10 Famous Puppets Of The Illuminati

The Illuminati originated with the founding of the Bavarian Illuminati in 1776. The society's goals were to oppose superstition, obscurantism, religious influence over public life and abuses of state power. But these days, the Illuminati is more of a conspiracy theory. According to theorists, the Illuminati group conspires to control world affairs by masterminding events and planting agents in the government to gain political power.

The Illuminati have been depicted as lurking everywhere, pulling strings, and trying to influence the general population through popular culture and entertainment. Often the biggest celebrities and political figures are accused of working for the Illuminati, or being "puppets" of the Illuminati. There are websites dedicated to exploring these accusations, and looking for evidence of the Illuminati's existence.

The Bavarian Illuminati was a real group, and modern Illuminati attempts to give themselves historical ties as a strategy for attracting more members. There is no evidence that modern day groups have been successful in exerting power through popular culture, although the conspiracy theories are numerous.

Here are 10 celebrities who have been accused of being under the influence and control of the modern day Illuminati.

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10 Jay-Z


According to modern day conspiracy theorists, Jay Z is pretty much the current godfather of the Illuminati secret society. "Evidence" includes the pyramid symbol he often flashes (aka that triangle thing he does with his hands) for his Roc-A-Fella music label. When his daughter with Beyonce was born, Twitter went crazy with theories that the name Blue Ivy was an homage to Eulb Yvi which is Latin for "Lucifer's daughter". Illuminati theorists are constantly looking for visual evidence in the form of triangles showing up in photos. The mysterious fight Jay-Z had with Solange in an elevator at the Met Gala last year is also undeniable proof that he is indeed a member of the Illuminati.

9 Lady Gaga


8 Rihanna


If you believe Jay Z is the godfather of the Illuminati, then it isn't too farfetched to think Rihanna might have followed in her mentor's footsteps. She regularly flashes the triangle (aka pyramid) symbol with her hands, and a sign calling her the "Princess of the Illuminati" appears in her "S&M" music video. She also poses naked inside a giant pyramid structure in her video for "Umbrella", and we all know what overt pyramid symbolism means. A lot of her music has references to the occult, especially the lyrics and video for "Disturbia". Good girl gone bad is right.

7 Madonna


Probably the most compelling evidence that Madonna is Illuminati royalty is the above picture of her wearing a leather jacket with the All-Seeing Eye and pyramid on the back. She even has a song on her latest album called "Illuminati" which pokes fun at Internet conspiracy theories, but only works to make her motives even more suspicious to the theorists she singles out. An article on vigilantcitizen.com points out how Madonna's attempt to discredit Illuminati theories is based on spreading misinformation in order to throw people off. No one actually thinks she has anything to do with running the New World Order, she is just a pawn in their ultimate plot to take over the world. Duh.

6 Kanye West


The close friend and collaborator of Jay Z never had a chance of not being linked to the Illuminati. Kanye West flashes the triangle hand symbol originated by Jay Z, wears Horus necklaces, and All-Seeing Eye rings. His music videos are full of occult imagery especially most of the songs from his latest album, "Yeezus". Kanye West has always been an arrogant, over-the-top figure in hip-hop, and his constant self comparisons to Jesus and Christianity could be seen as an attempt to discredit religion. Many articles found online offer a counter argument, saying Kanye couldn't possibly be an Illuminati puppet, simply because he is too unpredictable.

5 Kesha


4 LeBron James


The main argument for Cavaliers forward, LeBrown James being involved with the Illuminati is the fact that he is so impossibly good at basketball. That's right, conspiracy theorists think the only way anyone could be that good at any sport is by making a pact with the devil. Which translates to being a puppet of the Illuminati. The secret society wants the most influential people to be under their thumb, and in the sports world, LeBron James is about as famous as it gets. James can also be seen flashing the pyramid sign Jay Z originated after the national anthem before every game. And the mere fact he is so mysteriously close to Jay Z at all is proof enough all on its own.

3 Lil Wayne


Another hip-hop star who can't help but put symbols of the occult in his videos is Lil Wayne. His video for "Mirrors" features him making the symbol of 3 6's (666 is the symbol of the beast, aka Satan) with his hand. He flashes that sign multiple times, and places it over his eye once or twice too, which symbolizes the All-Seeing Eye. Apparently simply having a ladder in the video is a symbol for Freemasonry, which is a throwback to the origins of the Illuminati. If that isn't enough for you, at one point his hands are covered in black and red paint which are the colours of the devil.

2 Emma Watson


No one ever said much about Emma Watson starring in one of the biggest film franchises ever as a witch. But of course, extreme success always leads conspiracy theorists to believe something is fishy. Emma Watson has now become an influential woman of her generation, and has spoken out for causes she believes in. The main reason she has been on the Illuminati theorists radar lately is there are a few pictures of her covering her left eye (symbolism for the All-Seeing Eye) and making the 666 symbol with one hand over her eye. She could be a new recruit who has only recently started exerting her influence.

1 Justin Bieber

via: www.fondosdejustinbieber.com

Justin Bieber's recent public apology and vow to clean up his act have Illuminati written all over them. He already has the highly impressionable fan base (hordes of teenage girls) that the secret society loves, and what better brain to take over than one that is smack dab in the middle of a downward spiral? Bieber has multiple tattoos symbolizing the occult, including a giant eye, and Moloch, the owl deity who prefers child sacrifices. There are a few videos (one below) out there claiming to show Justin struggling not to shape shift into reptilian form while he attended a court hearing. Creepy.

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