10 Of The Wildest Restaurants In The World

What constitutes a restaurant as being wild? Is it the crazy location or the unbelievable overall theme? Is it the food, the service or a combination of all the above? How each of us defines crazy is different and for this list we have taken all the above into consideration searching out the 10 wildest restaurants from around the world. From a restaurant that requires a password to enter to across the world in Japan where your servers have a tail; each of these restaurants is unique in their own ways.

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to dine in the open sky while sailing over the colorful landscape or what it would be like to go back in time and experience the tragedy of the Titanic; it is now possible with more and wilder restaurants opening each year. Imagine sitting at the base of a waterfall as the clear water trickles over your feet while enjoying the local cuisine, or having to take a cable car to reach your cliff side lunch. The possibilities are endless with this list and we invite you to hang on as we take you on a wild ride around the world to our top ten wildest restaurants.

10 CuliAir Luchtballon Restaurant, Netherlands


It is the world’s only hot air balloon restaurant and promises a totally unique experience while soaring over the beautiful landscape of the Netherlands. From sunset dinners to champagne breakfasts the master chef will delight you with her creations. How the meals are created up here is a strange and wonderful concept all on its own. Using the hot air balloon as one big convention oven, the meals are transported to the crown of the balloon for majority of the cooking. Once they are done they are lowered down where the chef does live cooking and presents them in style. First rate wine and exceptional cuisine enjoyed while floating between heaven and earth; it doesn’t get much better than that.

9 Kayabukiya Tavern, Japan


This traditional sake-house restaurant in Japan has quite the claim to fame as the only known restaurant to have monkeys as waiters. These macaque monkeys are owned by the tavern owner and are employed to work as waiters for 2 hrs a night; sticking with animal rights laws and all. They bring customers hot towels, take drink orders and deliver the drinks to the tables. They also love to put on a little after dinner entertainment showing off and jumping on patrons and the tables. The restaurant’s owner has committed to keeping these monkeys working and we suggest you visit here while this place still exists as there is no other place on earth like it.

8 Berggasthaus Aescher-Wildkirchli Swiss Alps


Guests who want to visit this restaurant will have to have no fear of heights, and be prepared to hike and take a cable car to reach it. Tucked into the side of the Swiss Alps, clinging to a vertical cliff face is this 170 year old guest house. Unbelievable views are just the start of what awaits you here. Delicious seasonal local food, great beer and friendly staff will have you wanting to stay longer. It may just be the best Rosti you will have in Switzerland. Locals and visitors flock here during the supper hours because let’s be honest; who wouldn’t want to dine on the side of a mountain?

7 The Safe House, USA


If you don’t know the password you can’t get into this ever popular restaurant; unless you go through numerous silly tests and do crazy things while being watched by other patrons. Established in 1966, this restaurant is fully decorated with spy related objects, disfiguring mirrors, games and trick doors. From martinis that are shaken via a pneumatic tube that travels around the whole restaurant, to a secret exit door in a phone booth, this gem of a place is spy worthy. The food is decent, the service is impeccable and skits can be requested for a small fee. The restrooms feature a double mirror, a piece of the Berlin Wall and many other secrets we are obliged to keep.

6 Count Dracula Club, Romania


The interior looks like a crypt, heads hang from the wall, a dungeon hides away below the stone staircase and Dracula makes several appearances; welcome to Count Dracula Club. Bring your sense of humor here as the place is not only dark and eerie but also provides plenty of laughs. Dracula performs a show from time to time asking patrons to act as volunteers. In a city that is so well known with its legends, this theme restaurant certainly chose the right place to open up. Enjoy the drinks, the food and if you’re lucky Dracula will give you his own personal tour.

5 Sounds of Silence, Australia


Location, location, location is what this next restaurant offers. More of a dining experience than an actual restaurant the Sounds of Silence takes visitors into the Australian Outback for a night of drinks, dinner, storytelling and star gazing. Wine and canapés are provided to start off your evening while you watch as the sun sinks slowly casting remarkable colours on the landscape. Tables with crisp white linens are set out under the open skies. The buffet offers amazing traditional food and as the sky grows darker you are basked in stars and planets. An expert is there to speak about stargazing and the Milky Way. This promises to be one restaurant experience you will never forget.

4 The Rock Restaurant Zanzibar, Tanzania


Serving mainly seafood, this unique restaurant sits on top of a rock just off shore in the midst of the Indian Ocean. Visitors can walk here at low tide but the restaurant offers a shuttle boat service to bring people to and from when the tide is high. The restaurant can sit up to 45 patrons; both inside and out and offers a spectacular 360 degree view of the surrounding ocean. Exceptional local seafood, crafty cocktails and impeccable service makes this restaurant worth the drive. If you were ever looking for the perfect picture to make your friends and family jealous; here it is.

3 Waterfalls Restaurant, Philippines


At the foot of Labasin falls guests can enjoy local cuisine at handmade bamboo tables while the clear water runs over their feet. The Waterfalls Restaurant at Villa Escudero offers visitors a once in a lifetime opportunity to dine right at the base of a waterfall and safely. These falls are so safe that if you lean against them you will get a surprising massage. Don’t expect this to be a quiet romantic dinner though as the falls are loud and staying dry is next to impossible if you are right beside the falls. This dining option has excellent food choices, a great introduction to local culture and the chance to take part in a truly unique experience; who wouldn’t want to be there?

2 Titanic Theatre Restaurant (Australia)


This full out dinner theatre does an incredible job replicating the Titanic and is one of the wildest restaurants in terms of absolutely nailing the theme. As soon as visitors arrive, they are asked if they want first class or steerage to the captain’s show. Regardless of where they are seated the service is impeccable, and the staff is in full costume, bringing the whole theme together. Costumes, Irish jigs, excellent food and plenty of booze make this an exceptional restaurant.

1 Disaster Café, Spain

This restaurant is for those who are curious about feeling an earthquake's force while eating. Or at least that is what this restaurant’s owner must have thought before creating Disaster Café in Spain. Customers are whisked underground to a cave like restaurant where a 7.8 magnitude earthquake is created causing tables to shake, chairs to move and plenty of drinks to be spilled. The staff are fully prepared with safety helmets and the only danger you are in is listening to the people screaming while the place is shaking. This is not a restaurant for the weak and can definitely be considered one of the wildest restaurants in the world.

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