10 Of The Most Shockingly Honest Quotes Said By The Royal Family

Love them or hate them, the royals literally rule our lives. They are classy, elegant and proper but can be arrogant, rude and harsh. The royals have shown it all! We can easily share a love/hate relationship towards the royals. The royals have the ability to make us envy them with their lives of luxury and public adoration. Of course, we can easily despise them at the same time for saying some of the things they've said throughout history.

Each royal carries their own personality and it packs a punch with what they say and how they say it. Behind the jewels, fame and power, these royals share the same boldness we all have and are not afraid to express it. They have the ability to get away with saying whatever they want, because I mean really, who is going to put Queen Elizabeth in her place?

Throughout history, these royals have shown us their strength, ego, arrogance, wit and humor. We sympathize with the worries Lady Di faced with her children and marriage. We chuckle at the royal reactions to superstars like Madonna performing. We also want to tell certain royals to get a dose of reality after hearing their outrageous demands!

These aristocrats show us what can come out of your mouth when sitting on your high horse and royal throne. Here is a list of the 10 most shocking quotes said by royals.


10 "When A Man Opens A Car Door For His Wife, It's Either A New Car Or A New Wife"


Prince Philip definitely shows his sense of humor from time to time. He is never afraid to make light of any situation. His humor sometimes makes us tolerate him just a little bit more after hearing some of his other outlandish remarks!  He once said "When a man opens a car door for his wife, it's either a new car or a new wife."

A car is one of man's most prized possessions and is definitely shown off. Having a new love alongside a new set of wheels would make any man or royal be on their most chivalrous behavior!

9 "I Don't Care What Kind It Is, Just Get Me A Beer!"

Ahh, and here is the other side of The Duke we tend to see. If this doesn't scream royal pain in the butt I don't know what does. "I don't care what kind it is, just get me a beer," Prince Philip responded with this quote when being offered wine in Rome, Italy in 2000. He was dining with the prime minister of Italy Giuliano Amato and clearly expressed his distaste for fine Italian wine. Mama Mia!

8 "What Must It Be Like For A Little Boy To Read That Daddy Never Loved Mummy?" 


We all feel a certain compassion for Lady Di as she expressed her concern with her marriage, her children and the media. Jealousy raged throughout the doomed relationship between Prince Charles and Princess Diana. She always strived to live the most 'normal' life with her kids, opposing Prince Charles' more royal way of raising children. She once said: "What must it be like for a little boy to read that daddy never loved mummy?"

The paparazzi swarmed Diana constantly printing anything that would sell. Of course the Princess' biggest concern was the well being of her children.

7 "The Thing That Impresses Me Most About America Is The Way Parents Obey Their Children."


King Edward expresses amazement at how lenient American parents can be in comparison to a more strict British upbringing. He once said: "The thing that impresses me most about America is the way parents obey their children." He believed American parents give in too easily to their children instead of being firm and standing their ground. There was enough difference between American and British parenting for King Edward to express himself. Look Magazine published this quote in 1957, 58 years ago. Have the parental differences changed since?

6 "He's So Lucky To Be Going Out With Me."


"He's so lucky to be going out with me." This quote speaks volumes about Kate Middleton's personality and ego. Her self worth is what truly bagged her prince. Kate was a commoner like most of us and managed to tip toe herself into a royally sweet situation. The Duchess of Cambridge always left William wanting more.

Starting with the infamous fashion show walk dotting a see through dress, she had The Prince hooked from that moment. This confident Queen-to-be knows exactly what she is doing and that deserves a crown.

5 "It's Difficult To See How It's Possible To Become Immensely Valuable By Singing What Are The Most Hideous Songs."


Who is this guy? Prince Philips, the ill mannered prince, has a way of saying things! And you know what, he was right when he said: It's difficult to see how it's possible to become immensely valuable by singing what are the most hideous songs." He was talking about Tom Jones.

I'm not sure how many people agree with the prince. I mean, he sang songs that were just so catchy: "Sex Bomb", "It's not unusual", "She's a lady." Come on, you know you've secretly loved this upbeat tunes at some point in your life. Royalty or not, nobody should knock one of the greats like Tom Jones.

4 "William Had To Do His Hair"


How we all can relate to this quote. How many times have you ran late because your coif wasn't just perfect. More hairspray? Tighter ponytail? Or that one piece of hair that just can't get out of your eyes. We all know the feeling. Prince William is just like us in wanting to look just right for an event and his punctuality paid the price. The Duchess wasn't shy to tell the world the truth!

On a side note, how long could it have taken to comb William's hair. He barely has any hair on that head.


3 “Are We Going To Need Earplugs?” 


Everyone seems to hail "Queen" Madonna, except Prince Philip. Madonna is one of the world’s biggest superstars and has had a multitude of chart toppers and hits over the years.

It is clear Prince Philip isn’t her biggest fan and doesn’t mind letting the world know. After being told Madonna was singing the Die Another Day theme in 2002, he said "are we going to need earplugs?" What makes this quote shocking is that Madonna is hugely revered across the world and rarely faces any criticism.  Good on Prince Philip for speaking his mind.

2 “As I Learned From Growing Up, You Don’t Mess With Your Grandmother."

The Queen of England emits power, strength and courage both for the world but especially at home. And she's done it for over 60 years! Like any grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II spoils her grandchildren but is sure to keep them in line. Prince William learnt this quickly at a young age. He said: “As I learned from growing up, you don’t mess with your grandmother.” Who knew the Queen could be so strict? I mean she hasn't had to actually "rule" her kingdom. But she certainly knows how to rule the household.

1 “Father Told Me That If I Ever Met A Lady In A Dress Like Yours, I Must Look Her Straight In The Eyes.” 


“Father told me that if I ever met a lady in a dress like yours, I must look her straight in the eyes,” he once said. Sure. Just like every other man on the face of the Earth.



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