Don't Be These 10 Types Of Gym People

The gym is a hotbed of bodies and personalities that come in all shapes and sizes. So it is no wonder there are a few offensive types roaming around. If you are new to the gym, then this list will give you a heads up on what not to do and who to avoid while you are making your rounds.

After all, everyone pays more or less the same monthly membership fee, so it should be a place filled with those who understand and respect this basic premise. But like all situations in life that include a microcosm of people, there are always going to be a few who disregard rules and others. It is simply a part of life's intricate matrix.

If you are a frequent gym-goer, then you will recognize most of the following "gym types". The unfortunate and scary aspect is that you might be one of them, yet clueless. If you are and don't yet know it, we highly recommend you read this list a few times until your ego is at bay enough to make the connection and do something about it. After all, do you really want to be the guy or gal that the rest of the fitness members scheme to avoid?

We didn't think so. Take a look at the following ten most offensive behaviors that are commonly found at any gym around the country and perhaps the world.

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10 Getting dolled up for the gym 


The gym is not a single's dating membership, yet some females and males just don't seem to understand that point. Many from both genders primp while they prep to go to the gym, which might mean sexy gym attire or hair and full makeup. There is nothing wrong with trying to look nice. However, too many of these primpers put a little too much makeup on before hitting the gym, ladies there is no need for lipstick which will most likely sweat off. And for those who dab on a little cologne to disguise the potential smell of sweat, cologne does not belong at the gym. Why? Because cologne is not a natural scent like the smell of perspiration, so it stands out like a sore thumb and is actually much more offensive than sniffing the scent of "au natural". Be kind and dab on the artificial scent after you've hit the shower.

9 The ones who don't shower 

However, if you are one of those people who thinks they may as well not frequently shower, just because they are going to spend hours at the gym, please think again. Although the scent of "au natural" is common at the gym, a seriously stinky smell is not virile or sexy. It is just offensively smelly. A quick rinse before and after might be the ticket if your body odor permeates the environment in an offensive way. Get the picture?

8 Gawkers

You may feel like a sexy beast when staring at some beautiful woman who is completely focused on her workout. Guess again. Very few woman go to the gym to hook up. In fact, it is just the opposite. The gym is where women go to improve their bodies so they can look über hot when they run into you at a single's bar or event. So the gym is like a beauty salon, not a spot for being mentally undressed or more... so gawkers stay away.

7 Leaving sweat residue 


These days, every gym-goer knows that using a towel or disinfectant wipe is expected. It doesn't matter if you are in a hurry, or think you don't sweat enough to engage in this process, we are begging you to listen up. Sweat is only delightful when you are involved in some deliciously hot, steamy sex... so please understand that sweat left on machines is not sensual or desirable. In fact, it is extremely offensive and forces the next person to use their personal towel to remove your sticky remains, which is gross.

6 The amateur trainer

Some people love asking for help from a nearby gym-goer, but most are on their own circuit and doing their own thing. Yet, some regular fitness members think of themselves as amateur trainers and "in the know". Even though they may try to be helpful and go out of their way to provide advice to those who never asked for or wanted any help, it is offensive. Even if you - the amateur trainer - may have some useful tips and advice, it is a moot point. No one likes a "butt-in-ski", right? So please save your advice for someone who cares.

5 Socialites

Hey, let's all meet up at the gym. Wrong. As noisy as the gym gets from moving equipment, overhead music and trainers, no one wants to hear people chatting away and disturbing the "peace". It is distracting and offensive, as most fitness members go to the gym to concentrate on their workout and get fit, not socialize. No one minds a few spoken words here and there. However, please don't become a gym socialite who is there to be a part of the community more than to avail yourself to the classes and equipment.

4 Machine hogs

Sure, you've got a hot body and everyone around knows you practically live at the gym. But that does not mean you are more entitled to the equipment than those who are just starting or not vocal enough to say something. Most gyms have a 20-minute maximum on all cardio equipment and machines. So look around and if others are waiting, get your perfect physique and booty off when your time is up.

3 The mean girls/guys 

School and internet bullying has been making headlines for a few years now, but no one ever mentions the "mean girls" and "ego boys" at the gym who stand around and snicker at those who are less fitness-fortunate. The gym is for everyone, not just for those with picture-perfect bodies. In fact, those who are working hard to get their bodies and health in better condition need to be supported, not cut down. So get to the end of your ego-trip and back way off. If not, the evil fitness karma-fairy might bite you in the butt and make sure you turn into a gremlin.

2 Creepers


Ever feel like you are being stalked at the gym? You turn around and that same creepy guy happens to be on the machine facing yours... again and again? Creepers are generally those guys who aren't really in shape, but like to watch in the hopes that the object of their attention is flattered enough to talk to them. Once again, creepy dudes - join an online dating site rather than give someone the impulse to run in the other direction. If you are the recipient of a creeper, it is best to report him (or her) to the staff. One never knows what is behind that goofy expression.

1 The machine stalkers


If you are on a machine that is on the circuit of a professional gym-goer, it is likely you will be asked if he/she can "work in". Working in basically means they want you to get off the machine, so they can move on with their circuit without interruption. It is not polite or considerate and when your answer is "no", it is common for the machine stalker to stand closely behind with bated breath. This technique generally works and makes sure you are uneasy enough to finish up quickly. It ruins the mood, the focus and ultimately the workout when machine stalkers make their moves. Avoiding the gym during prime times will generally eliminate these offensive types.

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