10 Of The Nicest Celebrities To Work With

When it comes to celebrities, we swiftly and automatically jump to the conclusion that they’re snobbish or mean. For those who come across as nice, we think that they’re probably just putting on an act to the media or to their fans to get attention. Rarely do we encounter truly pleasant famous people.

In a way, it’s hard for celebrities to warm up to the obsessively curious public, who are bent on following their idols’ every move and invading their most private lives. So when the fans encounter their favorite celebrities, the stars are more often than not, in a foul mood. Who wouldn’t be if you’re being followed around or photographed doing mundane tasks like taking your kids to the park or doing groceries?

But there are the rare few that manage to balance being famous and down-to-earth at the same time. They’re great as persons and equally a treat to work with. Of course, there may be the select few that you do not agree with. But we can’t please everybody. The list is based on collective first-hand experiences with these celebrities—impressions that clearly say that these famous people are not only professional, but are genuinely nice as well.

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10 Jennifer Lawrence

Via: www.thewrap.com

With an Academy Award tucked under her acting belt, Jennifer Lawrence has undoubtedly reached A-list status and at such a young age! Yes, she’s gorgeous and talented, but perhaps the most striking thing about her is her sense of humor. She’s a klutz, tripping over her dress and high heels at awards shows, but she’s able to bounce back by poking fun at herself. She’s become a favorite of director David O. Russell to work with, as he directed two movies in a row that starred Lawrence: Silver Linings Playbook, which won her the Academy Award for Best Actress; and American Hustle, wherein she was nominated for an Oscar yet again. Kind-hearted by nature, she was once seen by the side of a woman who had fainted outside an apartment cluster in Santa Monica and she didn’t leave until the paramedics arrived to tend to the woman.

9 Steve Buscemi

Via: gifhunterress.tumblr.com

They say to achieve success in life, you should always acknowledge the roots from where you came. And this, Steve Buscemi certainly does. Though he gained fame playing a corrupt politician and clandestine mobster in the hit TV drama, Boardwalk Empire, Buscemi is a great guy in real life. Before he went to Hollywood, he was a humble firefighter. And though he’s a fireman no more, he has remained humble and true to his origins, returning to his former company to volunteer in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.

8 Drew Barrymore

Via: www.freedomdrugrehab.com

Some may be surprised to know that former troubled child star Drew Barrymore’s seemingly sweet and sunny disposition in her movies is actually not an act. With a dark past that included drugs, alcohol, and suicide attempts, it’s a wonder that Barrymore didn’t grow up angry at the world. She’s not just friendly and warm, but she’s also really easy to work with. And what makes the light in her eyes shine even brighter these days is her family, composed of her husband and two beautiful daughters.

7 Keanu Reeves

Via: www.fanpop.com

6 Ryan Gosling

Via: www.fansshare.com

Ryan Gosling may sometimes seem aloof when posing for photos, but it’s probably because he’s a very private, guarded person. He keeps mum on his personal life, especially with the recent breaking news of Eva Mendes carrying his baby. The only negative feedback we’ve gotten about his professional life was the rift he had with Rachel McAdams at one point during filming of The Notebook. But they were able to iron out their differences—and boy did they work things out! They dated for two years after filming and even briefly reunited a year later. Gosling is someone who cares: he broke up a street fight in New York City before it could get out of hand.

5 Tom Hanks

Via: s9.com

As far as the real deal goes, Tom Hanks is it. Everyone he’s encountered and worked with can attest to the fact that the multi-award-winning actor is as nice as he looks. In fact, if a poll was to be taken, he’d probably be voted the easiest actor to work with. Throw in his immense acting talent and you can understand why everyone wants to make movies with him. Hanks is known to be patient and extremely friendly to his fans and also an absolute joy to interview because aside from being nice, he’s a natural comedian too! Not much pre-interview rehearsing needed there, because he’s such an easy conversationalist!

4 Ellen DeGeneres

Via: www.hollywoodreporter.com

She’s a hoot on her talk show, whether she’s interviewing her guests, giving her opening dialogue, or dancing to the beat of her chosen songs to kick off her daily shows. Ellen DeGeneres is a kind-hearted soul and she uses her celebrity to do good for others. It’s hard to count the number of times she’s given away special gifts to her studio audience or given financial aid to her fans who write to her for help. Ask any of her staff about their boss and they’d say how happy they are to work for and with her!

3 Hugh Jackman

Via: mondocine.net

Good looks, talent, fame, and above all, a great personality. Yup, Hugh Jackman is the total package. The Australian hunk is known to be one of the nicest Hollywood celebrities on and off camera, never hesitating to engage his crew and fans in friendly banter. But above all, he’s considered the ideal (and rare!) Hollywood family man, having been married to his wife, by whom he has two adopted children, for fifteen solid years. His is a happy marriage, as the public can clearly see his devotion to his wife, whom he always lovingly acknowledges in interviews, award acceptance speeches, and on social media.

2 Johnny Depp

Via: searchednews.com

Aside from being one of the most talented actors in Hollywood, Johnny Depp is also one of the most down-to-earth. He’s known to be as professional on-set, as he is friendly and generous off-set. Aside from constantly shelling out money to help others, he also stays very close to his fans and clearly shows genuine concern for them, as proven by an incident that happened with a 9-year-old fan. The little girl wrote a letter to Captain Jack Sparrow, Depp’s famous character in the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise, and asked Captain Sparrow to help her and her classmates “raise mutiny” against their teachers. Depp got hold of the letter and agreed to his little fan’s request! He showed up at her school donned in full Jack Sparrow attire, to the delight of the entire class.

1 Lady Gaga

Via: www.hdartwallpaper.com

With her strange outfits and controversial song lyrics, one would be quick to judge Lady Gaga as a bad person. But beyond the sometimes negative image she inadvertently projects is a girl with a big heart. Known for being creative and hard-working, her songs and performances are a product of her perseverance. An all-around good person, Lady Gaga visited a slum in Brazil to help them out and during her Born Brave tour, she provided free access to professional counseling services about mental health, depression, and bullying. This was the singer’s way of helping people get through the same trials she experienced growing up.

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