10 Of The Scariest Ghost Sighting Videos Ever

Many people will say that they don't believe in ghosts and will write off an odd occurrence with all the rational excuses (dog, cat, wind, leaving the toaster plugged in, etc.) they can come up with. Do people say that they don't believe because of the fear of them actually existing? Or do some people genuinely not believe in the afterlife.

Both the believers and non believers can agree that a good ghost story can always raise goosebumps and even remain on your mind for days after hearing the tale. Seeing authentic video footage can be even more haunting, some so clear that even the non believers start to question. After some extensive digging, we came across some of the scarier videos floating around online—although some of them were obviously faked. The ones that are included in this list are the most realistic, and therefore, the most convincing videos that appear online (which is why I’m writing this post from under my duvet).

Here are some of the most convincing ‘real’ ghost sighting videos online:


10 Disney Land Ghost

Could it be good old Walt Disney dropping in to check on things? Or could one of the specters simply have escaped from The Haunted Mansion? Originally posted in 2009, this video seems to have resurfaced this year—probably because, to be quite honest, the ghost looks like the real deal. Shot in California in the park after hours, the ghost seems to be having a fantastic time, even walking on water near the end of the clip. Which can be a nice relief for those who don't mind a ghost with a positive attitude.

9 Stanley Hotel


Remember The Shining? Literally the most terrifying movie ever made, in my opinion. Guess which hotel inspired author Stephen King to write the book? The Stanley Hotel, located in Estes Park, Colorado, is known to be haunted by more than one ghost (the website even warns that potential guests may have an ‘extra’ experience, although they assure that it will be a friendly one). The fourth floor is said to be particularly active, and unfortunately for this guest, that’s where they booked him. While you can’t see any actual ghosts in the video, the sounds are the scariest things of life.

8 Blockbuster Ghost

There isn’t really a ton of information available about what happened here, but it seems that a Blockbuster in Mexico has a poltergeist (which is great, seeing as how they’ve got so much open space). This poor employee is just trying to do his job, until his terror gets the better of him. He seems logical—replacing the fallen videos, patiently returning to the next shelf, until it finally dawns on him that it might not be an accident. Although it is kind of funny when he takes off running. Even if he is just running from a ghost who’s probably just frustrated that it doesn’t get to choose the videos playing on the store monitors.

7 Gettysburg Ghost


The best part of this video is the family filming it. Just having a good old time picnicking or whatever, which is what makes the video believable—even if they are just randomly filming the scenery. The ghostly figure is in the distance, and is clearly not another person (as the woman guesses—the man takes a guess that maybe the person is in the trees or something). It’s bone chilling—and given the fact that it is filmed in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania makes it seem all the more real. After all, it is known as one of the most haunted places on earth (so save that one for the honeymoon).

6 Sweet Ghost

Besides the fact that video clip is downright creepy, it is kind of heart warming. A man appears to be crying at a lost one’s gravesite, and a ghostly figure seems to lean over him, as if to comfort him. Sweet, right? It’s kind of reassuring that some spirits are friendly, and that they’re not all angry and out to steal our bed covers. But here’s the kicker—apparently the video was captured by the cemetery’s security camera. Wait—cemeteries have security cameras? And those security cameras have a zoom lens?

5 Elderly Woman in Elevator


So terrifying. It seems like a totally random video of two co-workers riding the elevator, until they get off. Behind them, the spectre of a hunched over elderly woman shuffles, albeit slowly, off after them—so the elevator guys probably weren’t in any real danger, given her speed and all. The truth is that the video was the result of a promotional campaign designed to highlight the dangers of working late (you know, being tired, stressed, seeing a ghost if you’re hanging out too late at the office). It cost about $100,000 to make, which is probably why I had a nightmare about it last night.

4 Woman Walks Through Ghost

It seems like quite a few of the creepiest ghost videos featured on YouTube originate out of Japan, so here’s one more. Here a woman is walking down the street, and seems to unknowingly walk through the figure of another person. Caught by a surveillance camera, the figure seems to float, unmoving, while the woman carries on with her day. How incredibly disturbing is that? While some people think the figure might be either a being caught between universes or a wandering spirit, it’s more than likely just the result of some clever camera work. Or so we hope.


3 Little Girl in the Mirror


When you were a kid, you probably remember those lovely tales of “Bloody Mary” and “Candyman.” The stories were terrifying and gruesome, and most likely scared the living daylights out of you. (I would brush my teeth in the bathroom mirror and then make a leap of faith into my bed, pulling the covers over my head.) This video, which features a young Japanese girl brushing her hair in the mirror, is pretty creepy—when she turns around, her reflection remains still, staring at the back of her head. Hopefully, the little girl never sees this clip, even if it is a terrible joke—because it would probably scar her for life.

2 Ghost of Longleat House

Longleat House is one of the most beautiful examples of architecture in Britain. Rebuild after a fire in 1580, the manor, which even today remains within the Thynne family, was once owned by Thomas Thynne, who married Lady Louisa Carteret in 1733. Rumour has it that the 2nd Viscount Weymouth suspected that one of her footmen had romantic intentions, and confronted him about it. Of course, that story ends with the poor guy getting his neck broken and being buried under the stairs. Although it can’t be confirmed, it is said that workers stumbled across his remains while lowering the cellar floor. Thynne told his wife that the footman ran away, but she was convinced he was locked away in the house. She died three years later during childbirth, but apparently the ghosts of both her and her footman roam the old manor. This video shows her other half, and it’s downright creepy (Note: the sound effects that are playing in the background are part of a tourism gimmick, not coming from the ghost.)

1 Ghost in WWII Tunnels in Japan


Whenever I watch a ghost video on YouTube, I always make sure to read the ‘Comments’ section first, because people calling out the validity of the video makes me feel safer. This video is tricky though, because it really is just about the most terrifying ghost video I have ever seen, and commenters seem to fall short on their explanations. Apparently (and as always, I use these words lightly), this apparition was captured on film during a visit to the mountains of Japan, in a series of mining tunnels used during WWII, by a group of engineers who were down there testing for radiation leaks. If you listen closely, you can even hear EVP (electronic voice phenomenon)—a term you might have heard used on Supernatural.



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