15 Of The Most Disgusting Airline Passengers

Flight attendants are often thought to have a glamorous job; jet setting around the world, staying in nice hotels and meeting all sorts of people. All they have to do is serve some food and drinks, clean up the plane and keep people happy, right? What no one thinks of is the feces they have to pick up off the floor, the vomit filled bags they collect from the seat pockets and the used condoms hidden under the seat that need to be thrown away. People forget that flight attendants see it all; the passenger clipping his toenails and letting them fall on the floor, the lady who is sleeping with her bare feet smashed up against the window and the mother who is letting her child crawl under the chairs stuffing who knows what into his/her mouth.

They deal with the passengers who are complaining about a smell coming from 20 rows up where a boy is drying out his wet dirty socks via the air vent above, they see a mom changing her baby’s dirty diaper on the tray table and have to wake up the shirtless guy who is napping and drooling on the passenger beside him. Some airline passengers are disgusting to say the least but there are some that take being gross to a whole new level. Here are just a few examples of the most disgusting airline passengers we could find.

15 The Personal Space Invaders


These passengers are disgusting in their own ways. From their dirty feet inching their way into your foot space to their coats strewn over the backs of their chairs and left hanging in your face. From the constant obnoxious chatter they want to keep up with you to their awful smelling breath. You know these passengers; the ones you just wish would leave you alone. We don’t all have to be friends while we are stuck on this metal tube hurling through the air; please get the hint next time I kick your foot when it enters my space.

14 The Drunk


There is having a couple of drinks on the plane and then there is getting ridiculously hammered on a plane and acting so inappropriate the passengers duct tape you to your chair (yes this happened). The worst culprits; those businessmen in first class who are drinking for free and feel entitled to do what they want. From getting into fist fights to peeing on other passengers to refusing to sit down, the stories are endless about drunks. How about next time you limit yourself to two drinks and not have to be put in a police car when you land.

13 The Inattentive Parents


Lets take a look at the parents who do not watch or control their kids on a flight. Instead of letting your kids get up every five minutes and run down the aisle, maybe consider bringing items you know will keep them occupied during the flight. Please do not change your child's diaper on the floor of the plane, not only is it gross for the passengers next to you but it is very unsanitary for your youngster.

Do not let your kids kick the back of the seat in front of them and try to make sure they don't bother the people around them, its just manners.

12 The Leavers


Dirty diapers, needles, used condoms, bottles full of pee; yes these are actual things found in the seatback pockets and on the floor when everyone finally exits the plane. There are a few rules on the airplane every passenger should follow. Don’t get drunk, behave appropriately and take everything you brought on-board with you when you leave. Clearly a lot of passengers have missed the boat on these and nothing is more disgusting to a flight attendant than having to pick up what they have left behind. From dip spit cups to used needles to snot filled Kleenex; imagine everything disgusting and that is what is found. Take your disgustingness with you when you exit the plane; we beg you.

11 The Hair


So you have long luscious locks and you think everyone should be privy to how beautiful they are. That does not apply on an airplane…ever. For the good of everyone sitting near you on that plane please just put your hair into a ponytail. Don’t drape it over the seat so it hangs in front of someone’s TV screen, don’t whip it around so it hits someone and please don’t start brushing it. Hair is meant to look good from a distance and frankly no one even cares what it looks like during a flight.

10 The Feeler


We get it. Men’s hands tend to travel down to that particular spot when they are asleep and awake but really let’s ask ourselves if it is airline appropriate? You make people uncomfortable when you touch yourself publicly, whether you are asleep or awake so keep your hands where we can see them. Same goes for you ladies, what you do on your own time is your business but if you need to rest your hand there at least use the washroom or grab a blanket. Come on people, have some respect.

9 The Workout Guy


Push-ups in the back of the plane, yoga in the aisle ways, stretches in your seat; we understand that on some long haul flights you may want to get up and walk around but actual fitness routines need to take a backseat. A plane is a mode of transportation not your home gym, not your backyard and certainly not a place to work out. Besides who knows what you will smell like after you are done pumping iron in the back? Same goes with workout clothes; wear them to the gym, not on a plane.

8 The Sleepers


We know that you want to sleep on the plane and frankly we love the passengers who leave their seat up, belt fastened and don’t need anything all flight. But we don’t love the sleepers who act like the plane is their bedroom. Don’t stretch out on all the seats, don’t drool on the passenger next to you and certainly don’t stick your hand down your pants while doing so. Snoring is also unacceptable and so is lounging with your feet over the armrests, tray tables or into your neighbor's lap. And please for your own health concerns, stay off the floor.

7 The Groomers


When did it become appropriate to cut your toenails or pluck your eyebrows in public? Oh wait it didn't. That’s right it is still inappropriate to do any personal grooming in public aka an airplane. First off I guarantee you aren't putting those eyebrow hairs or toenail clippings in the garbage and secondly who wants to see you do that? If you really need to cut, file, paint or pluck any part of your body use the washroom; just don’t forget to clean it up when you are done.

6 The Trash Throwers


When the flight attendants come around with the garbage bags every hour or so; it is a general rule that you throw things out. Apparently a lot of passengers missed that memo. The amount of garbage left on a plane is truly horrendous, from crushed crackers to half eaten fruit to dirty diapers. How one can stand sitting amongst that filth the entire plane ride is a mystery in itself. Have a little humility people and throw your trash out in the bags when the flight attendants come around. If you are too embarrassed then at least sneak it into the bathroom garbage can. Families with kids; we understand they make a mess but a little warning about your child’s applesauce inside the seat pocket is appreciated.

5 The Barefoot Culprit


Being barefoot on a plane is gross enough on its own when you think about how many germs are on the floor, how many people may have stepped on it and how many people have thrown up on it. But to wedge your bare feet into someone else’s personal space is taking things too far. We know the leg room sucks on airplanes and we know that your feet get sweaty and it feels good to take off your shoes but please keep them to yourselves. The person beside you, behind you and in front of you does not want your toe lint filled stinky feet anywhere near them.

4 The Shirtless One


No shirts, no shoes, no service. If only that was the rule aboard an aircraft. Unlucky for the crew and other passengers, some people still think it is okay to remove their tops during a flight. First off we do not want to see your hairy chest and your stomach as it bulges over your pants and secondly we do not want to accidentally touch you if you lean over or come any closer. Why do you have your shirt off anyways? Open the air vent if you are hot or wear a t-shirt. Problem solved.

3 The Defecator


Repeat after me; “I will never leave this on an airplane.” Perhaps one of the most disgusting things flight attendants and other passengers come across is feces; whether it be in the bathroom, on the floor or even in the seat. How did you not notice you left a turd on the seat? People that cannot flush toilets should not be allowed on airplanes or any public transportation, period. If you can’t hold it, we suggest wearing an adult diaper; for everyone’s sake. If your kid did this; well shame on you for not going with him or her to the washroom but at least you didn't do what the next parents did.

2 The Potty 


Is this real you might ask yourself? Unfortunately it is. This kid is in fact going to the washroom in the middle of the aisle in his potty. A few questions we have to ask ourselves. Why does someone bring a potty onto the plane? Why isn't this kid using the washroom? This is certainly inappropriate and disgusting for every single person that has now been affected by smell this kid is releasing onto the plane. These parents should be ashamed and we only hope this kid does not continue this behavior. Next time; put a diaper on your kid or take them to the washroom.

1 The Consummators


We all know about the mile high club and we know people strive to be in this club but what we don’t care to see is the actual act of you doing it in plain sight. Let’s be frank and tell you that no one wants to see you and your partner getting down and dirty. Not only has your sex life now been captured and uploaded onto social media for the world to see but you have also touched the seat with your bare parts, yuck. We aren't sure the last time they were steam cleaned but you should know a lot of things have touched the seats before you. Once again, yuck.

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