10 Of The Strangest Bars Around The World

Have you ever walked into a bar or nightclub and wondered how anyone ever came up with the strange theme that stands before your eyes? With the amount of bars and nightclubs that are taking over cities owners are finding creative and strange new ways to draw visitors in. How do you feel about taking a drink from a specimen jar? Or how about slugging back a beer while staring at a wall of alien like dolls created by the mastermind behind the Alien movies? These fascinating nightclubs and bars are in unexpected places from the middle of a mango farm inside a tree to a town in Ukraine where drinking and dying take place in the same structure.

A few of these places were built to get into the Guinness Book of World Records, some were meant to showcase artists talents and others; well we can’t be sure why someone ever thought to use toilets instead of chairs or why anyone would only employ little people (hello human rights?). From the weird to the wacky to the out of this world awesome cave experiences; here are 10 of the strangest nightclubs and bars around the world.

10 Icebar by Icehotel, Sweden


The concepts of icebars have exploded over the past few years but the original icebar is located in the tiny town of Jukkasjarvi in Sweden. Here patrons come together and wear thermal caps, down-filled coats and warm mitts as they drink in the sub zero temperature. Ice sculptures, a snow made dance floor and furniture constructed solely of ice, complete with a DJ and delicious cocktails makes this one awesome place to chill out for the night. Just be sure you don’t get your lips stuck to your glass made out of ice. From Sweden to London to pop up bars all over the world, this concept sure has caught on.

9 Rumours/Miniscule of Sound- Travelling Nightclubs


The world’s two smallest bars deserve a special mention in the world of weird and strange. It is unclear which one now holds the title of ‘smallest bar in the world’ but one thing is for sure; you won’t be partying with very many people inside these boxes. They are full of flashy decor, plush red velvet, a picky bouncer and hot DJ’s. These exclusive clubs travel around the world from festivals to private parties and offer party goers one of the most unique experiences on this list. Prepare to get down, shake your booty and drink the night away in these incredible close quartered nightclubs.

8 H.R Giger Skeleton Bar, Switzerland


If you don’t know who H.R Giger is, you are probably at least familiar with his best known creation; the Alien movie franchise. Therefore it is no surprise that stepping foot into this bar feels exactly like watching those movies; creepy, dark and eerie. Designed by Giger himself; the bar is a hollowed out skeleton, complete with double arches of vertebrae that crisscross the vaulted ceilings. The furniture are skeletal replicas; the wall of doll-like alien creatures and the alien like feel to the whole place will have you fascinated for hours. From the skeletal heads on the posts to the intriguing yet frightening doors to enter; this bar is strangely fascinating. How long you can stay comfortable in there is really up to you.

7 Alux Restaurant and Lounge, Mexico


This restaurant and bar is a hole in the ground, literally. Located in a cenote, visitors will have to descend the stairs to enter and wander from chamber to chamber with a drink in hand. The lighting in the cave is atmospheric, turning on as you walk through the hallways and brings the stalagmites and stalactites to life in a multitude of wonderful colors. Their great menu and wine makes this an excellent choice to have a meal or grab a cocktail and explore. One of the only places in the world that you can have a drink in a natural cave as well as feel the ancient powers that seemingly exist here.

6 Hobbit House, Philippines


A place where the serving staff is small in stature but big in heart is our next stop. The Hobbit House was born in 1973 by a man so taken with the Lord of the Rings books that he decided to staff an entire bar of little people. Since then the bar has become a hit with locals and visitors from all over the world. Large murals, paintings and posters decorate the joint with characters from Tolkien’s books. A lineup of live music performance from jazz to folk to blues along with a stage in the back where the little people love to put on sideshow like performances makes this bar an absolute must for any visitor in Manila.

5 Baobab Bar, South Africa


This 6,000 year old tree is home to a bar that has been around since 1933 housed in the hollow trunk. Holding only 15 patrons at a time, this intimate and unique experience is like none other. The bar has 13 foot ceilings and is lined with wooden benches encouraging visitors to grab a drink and throw some darts; at the dart board located on one of the interior walls.  Shelves are lined with historical knickknacks that tell patrons about the history of the tree and the property it is on. You won’t find any DJ’s spinning out beats here but instead find yourself worlds away immersed in a tiny pub in the middle of a tree.

4 Guacara Taina, Dominican Republic


Set 60 feet in the ground is a true nightclub; deep within a cave complete with stalactites, bats and up to 3,000 guests. Visitors here will descend 75 stairs and immerse themselves in the cave that boasts three dance floors, plenty of seating and hot DJ’s mixing Dominican meringue and international pop. The feel is electric with a disco ball lighting up the walls and from locals to international visitors; this place gets packed. Plenty of bars, small alcoves to relax and a great mix of people make this experience unforgettable.

3 Das Klo, Germany


This electric and lively bar in Germany literally translates to ‘the loo’ or ‘the toilet’, and although the bar has a toilet theme to it; it’s much more than just that. Starting off with the water that squirts you when you walk in to the bar stools that tilt, twirl and tip you; visitors should fasten their seatbelts and hold on. Your choice of seats includes toilets or coffins and your choice of drink is served in a specimen jar or even a blood transfusion pack and that is just the beginning. Prepare to be delighted, disgusted, surprised and shocked when a hammer swings inches from your head from the roof, a giant bear greets you at the bathroom or a bar that shocks you. Words cannot describe the feeling of this place, one must simply experience it.

2 Eternity Bar, Ukraine


Hoping to get into the Guinness Book of World Records one owner took death to a new level; building the world’s biggest coffin and turning it into a bar. This pine structure is shaped just like a coffin and inside is as gloomy as one would expect. Dark black curtains, candles and funeral flowers on every table along with funeral hymns playing in the background set the stage for this unexpected and weird drinking spot. To top the ambiance off there are actual coffins scattered throughout the room and the somber black clothed service staff play the part. If you have ever wanted to ‘drink yourself to death’; here would be the place to do so.

1 Clinic, Singapore


The strangest bar on this list has since been closed but deserves honorable mention due to its extreme nature and total weirdness. The Clinic bar in Singapore was designed around a hospital theme complete with wheelchairs for seats, actual hospital beds for lounging and operating lights shining down. Service staff were dressed in all white medical scrubs and served food in shapes of organs and drinks from test tubes. A creepy and weird concept we only wish it could have lived on longer so even more people could visit this ultimately strange but intriguing bar.

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