10 Of The Most Unique Celebrity Pets

They say that you can tell how a person treats others by the way they treat their pets. It’s also been said that you can tell how eccentric someone is by the type of pets they choose to own. The following list lays out ten different celebrities and the exotic and unusual pets they chose. Have a look and see whether you can draw a correlation between these pets and their famous owners …

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10 Mike Tyson - White Bengal Tigers

In the late 80’s, when Mike Tyson was damn near unstoppable in the realm of heavyweight boxing, the young Brooklyn pugilist was riding on top of the world. He had the Bentleys, the big mansions, the mink coats and he was dating big time models like Naomi Campbell. When you’re living that large, you just can’t have any regular pets. Tyson’s pets of choice were rare white Bengal tigers – three of them to be exact, and each of them cost $70,000 to own. We have to believe that there must have been some other more useful ways he could have spent all that money he was raking in. It's also important to consider the animals too - a majestic creature like a Bengal tiger deserves to be in the wilderness and living freely. Being on a leash in a celeb's backyard just doesn't seem right at all.

9 Megan Fox - Pot-Bellied Pig

Via: www.dailymail.co.uk

8  French Montana - Monkey

Via; www.clipzine.me

You have to hand it to French Montana. The Bronx rapper is rapidly turning himself into one of the A-list rappers on the scene.  And this is all coming after he spent several years grinding hard in the underground scene of NYC rap. Now he’s dating Khloe Kardashian, he recently purchased a $5 million mansion and he has two pet baby tigers and a monkey too. In an interview with Complex magazine, he spoke about his pet monkey named Julius Ceasor and mentioned how the pet was a birthday gift from Las Vegas rapper Mally Mall. This monkey is so cute and adorable - we just hope that his rich and busy owner is making sure he is taken care of properly and showered with tons of love.

7 Paris Hilton - Kinkajou

Via: www.glamourmagazine.co.uk

A kinkajou is a cute rainforest mammal that’s found mostly in Central and South America. It is sometimes called a “honey bear” and it’s certainly not one of the animals you’ll expect to be a pet for a Hollywood debutante. Paris Hilton owns one of these pets and she named it Baby Luv. Her unusual pet made the news in 2006 when it apparently gave Paris Hilton one nasty bite. But since then, it seems the two have patched up and Baby Luv is still healthy and an integral part of Hilton’s life.

6 George Clooney - Pot-Bellied Pig

Via: celebpets

5 Kristen Stewart - Wolf-Dog Hybrid

Via: www.all4women.co.za

4 Vanilla Ice - Wallaroo

Via: www.hollywoodgossip247.com

There are a few rappers who have lived a life with as many highs and lows as Vanilla Ice. His breakout single in 1990 “Ice Ice Baby” was the first rap single to top the Billboard charts. Since then, he has been ridiculed as a one-hit wonder, had a major meltdown on cable TV, tried a musical career as a rap rock artist and even been a successful TV host. With such an interesting life, it only makes sense that he would own some unorthodox pets - and these include a wallaroo named Bucky Buckaroo and a billy goat named Pancho.

3 Kirstie Alley - Lemurs

Via: www.veooz.com

If you don’t know what a Lemur is, you’re in luck, because you are going to find out today. A lemur is a small primate with cute buggy eyes that is found mostly on the island of Madagascar. The name derives from a Roman word meaning “ghost” or “spirit” and they are known for their nocturnal lifestyle and slow pace of movement. The often controversial actress happens to own 3 pet Lemurs and she apparently loves them so much that she has even made them beneficiaries in her will.

2  Salvador Dali - Anteater

We had to dip back a little bit in time to tell you about this wonderfully eclectic artist and his very unusual pet. The artist is the revered 20th Century genius Salvador Dali. He was a leading pioneer in the school of art known as surrealism and he was also extremely skilled at buoying his popularity with an eccentric and unorthodox lifestyle. For example in the late 60’s, it wasn’t unusual for Dali to stroll down the streets of Paris with his pet anteater. How amazing is that? – check the picture above!

1 Elvis Presley - Pet Kangaroo

So apparently the King of Rock also had a real love for animals as well. In addition to making all the girls swoon with his sexy voice and salacious dance moves, he also had lots of love in his heart for a pet kangaroo. The adorable marsupial was given to him by his agent Lee Gordon, and the story goes that Elvis was deeply attached to it but eventually decided to donate it to the Memphis Zoo.

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