Women Keep From Men On The First Date

A first date can be nerve-racking for both men and women, particularly if they are newly acquainted. It can be a little easier in some ways, if there is a history of friendship, or from work or school. While most (or many) men are busy trying to make sure the date goes smoothly, the pretty woman is enjoying the little touches and preparation. Or, at least that is what her date hopes she is up to. He, of course, wants to make sure everything goes well as his chances of sexually hooking up later are much higher, particularly if alcohol is involved.

All, but the most confident, men often wonder what a woman is thinking while they are on their first date. Nervous women might actually talk too much, but it is generally just first-date chatter and doesn't answer what's behind that beautiful face and body. We think you might be a little surprised to learn just what goes through their minds. Our guess is that you are not even close to knowing the types of things that women find important. Why? Because they are wired differently from birth. Friend's and family's expectations, future plans and visions all come into play for the average woman.

Today, we're going to give our male readers the inside scoop, so they will never have to wonder again. Read on, brave males, and see what you are really up against.

10 She wants sex as much as you do 

This may or may not surprise you, but many females do have sex on their mind before, during and after the first date. They may avoid the situation altogether by dropping hints or making sure they have their own transportation, but make no mistake many women want it as badly as you do. The big concern females have is somewhat common. If she really likes you, it will become a dual-edged sword and inner conflict for her. As much as she would like the physical release, the question will always be present in her mind, "Will he respect me in the morning enough to consider me for a long-term relationship and possibly marriage?"

9 What's the real deal on your finances

It's not like women all want to marry a rich man, but having an idea of where her date's finances come in on a scale of 1 to 10 is very important. Even though most women aren't looking to be taken care of, they are also not interested in falling in love with a "liability". A liability by most people's standards is someone who lives high on the hog but requires financial assistance from loans, friends and family or defaults on money responsibilities. Most often, those guys don't make great partners especially while they continue living above their means. So can you blame her?

8 Give us all the dirt on yourself

It's not that your date wants to snoop into your personal life to the nth degree. It's just that if there is any information that is likely to put up a red flag for future dates, she wants to know now, instead of after she falls in love. So be sure, you have been Googled, reviewed, Instagrammed, Facebook'd and anything else she could get her hands on before the date. Now she wants to hear from you. What are you hiding? Any addictions, sexually transmitted diseases, DUIs, divorces, kids or lawsuits happening? If you like the woman and are hiding things, best to divulge away and let the chips fall where they may. You could be surprised and better to avoid a painful breakup in the future.

7 Notice how great she looks

Sure, most guys don't spend more than 30 minutes getting ready for anything unless they are into painting their faces with their favorite team's colors. But women spend hours, and sometimes days, finding the perfect dress, hair and makeup just to please a potential mate, so don't make her ask, speak up and notice all of the delicious details. She should not have to point out all of the extra steps she painstakingly took to "wow" you.  So pay attention or she may think you're a typical guy who has one eye on the sports monitor and the other eye on her girl parts instead of being captivated by her lovely presence.

6 Me too!

You like hiking? So does she. You love sports. She does too. It all sounds so real when the woman chimes in with "me too" at every turn. However, the truth of the matter is that she might be stretching the truth a little just to seem amenable and compatible. In the meantime, she knows if there is a second, third and fourth date that she will have to come clean or learn to live up to her promises. In order to nip the "me too" syndrome in the bud, find out what she likes first and start up a genuinely honest conversation. Stay away from trying to mirror her interests in the same way. Compatibility stems from honest communication.

5 Best behavior

Face it, most everyone on a first date is on their best behavior. In fact, those same behaviors often last a couple of months for most people who are involved in a new romance. When you are on the first date, a woman's behavior is intended to show the potential boyfriend/husband that she is easygoing, not a control freak and happy if you have a life. What follows may be completely different, but as we said both men and women are guilty of this. Be on the lookout for the great pretender.

4 Fake hair, fake nails, fake eyelashes 


In today's age of implants, injections, hair extensions, padded bras, it can be a little confusing to many guys who are enamored with beautiful women. She may look amazing and he may not even realize just how many "add-ons" she has clipped, strapped and glued on, until the day he must witness it all coming off. This is worrisome for the woman who knows that someday, possibly in the near future, her natural looks will be revealed. After all, when sex is finally upfront and center, it all comes out. Will you still love her then?

3 She has already stalked you 

You may wish you never read this one. Yes, some women take their valuable time to stalk their upcoming first date guy. This could mean looking you up on social media or shopping in his neighborhood or even searching his friends and work. If you're wondering what the point of all of these undercover activities could be, think CraigsList murders, married men who pretend they are single and more. You might be more forgiving if you look at it from the perspective that she is just protecting herself.

2 Her circle of friends 

Another undercover operation that most guys are not aware of is how many of her friends have known about this date from the minute it became real. All eyes are watching and the guy hasn't a clue. In fact, one minute after leaving her date, she is likely to text her friends or make group calls to fill everyone in on every... single detail. If that isn't enough to get first date men to kick it up a notch, we're not sure what is. Because make no mistake, if her friends don't like what they hear about you there may be no follow up date.

1 Girl input

Women are definitely attributed with being more social creatures than men. So don't be surprised if her best friend(s) were at her apartment for a few hours before she left to meet you. After all, she needed input on her dress, makeup, perfume and overall sex appeal. Real friends don't let friends go on first dates without looking as close to a supermodel as possible. So the takeaway from all of this is to always remember you and she are not really in this alone. There are and will always be "other people in the room", whether you can see them or not. Take heed, those friends are making your first date woman as hot as human possible all for your visual pleasure.

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