10 Of America’s Stupidest Laws

You’d think that laws should be logical. Considering that they are rules that help us govern our societies and keep people in check, it doesn’t take much of a leap to suggest that these rules should make sense. I mean, when you’re in school the rules make sense. “Sit down quietly in your seat” can easily translate into “concentrate and don’t disturb your classmates so you can get a better education”. Laws, therefore, should be practical. Stealing, for example, is illegal in most countries because otherwise, how would you make a living? If stealing were legal than no one would do productive work, instead focusing on stealing what others have attained.

According to the most accurate of databases, i.e., Google, the law is defined as “the system of rules that a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and may enforce by the imposition of penalties”. Interestingly enough, nowhere does this definition of “law” recognise common sense as a guiding factor.

So if common sense and logic aren't necessarily what defines the law, then what happens when the wrong person is elected? Or when society has become desperate? Or maybe even insane? What happens when outdated laws aren’t updated? Well, interestingly enough, the U.S. have some fantastic examples of some bizarre laws that actually do exist. So let’s put logic aside for a moment and have a quick laugh at some of the most nonsensical laws in the U.S.

10 Texas: Criminals Required To Give Their Victim 24 Hours Notice

An anticrime law in Texas requires criminals to give their victims 24 hours' notice. They can give their victims notice either orally or in writing, and they have to explain the nature of the crime to be committed.

There’s just a few flaws with this one. Firstly, a lot of criminals act impulsively and it's doubtful that a law telling them they need to give twenty four hours-notice will make them stop and re-think their actions. Secondly, criminals tend to break laws, if you haven’t noticed. It’s what makes them criminals. So, who thought that making another law for them to follow would make any difference? Thirdly, if the crime is reported to the victim in advance, and the victim reports it and thus stops the crime, does the criminal still get punished even though no actual crime has been committed?

9 Nevada: Illegal to Drive a Camel on The Highway

In Nevada, there’s a law that states that it is illegal to drive a camel on the highway. Yep, no driving camels down a highway. Now, if you want to take your camel for a spin around your local neighbourhood, well, that seems to be perfectly fine! Although, you might get some strange looks from neighbours since camels aren't usually household pets.

8 Florida: Unmarried Women Are Prohibited From Parachuting on Sunday

So you thought we were living in the 21st century? Think again. In Florida, there’s a law that prohibits unmarried women from parachuting on Sunday. If this brazen bachelorette decides to toe the line, she shall risk arrest, fine, and/or jailing. Why Sunday and one's marital status affects a person's parachuting abilities on this one particular day remains a mystery to us all. However, if you want to avoid being behind bars it's best you single gals stay clear of jumping out of airplanes.

7 Washington: It Is Illegal To Harass A Bigfoot

In Washington state it’s illegal to harass a Bigfoot. This law is absurd seeing as an actual bigfoot has yet to be seen. This mythical creature has had many "sightings", however there is no evidence of one actually existing. The good news about this law is that there is almost no way you can break it (unless you harass someone in a bigfoot costume).

6 Florida: When Tieing An Elephant To A Parking Meter, You Must Pay The Same Fee As When Parking A Car 

We all like to take the occasional stroll with our pet elephants, but did you know that in Florida if you tie an elephant to a parking meter you must pay the same parking fee as you would for a vehicle? Since an elephant is much larger than any vehicle this law does have slight logic behind it, however, how often do you see someone looking for an elephant parking space? 

5 Illinois: A Rooster Must Step Back 300 Feet From Any Residence If He Wishes To Crow

Don't you hate those early morning roosters waking you up? It really is a pain. Well, if it bothers you that much, then why not think of relocating to Kenilworth, Illinois where a rooster must step back three hundred feet from any residence if he wishes to crow. Seeing a rooster being arrested would certainly be entertaining, but it definitely won't be humorous to the farmer who owns this wake up creature.

4 Pennsylvania: It Is Illegal To Sleep On A Fridge Outdoors

There’s nothing like sleeping outdoors, under the stars, huddled around a fire and getting back to nature. Grabbing your cosy blanket and then… climbing on top of your refrigerator? Surely there are more comfortable places to rest your head, but if a fridge is your only choice for your outdoor resting habits make sure to keep an eye open for the police.

3 Massachusetts: It Is Illegal To Have A Gorilla In The Back Of Any Car

Did you know it’s illegal to have a gorilla in the back of any car in Massachusetts? Not to worry, the front passenger seat is ok but the backseat? No way, that's off limits. Why you would be driving around a gorilla in the first place is the more important question here. If any of your friends dress up as a gorilla for Halloween, just make sure they get the front seat.

2 Nebraska: Parents May Be Arrested If Their Child Burps In Church

Good manners never go unappreciated, and seeing children with good manners is so lovely. I’m not the only one that cringes when a child takes things without so much as a thank you, or wipes their face across the table cloth only to finish off their display with a hearty belch. I can tell you that I'm not the only one to look to the parents in these times, waiting and hoping that they're the kind of parents that do discipline their child and teach them manners. However annoying these kids can be, I would never think of actually punishing the parents. Well parents living in Nebraska beware, if you bring your child to church and they let out a burp, you might want to run for the getaway car.

1 Los Angeles: It Is Illegal To Bathe Two Babies At The Same Time In The Same Tub

Conserve water, they said. Think of the planet, they said. Well, not in Los Angeles where it's illegal to bathe two babies in the same tub at the same time. Considering it's more time efficient to bathe both babies at the same once, it's understandable that the law is only there to keep the parents aware. If you bathe only one child at a time, the parent is able to stay in control of the situation at any moment.

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