10 Of The Most Ridiculous Boss Requests

Bosses who ask employees to perform strange tasks are more likely to receive low or barely passing scores from these workers,  according to a recent CareerBuilder survey.  Twenty-two percent of workers say that their bosses ask them to complete tasks that are unrelated to their job. And these workers are more likely to give their boss a grade of “C” than other workers.

Most of the workers (63 percent) who responded to the survey gave their boss an “A” or a “B.” Only 14 percent rated their manager a “D” or an “F.” The grade breakdown is as follows:

  • 24% gave their boss an “A”
  • 39% gave their boss a “B”
  • 23% gave their boss a “C”
  • 9% gave their boss a “D”
  • 5% gave their boss an “F”

Bosses who interact with workers several times a day (whether in person, or through text messages, etc.) are more likely to get a higher grade. Thirty-one percent of those workers gave their boss an “A,” compared to only 17% of bosses who maintain their distance and only engage workers once a day – or less.

However, the bosses who make unusual requests tend not to score highly. In fact, 51% of these employers give their boss a grade of “C” or lower. Some of the requests are illegal, while others put workers in compromising positions. And all of the requests have the potential to strain the always-delicate, boss-employee relationship.

Keep reading to discover 10 of the most ridiculous requests revealed by employees who participated in the survey.

10 Can you coach others on how to pass a drug test?

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This request is troubling on several levels, and a lot of thoughts are probably running through the employee’s mind, such as, “Does the boss think that I’m a drug user?” “Does he think that I have experience outwitting drug tests?” And more importantly, “How many of my colleagues are using drugs?” "And exactly how does my boss know this – is he engaging in drug use with them?” Finally, “Why would he want drug users to pass drug tests?” And there are other issues: how does the employee approach her colleagues to start a conversation on how to pass a drug test? And what are the legal implications if she gets caught?

9 Please fire your colleague - and drive them home

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OK . . . First, can one employee legally fire another one? If so, it seems that employees would be “Donald Trumping” each other on a daily basis. Second, the boss gets paid the big bucks to make and carry out the big decisions, and decisions don’t get much bigger than this. Some things can be delegated and some things can’t. And how awkward is it to fire someone and then be in the same car with them? Plus, does the about-to-be-fired employee have anger issues and that’s why the boss doesn’t want to fire her and also why the boss wants her out the door ASAP?

8 Give me your opinion on these Tinder profiles

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Do you really think it is wise go though dating profiles and choose the right person for your boss? And do you really think that you won’t be blamed if the relationship doesn’t work? After all, you’re the person who said, “I like this person. This is the one that I would choose.” And if your boss is stupid enough to ask for your opinion regarding Tinder profiles, he is probably stupid enough to heed your recommendations, and therefore, stupid enough to blame you if it’s a bad match.

7 Place this order so my wife won’t find out

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Specifically, the boss asked the employee to order items using his personal Amazon account, so the boss’s spouse wouldn’t know about it. Good luck explaining that to your wife, if she ever finds out. “Yes, honey, I know that’s not your size, and no, I’m not having an affair. I placed the order using my personal Amazon account because the boss didn’t want his wife to find out about the purchase.” And when you get in trouble, good luck getting your boss to ‘fess up. Even if you don’t get in trouble, helping to hide your boss’s infidelity will come back to haunt you if his wife ever finds out. As strange as it sounds, women often forgive their cheating husbands, but they never forgive his accomplices.

6 Can you pluck this unibrow for a photo shoot

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And  . . . the unibrow belongs to one of the company’s clients! This won’t end well. A unibrow shouldn’t be plucked; it should be separated into two equal eyebrows. Now, if you agree with this assertion, but the company’s client ascribes to the unibrow theory, you have a problem. And as a result, your attempt to tidy his unibrow is going to be a disaster – and every time he looks at the photos from that shoot, he’s going to think of you and the company – and not favorable. He may end up moving his account to another firm, and guess who would get blamed for that?  You, the unibrow plucker.

5 Please “like” my Facebook videos

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Well, at least this boss didn’t single out one employee. He asked all of them to like his Facebook videos. Don’t take that bait, it’s a trap. First of all, you can’t like the Facebook videos unless you friend your boss on Facebook. And you should already know the dangers of befriending your boss on Facebook and allowing them access to what you’re doing on the social media site. How creepy is that? In addition, it’s one thing to kiss up to your boss behind closed doors, but when you start “liking” those cheesy videos on Facebook, you’ll lose all credibility with everyone you know.

4 Can we be closer friends?

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Do you mean closer than working together 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, and receiving phone calls, text messages, and email message any time of the day or night? In other words, you want to know if it’s possible to squeeze blood out of a turnip. While it may not be sexual harassment, it’s definitely harassment for a boss to expect employees to spend their “off time” with him. Hmm, maybe you should take a look at those Tinder profiles (in #8) to find your boss someone else who can occupy his time so he will leave you alone.

3 Obtain a death certificate for my ex-husband

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Unless you want to be profiled (from your prison cell) for an upcoming episode of 48 Hours, or Forensic Files, don’t get involved with your boss and her deceased ex-husband. Is she simply too busy to obtain the certificate herself . . . or does she not want to leave a trail of evidence that could lead back to her possible involvement in his death? You don’t know, and you don’t want to find out that it’s the latter when the police show up on your doorstep.

2 Console my daughter-in-law

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This boss wanted the employee to commiserate with his daughter over the death of her cat. Is this employee a “cat whisperer?” If not, does this person possess some sort of special skills that would qualify them for this mission. Is there some reason the woman's husband can’t console her? And how mad would her husband – the son of the boss – be if he discovered the employee consoling his wife? Perhaps the boss hates his daughter-in-law and wants his son to divorce her, so he’s setting her up. Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe the employee should just pass on that opportunity.

1 Climb up on my roof

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In this instance, the boss asked an employee to go to his house and climb up on his roof to check for dead birds. Really? And should the employee also clean the roof's gutters? Cut the grass or rake the leaves while he's there? Perhaps paint the garage? Change the light fixtures? Plunge the toilet? On the other hand, if the employee falls off the roof, the homeowner is responsible, so that employee might end up owning the company. And then he can assign demeaning tasks for his former boss to perform.

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